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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Could Scandal Sink Piers?

From TVNewser:

A U.K. political blog alleges that phone hacking was not contained to News Corp.’s News of the World, and that News competitor The Daily Mirror also engaged in the practice. The editor of the Mirror at the time? Piers Morgan, now a primetime host on CNN.

The Guido Fawkes blog, led by libertarian blogger Paul Staines, charges that Morgan was aware that at least one scoop was obtained by hacking a celebrity’s voicemail, but decided to publish it anyway, in an effort to revive the brand of the paper’s gossip column:

The paper’s editor at the time, one Piers Morgan, was receiving flak for the fact that his 3AM Girls gossip section was dire rubbish and lacked any bite compared to Morgan’s old Bizarre column in News International’s Sun. Morgan decided to let 3AMGirl Jessica Callan break the illegally obtained story under her byline in order to try and rid the column of its banal reputation.

The parent company of The Daily Mirror responded to the then rumors a few days ago, saying “Trinity Mirror’s position is clear. Our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC code of conduct.”

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Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope someone at CNN will read my comment:

CNN needs to fire Piers Morgan. Bring back Larry King to do one show once a week airing Saturdays at 9PM with a Sunday replay. I'm sure Larry would be thrilled to do this. Simply title the show Larry King or Larry King Tonight. I'm not sure why CNN felt it had to keep the interviewing style of Larry King with Piers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to fire him now. Piers Morgan should
never have been hired. Make no mistake CNN
knew about this. CNN knew about his history
with the tabloids. They are too scared to fire
him. Management is afraid of his big mouth.
Just look at how he is behaving on Twitter in
defending tabloids. Bad decisions can never
yield good results. Hypocrites. CNN has failed
to report that his name has come up. It is a
coverup and CNN does not need this right now.

Anonymous said...

HE KNEW! I sure hope so!
Please, please, pretty please CNN
fire him NOW!
His hire was a disgrace to your organization. What more evidence do you need?
He worked for trash. Fire HIM.

Anonymous said...

If Piers is actually fired, that means that both of Jon Klein's choices for primetime will be gone. He brought Spitzer and Piers to CNN. I think they've invested so much in Piers that they may be reluctant to get rid of him now.

Anonymous said...

What a sexist jerk and a moron all rolled into 1.
This is going to blow up in CNN's face, News
Corp just dropped it's bid for BSKYB and all with
ties to British tabloids are under the microscope.
Advertisers don't like this and CNN is in trouble.

On Morning Joe, they were saying it is transatlantic.
Meaning they were hacking Americans. They are
not saying they didn't hack. They are saying they
did not break any laws. Piers got caught lying
on national television. Not only is there talk on
a couple of Murdochs being arrested. Some are
saying they can't wait to see Morgan in cuffs.
You gotta love watching CNN burn.

Anonymous said...

This is yet the latest example of CNN being
slow to react. While this is going on Piers
Morgan should not be on CNN. Of course
CNN knew but they hired him anyway.CNN
thinks they can get away with this. Not this
time; the name Piers Morgan will keep coming
up as the tabloid scandal grows. CNN will feel
the heat to drop Piers Morgan. We all know CNN
won't do anything until it is too late.

Anonymous said...

What. The face of CNN is linked to the hacking
scandal. Clearly, Piers Morgan has some serious
issues. Hello, CNN there is something wrong with
this man. Yes they should fire him. He is a stain
on CNN's credibility. At least what little bit they
have left. That is a million dollar question, why
did CNN hire this trash ? CNN is getting what
they deserve. This will prove to be scandalous
for CNN. It won't belong before people stop
talking to CNN because of him.

Anonymous said...

Is it now possible for Strombo to get
a CNN gig ? Let's hope CNN can get
George Stroumboulopoulos.

Anonymous said...

JIm Walton looks really bad now. Just last
week he was out there defending hiring
Piers Morgan. Does Walton agree with the
practice of hacking ? So according to the
standards of CNN he is more qualified than
all of the minority journalists. This is going
to reflect badly on all of the real journalists
at CNN who had nothing to do with this mess.
Sadly, Piers Morgan is the face of CNN.

If they had any sense, they would put on the
women's show starting tonight and fire Piers
Morgan. But at CNN this won't happen. His
stock likely went up. CNN is truly lost.

Anonymous said...

What were you thinking CNN ? Why did CNN
go there. It is time for CNN to kick him to the
curb. Piers Morgan is going to take CNN way
down. MSNBC made all of the right moves and
CNN can't do anything right. MSNBC is getting
closer to FNC and CNN is falling behind. Keep
in mind that Piers also brought some of his
tabloid people to CNN who worked with him
at the papers. CNN is up to their head in this.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the end of his show last night when Billy Ray Cyrus was singing, then Anderson Cooper 360º began? Anderson had this look on his face like "why am I following this?" as he began serious news. I agree from the first comment to why CNN felt they had to keep the interviewing style of Larry King. Have a news show at 9PM and bring Larry King back to do one interview every Saturday with a Sunday encore. I agree he would love this idea, rather than doing 4 documentaries a year.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes it to prime time in CNN unless
Walton gives his approval. Jim Walton bet on
Piers Morgan. If he did not want this to happen,
it never would. Jim Walton decides who gets on
the air. Jim Walton had no problem with the non-
ethical background of Piers Morgan. This just
points to the arrogance on CNN. The commercials
are lies and so are any press releases. CNN did
this with full knowledge of Piers Morgan. They
knew. Morgan is a sexist jerk who cares nothing
about CNN. He is in it for himself. CNN's actions
are about to have serious consequences. They
have a big problem with him on the payroll.

CNN owes the public some answers about
Piers Morgan. Fire him. Piers Morgan was
an accident waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan will prove to be the worst hire
CNN ever made period. Kiran Chetry is the
latest to bolt. Something is wrong when you
have people looking out the door to get away
from CNN. Morale must be really low. It is not
too assuring that CNN decided to keep Piers

Anonymous said...

What are you waiting for?
Fire Morgan ASAP, fake photo's, phone hacking and I'm sure much more. He's not such a great talent that these issues can or should be overlooked. Being a fan of CNN the flow that is broken when his show airs, regardless of his ethics, are reason enough.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing to note about this entire situation is that Piers testified by video conference. He doesn't dare step foot on British soil or he will face charges on his arrival at Heathrow. If CNN wants to improve their ratings, they should try some of Piers' underhanded and sneaky tactics: Tell Piers they need him on assignment in Hawaii, put him and a CNN camera crew (who would be in the secret) on the CNN corporate jet and divert to the UK. CNN BREAKING NEWS: PIERS MORGAN ARRESTED. And not only would CNN be able to break the news, their camera crew would be on location to film the entire episode. Now that's reality TV!