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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Piers on TSR

Piers Morgan talked with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday's The Situation Room about being sucked into the hacking scandal and having his name mentioned today before Parliament.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a liar Piers Morgan is!
He wants us to believe that he didn't engage in unethical practices because he says so.
Everyone else engaged in it, but he didn't! That's why he came out swinging yesterday because he knew that sooner or later his name would be linked to this scandal.
Hope someone really nails this guy because you can just hear his "outrage" to Wolf and know he's lying.
Someone has to tell Mr.Morgan, that he shouldn't bite his lips upon answering questions and being grilled by Wolf. It "kinda looks suspicious."
One way or another this gameshow host and former tabloid journalist, has to go.
Oh my, it's all soooo outrageous!!
As a viewer, form the US, you'd just like to "smack him for lying."
What motive would this woman have to "smear him," if it weren't true?? Think about it.
Everyone elses hands are dirty, EXCEPT HIS?