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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonight's Programming

**All times Eastern**
7:00PM – 8:00PM: John King, USA
8:00PM – 10:00PM: New Hampshire GOP Debate
10:00PM – 11:00PM: Anderson Cooper 360°
11:00PM – 1:00AM: New Hampshire GOP Debate (replay)

CNN, Hearst Television’s WMUR and the New Hampshire Union Leader kick off the first debate in New Hampshire today at 8 p.m. ET at Saint Anselm College in Manchester. CNN anchor and chief national correspondent John King will moderate the debate with questions from WMUR-TV’s Jean Mackin, Josh McElveen and Jennifer Vaughn and New Hampshire Union Leader’s John DiStaso and Tom Fahey. The debate will also include questions from New Hampshire voters inside the debate hall and from three remote locations around the state.
The following Republican candidates are scheduled to participate: Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.
The debate will be broadcast live on CNN,, CNN Radio, CNN en Español, and In addition, the debate will be available via live stream in the CNN Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Viewers across the nation can engage in the debate by posting comments to, by logging on to John King, USA’s Facebook page and by using the #CNNdebate hashtag on Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

If you guys get a chance, take a look at an
article on 360 on Yahoo/Finance. They talked
with AC and Charlie Moore , interesting indeed.
According to the article, CNN uses the younger
viewers demo to sale ads. I'm wondering does
that mean 18-49,18-34 & 18-29. If Twitter &
Face Book are helping him generate ad revenues
for CNN, more power to Anderson Cooper.CNN
needs a couple of shows that are compatible
with 360 in prime time. Hire Stromboulopoulos.
Put George on right before 360.

Anonymous said...

The debate that no one will be watching.
4th place finish for the debate. Boring.

Anonymous said...

If today's Republican party wasn't so obnoxious and extremist, there's a possibility that I'd tune in for the debate - it is important to hear both sides, but THIS batch of GOP-ers are so disgusting and irrational, I can't be bothered and that might be the same for most viewers. I can't watch it. I will watch the wrap up on 360, but even that will be difficult to stomach.

Anonymous said...

CNN came in fourth on Friday.
Nancy Grace wiped the floor with almost everyone because of the Casey Anthony trial.
It looks as though most younger viewers want to hear her angle and hers alone when it come to matters of the law and justice.
It is that sort of thing that viewers expect from hosts and anchors.
They want to see them do "their thing." They don't want to see them do or be anything else but what they've come to expect.
It's a lot like type casting.
It does not matter if "they" want to "flex their muscles."
Some muscles are just stronger than others, and the stronger muscles as we've learned in health, just support the rest of the body.