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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Me Thinks Piers Doth Protest Too Much

Mark Joyella has an interesting article posted on Mediaite about Piers Morgan's defense, via Twitter, of himself and Murdoch in the hacking scandal.

CNN’s Piers Morgan took to Twitter this afternoon, defending himself after a British member of Parliament suggested during the question of James and Rupert Murdoch that Morgan had admitted to phone hacking. “That MP just claimed I boasted in my book of using phone-hacking for a scoop,” Morgan tweeted to his 974,000 followers. “Complete nonsense. Just read the book.” Morgan’s memoir, The Insider: Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade, discusses his time as a British tabloid editor–including working as editor of Murdoch’s now-closed News of the World–and has been singled out by a UK blogger for a reference to the ease of phone hacking. Morgan says he never described actually doing so. “I’ve never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, or published any stories based on the hacking of a phone.”

Follow the link for the full read.

NOTE: Piers will be on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer today between 5 - 6 PM ET.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 % . CNN fire Piers Morgan.
Did anyone noticed that the CNN banner only
identified Morgan as just the former editor of
News Of The World. Like we don't know he is
on CNN 7 nights a week. I always thought it
was odd that he used Twitter to attack Hugh
Grant. Why did he feel the need to get involved.
Hugh is one of the people who brought this to
light. The last thing CNN needs is this fool out
there tweeting in defense of tabloids. He does
not care about CNN. Once again some very fine
journalists are being dragged down by some
tabloid sleaze. Why does CNN let Piers Morgan
get away with this. Here come the I told ya
so CNN articles.

Anonymous said...

CNN must see the writing on the walls and
take out the trash, News Corp comes out looking
better than CNN. Murdoch fired people and none
of it seems to have made it to the states, It is a
different story for CNN. it is not only at CNN's
doorstep. They open up the door and let Piers
Morgan in the CNN house. CNN looks like a
bunch of hypocrites. What about the actions of
the suits at CNN. Like it or not CNN is now a
big part of the scandal. That MP knows something
and it will come out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You can hear it in his voice he's guitly! No one protests that much if you're not guilty!
I hope this Mensch woman rubs his nose in it for acting like he's above it all with that distain when Wolf questioned him.
How dare HE make a fool out of us all!
Yes, I agree. He must go and NOW.
Why preserve him? He brings absolutely nothing to the table.
Even in that picture with Brooks he looks smug! Off with his head!

Anonymous said...

No offense but some of you people are just showing your bias because you hate Pierce on CNN. I saw the guy go up against the minister on Wolf Blitzer, he BEGGED her to tell the world what she had...which was nothing. She hid behind 'Parliament rules' or some B.S. She was so confident then, why didnt she say more when the guy was right there? She heard of the blurb in his book about phone hacking, which she misquoted, and then suggested he should be investigated for it. The guy made it clear that he had nothing to do with any of it and the book clearly was speaking in general how easy it is to hack a phone, not that he or his reporters were doing it. Apples and Oranges.

And I'm not taking his side, but I'm looking at the evidence...which is none so far. And the guy had hundreds of people working under him for years. BELIEVE ME, if he was allowing it to happen, someone who worked under him would know. And yet not a peep anywhere.

I dont think he was involved and if he was he certainly dont seem phased by it in the least. And why would you write it in your book if you were ACTUALLY doing it? Sorry going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

I bet more people are watching his show now lol.

Anonymous said...

First of all his name is Piers, it has no c, or it should have been pierce, as in to stab, which is more accurate.
Secondly Piers was speaking distainly to a member of Parliament.
He was entirely disrespectful and he did protest a little too much.
He might get away with it, because whatever he did do, was done overseas, and according to Jeff Toobin, is not illegal in this Country, but a BoyScout, Moron is not.
And if a lot of the viewers have taken a dislike to this man, it must mean that he has not endeared himself as a host. Who's fault is it?? He comes off as a smug, obnoxious, British, tabloid interrogator, who should have stayed in his beloved mother country.

Anonymous said...

First off,

I apology for misspelling his name. My uncle happen to be named Pierce, so force of habit I guess!

Second of all, you say he's going to 'get away with it'. Get away with WHAT exactly?? This is my point. There is not a SINGLE shred of evidence the guy ever hacked, told others to hack or was aware there was hacking going on. NONE!! So if you have some EVIDENCE I'm all ears. As I said, the guy oversaw hundreds of employees, I imagine if something was going on, SOMEONE would come forward by now considering what a high profile star he is with a CNN show AND a hit show on NBC. I imagine he's ruffled a few feathers so if there is evidence out there, I imagine it would be presented, right?

Third, I dont BLAME him for being rude to the minister. How would YOU feel if someone accused you of something by MISQUOTING what you said in a book?? She has NO evidence, no eyewitnesses, no victims, anything but made a claim for the whole world to hear Piers is suspect. And then when she had a CHANCE to face him on it, she backs down and hide behind her cloak. Next time someone accuse you of something in public they have no evidence for, misquote you in the process but isnt man enough to corroborate their claims against you, we'll see how you act as well. They had plenty of evidence Rebecca Brooks knew something, thats why she was arrested.

And while it may be true Piers cant get arrested in America, he is STILL a British citizen and can be subpeona for questioning or an arrest warrant for whenever he went back. So its not like he would be in the clear, is it? And CNN wouldnt want the bad PR if any of that happened, especially since they are on the front line covering all of it.

And lastly I'm not a Piers fan. I didnt want him there anymore than others here. But he hasnt been all that bad IMO and in fact I'm happy he has multi range topics like King did and he's involved in breaking news coverage, so I give him credit where its due. If people dont like him, fine, but its sad people hate the man so much, they are litterally PRAYING he broke the law so CNN can get rid of him, thats just sad to me. Also, which not one ounce of evidence has been proven. Again, Piers asked it and I'm asking it, where is the evidence?

So if Piers go, it will probably be due to ratings, but the hacking scandal has not proven to involve him at all, regardless how much people here wish it were true.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan interviewed "The Donald," for the first half of his show tonite.
All the time I kept thinking, why not have a live show and have callers call in asking YOU questions? What are you hiding?
EVERY show is taped right now because Piers DOESN'T WANT to answer questions pertaining to the British scandal. He'll do it on his terms, but at no other time.
I truly believe he doesn't like American viewers and doesn't think we are intelligent enough to decipher what is really transpiring behind the scenes.
Well, he has underestimated his audience.
The Donald went on to tell us how he favors Bachmann and Palin..the Ditzy Chicks. And, yes sir, he thinks they are "smart."
No wonder he's not running for President.
Piers, of course, was lapping it all up like his puppy dog, on The Apprentice. No wonder he won.

Anonymous said...

@10:39PM: Well we now know Piers has ONE true fan.
Oh, you're the one!
You are correct in your assumption that there is no evidence and it is ONLY an assumption.
Piers doesn't like cameras in the courtroom because people are proven guilty before the jury has a chance to decide. Really?
Someone has to tell the juries who let OJ and Casey Anthony off the hook. BOOB TUBE