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Thursday, July 14, 2011

And the Scandal Gets Even Closer to CNN.....

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From Wednesday's TVNewser:

CNN host and former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan may be asked to appear before the inquiry investigating the hacking scandal currently engulfing U.K. media. The Guy Fawkes blog, which wrote about Morgan’s possible involvement yesterday, today posted statements from MPs suggesting that Morgan should appear to explain what he knew about hacking, either at the Mirror or elsewhere. The blog also excerpts from Morgan’s 2005 autobiography, which seems to indicate that he was at least aware of the technique used to hack into voicemails as far back as 2001.


Douglas Carswell MP called for Morgan to appear before Lord Leveson’s inquiry:
“Piers Morgan needs to come and explain what he knows about the vile practice of phone hacking and if he knew it was taking place at the Mirror. No celebrity is too grand to come and answer questions.”

The State’s Business Insider says:
“It’s sounding less and less likely that CNN’s Piers Morgan is going to manage to stay free of the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal engulfing Britain…
…CNN had no comment when we reached out to them yesterday regarding the report.”

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Anonymous said...

This is all good news.
Morgan is getting in deeper.
Couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

CNN has no comment. These are the same
people who followed Anthony Weiner and
said answer the questions. The BBC is for
real . They know something. If CNN thinks
they can wait this out, they are sorely wrong..

Not only that Rachel Maddow is beating him
2 : 1 most nights. As the word spreads about
this, watch the celebs and others turn away.
Tuesday's numbers are pathetic. The public
has already voted thumbs down to Morgan.

Anonymous said...

That explains CNN recent foray into factless
and fake made up news. Go with tabloid-styled
news. Last night CNN lied on a banner. CNN
basically said that Obama stormed out of the
meeting at the WH. Not true it was Eric Cantor's
take and now proven untrue account. But CNN
got it out there that President Obama stormed
out of a meeting and was angry. Funny, on
Twitter they had the truth because you can
follow legit news organizations and avoid CNN
all together. Piers Morgan is what CNN wants
now. CNN can't do a decent job reporting and
they just go with the noise and not the news.
CNN is now tabloid journalism.

Anonymous said...

This is why CNN is now irrelevant.
I no longer watch CNN.MSNBC now
has Nicole Lapin, Thomas Roberts
and Richard Lui. Good reporters who
CNN let go while holding on to the
bottom of the barrel. Piers Morgan
and CNN are quit a pair.

Anonymous said...

CNN how is Hugh Hefner's love life news.
He is just an old man who needs to grow
up. CNN booted Larry King out of the door
for this clown who is not even in the same
league as Larry King. No CNN reporters
should be anywhere near PMT its is a joke.
CNN hates their viewers.It is true that CNN
is way behind the stories in comparison to
the others and yes they take the tea party
talking points as reality. Kyra was still saying
that this morning. It does not matter if it is
not true. CNN signed a contract with the tea
party. CNN is not permitted to do nothing but
praise Republicans and act like Obama is
always at fault. Only Republicans are right.

Anonymous said...

This is trouble for CNN. Ad Week is taking the
network to task for not covering the Daily
Mirror and Piers Morgan. Here it comes. Now
it looks like a coverup. All CNN has to say
is he spoke on this on The Talk. Watch FNC
is going to pay CNN back big time. How can
CNN sweep this under the rug. They have
zero credibility in covering News Of The Word.
This is going to be bad for CNN.No way can
they win defending a tabloid editor .Ad Weed
is just the beginning,Hypocrites.CNN is trying
to duck the questions about why did they
hire him in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Adweek is a major trade paper. CNN knew
about this and now it looks like CNN is hiding
something. Roger Ailes and Phil Griffin had
no problem getting rid of Glen Beck and
Keith Olbermann. CNN can run but they can't
hide. Now more industry insiders will know
the truth about Piers Morgan. Crash and burn
time for CNN. ITA and PMT should both be
gone bye bye. Something just is not right
between CNN and Piers Morgan. It is not like
he is vital to CNN in the ratings like Beck or

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan commented on it today. He said nothing like that ever went on when he was editor and cant believe Murdoch would know anything about it now. Sounded truthful to me, so I dont know. Even promoted his book over it lol. I guess if things come out they will, but doesnt seem like it has gone further back than a few years AFTER he left.