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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Night on CNN: Debt Crisis Coverage

Airs LIVE Sunday 9:00PM – 11:00PM ET

Tune in for a live, two-hour special co-anchored by Wolf Blitzer from Washington and Don Lemon from Atlanta on the latest from the debt crisis negotiations.

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Anonymous said...

The July 2011 ratings will come out today and
look for CNN to be 4th.HLN rose due to Casey
Anthony. The way CNN covered the debt man
made crisis is going to come back to haunt
the network. Not only did the tea party hijack
our political process, they hijacked CNN as well.
Since Nov 2010 CNN has been repeating tea
party talking points as news. Look for viewers
to move away from CNN. They were blindsided
when they found out that the American public
actually understood what was going on. It has
to do with the public moving towards. NPR,PBS
BBC, CBC and even Al Jazeera. People will tell
you that they like these news organizations
because you find out what is really going on
and you can't get that from CNN.I don't see
CNN changing nor fixing their problems. The
erosion will not just happen with CNN. For
the next 2 yrs watch how all will lose viewers.
There is no legitimate 24/7 news channel
anymore. Big mistake. Smart TV's permit me
to stream news channels right into my home.
One thing this whole debacle shows is that
the public will get the facts even if it is not
being offered on CNN. There has been a huge
shift away from information, reporting and
facts to opinion and that is boring and useless.

Anonymous said...

CNN has a Piers Morgan problem.WSJ has an
article focusing on CNN and how they hired
Morgan.CNN looks bad here. The management
seemed to be too willing to overlook the ethical
issues with hiring Piers Morgan.

CNN claims they gave him slack because he is
not handling news. CNN just got caught in yet
another lie. Piers Morgan does breaking news
on CNN and it is video to prove this.

This is going to raise several issues about the
judgment of the people in charge of running
CNN. Someone at CNN greenlighted a faux
ad campaign that is now shown to be lies.

This is the first of a series of hard hitting
articles about a failure on the part of CNN
management.WSJ raises more questions like
paying for interviews.

The reason this is happening is that many
media/business publications are asking some
questions. Something just does not pass the
smell test when it comes to the hiring of
Piers Morgan. Questions are being raised
about CNN's management.

This is bad timing for CNN management as
they get ready to move 360 to 8 PM. At some
point advertisers are going to move from CNN.
It is clear from the WSJ article that Piers Morgan
has too much baggage. He is going to drag
down CNN. This is going to be ugly. It is starting
to look like a coverup on the part of CNN. Clearly
they tried to keep all of the details hidden, now
the media is digging.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity we ran some preliminary
numbers for CNN ratings for July 2011. Well,
here is the data. We are doing this because we
know CNN will release a bogus press release
that says they are topping MSNBC form 9-5.
It won't matter. It's bad news. We focused on
prime time and not the rest of the shows but
it is a given that AM and others suffered hits
in the ratings. Also, we left out FNC because
it is not even close and we are concerned that
there are signs that MSNBC is pulling away
from CNN. Data is form TV Newser and some
days we did not count. So they could be a
little off. CNN will try to go with specials to
up the numbers but we are leaving them out.

As usual 360 is CNN's highest rated show
averaging 810,000 viewers with 279,000
in the demo. Not bad but Ed topped AC in
viewers :913,000 & demo : 284,000. This
week is a toss out since nothing matters
until August 8 when 360 moves to 8 PM.
We'll keep an eye out for what happens
this month.

ITA averaged 570,00 viewers with 163,000
in the demo. Meanwhile, TLW averaged
883,000/220,000. Not even close. CNN is
moving 360 to 8 PM hoping it will get some
viewers form MSNBC & HLN to get 360 closer
or over 1 million. We will get some picture
as to wether this works at the end of August.

PMT averaging 716,000/218,000 and being
badly beaten by the TRMS 973,000/293,000.
Plus it will be interesting to see if Dr Drew's
numbers will hold this month. Viewers might
be looking for something new.

Overall CNN averaged 699,000/221,000 in
viewers and demo in prime time vs MSNBC's
923,000/267,000.TLW causes MSNBC's demo
to take a hit. MSNBC got closer to 1 million
than CNN. CNN is under 700,000 viewers.
HLN got record ratings with Casey Anthony.
MSNBC pretty much held on to their viewers.
No matter how you slice it, CNN is heading
in the wrong direction.

The big picture : when you get 100,000 plus
in viewers you've got problems,CNN went heavy
with Casey Anthony and MSNBC largely ignored
the story. There was only a 4,000 difference
in the demo between 360 and Ed, not bad.

It is not even close between Rachel and Piers
period. She is beating him by more than
200,000 viewers and 75,000 in the demo.

ITA is going away so it does not matter at
this point. But there are troubling signs for
CNN overall in prime time with signs that
MSNBC is solidifying. Without a doubt CNN
will have to make more changes before it is
too late. We can't see this current prime time
lineup making it through 2011. Much is going
to depend on how 360 performs.

HLN will likely top both MSNBC & CNN but
how often do you get trials like Casey Anthony.

Things have been moving this way for at least
4 months now. The 3Q numbers are shaping
up as bad news for CNN. This could be a year
in which CNN is badly beaten and bruised.

No way can CNN spin this as good news.
Yes 360 likely went up but that is not enough.
Come August 8 we will be watching and keeping
and eye on the data.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the ratings for
CNN, FNC & MSNBC for their debt ceiling
coverage. Does anyone know why CNN is
waiting a week to move 360 to 8. Are they
coming up with a new open, graphics and
music ? I don't understand the delay. I think
CNN gave a huge assist to MSNBC with bad
decisions and not having a vision or plan.
If you fire Jon Klein, why would you stick
with his plans. It is not like the guy had a
good track record.

You guys might want to look into HLN. Is
Mike gone from HLN ? Since Friday i have
noticed that HLN is going with the ensemble
format and added Joe Carter into the mix.It
would be cool if they added some news topics
into the mix; I am just wondering if changes
will be coming to HLN. I am so over politics
right now so I need a break from the others.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned MSNBC's Luke Russert on another post. I was initially skeptical about him making the move to reporter on MSNBC so soon after his father passed away but he's turned out to be one of the better correspondents on that network. CNN needs more people like Luke.

Anonymous said...

CNN's being utterly ridiculous now. They're interviewing Donald Trump about the debt ceiling. Who cares what he thinks about anything? Why give him airtime after he played everyone during his phony running for President shenanigans. Why do they seek out these useless, egotistical, desperate for attention blowhards like Trump? He has nothing to offer anyone. He should be IGNORED and they don't get it.