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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sneak Peek at Tonight's Debate

A few predebate images of the CNN New Hampshire GOP Debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire :
Photographer: David S. Holloway
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Anonymous said...

I'm watching the debate live now. John King is doing a great job but is anyone else annoyed from his distracting constant mumbling trying to make the candidates hurry?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't interested in watching the atrocious offerings of the GOP. I did watch some of the after debate analysis on 360, but changed the channel whenever that horrible Loesch person appeared on the screen. I also didn't care to look at David Gergen's angry face as he questioned Robert Gibbs - I know Gergen's no fan of the President, but he might want to look over his accomplishments for his entire time in office before acting as if President Obama has failed a nation. Anderson said that any one of those Republican candidates could win the Presidency - maybe in HIS view, but I can't imagine that any of them are up to the task. And NONE of them would do any better than Obama when it comes to fixing the economy. Tax cuts for the rich and slashing Medicare and Social Security is all they have to offer and that is not a plan that the public will be behind.

Anonymous said...

Anderson has to say anyone of them could be the next president. I mean, he can't say they all suck.

Anonymous said...

@10:49, the Republican candidates pretty much demonstrated how they all suck last night. And Andy Card is a FOOL. CNN needs to remove him and Loesch from their roster of pundits/contributors.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to stop overhyping GOP candidates.
It makes it look like CNN has an agenda.We get
that the Republicans are the only ones having
the debates in this election but things need to
be kept into perspective. If viewers find them
interesting they will watch, however, if you keep
telling viewers one thing and they see another,
you have big trouble. I don't think the numbers
will be there for this debate. CNN is too pundit
heavy to the point were the political discussions
are a big turn off. It takes away from a real
serious conversation about what is going on.
It was too much yesterday and today. I had to
turn the channel this morning. Every hour for
something that is not breaking or new is just
not going to hold people's interest. People
already know what they need to know about
the debate. It is time to move on. I am
becoming a fan of Free Speech TV on Direc

Anonymous said...

Well seems as though the NUMBERS were there for this debate and a big congratulations to John King for making boring people look good.
Yes, did AC have to say: "Anyone of those Repubs could win the Presidency?"
Maybe yes, in HIS view, but I agree not one of them can solve the deficit because they Know Bush was the one who MADE it.
"Tax cuts for the rich," I don't think this bunch would go for that ...if only. No one there suggested that or even came close OR said less money for defense spending from the Pentagon.
Now that would save us something, but we didn't hear that.
And please NO MORE Dana Loesch.
It's enough to have to sit through the hyperbole of the GOP, let alone see that horrid woman's face.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear Bill Maher say he'd vote for Ron Paul if he had to, because he was "cut from a different cloth," than the other GOP screwballs.
AC asked him this on 360 during an interview that was one of the best in quite some time.