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Monday, August 1, 2011

CNN Sticks By Piers

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that not only did CNN thoroughly investigate Piers Morgan before hiring him but that they are standing by him.
An unnamed CNN source said, ""He wasn't hired to be a news anchor or correspondent; he was being hired as a personality—that dictated the standards," a person close to the network said. "He came off as a guy who had been chastened by his past and as someone who had the intelligence to grow and learn from it," this person added."
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Anonymous said...

The cartoon is too funny and true. He can't
get anywhere near the guests Larry could
bring on. Can you say exposed. Any big name
is going to skip his show now. Pay attention,
watch and observe as CNN tumbles.It is much

Anonymous said...

It's all about his distain for everyone.
It's as though he has to lower himself for his guests.
And the viewers don't seem worthy.
Please just let him stay on his silly game show.

Anonymous said...

As well they SHOULD stand by him! He did NOTHING wrong! And what was insulting about the whole hacking scandal is that people on these boards were saying the guy was guilty without a lick of evidence. Kind of ironic people who suppose to believe so much in journalistic integrity will go on a witch hunt against the guy without a lick of evidence anywhere. Even the politician who accused him of wrong doing in Parliament has now apologized!

I'm not a HUGE fan of Piers, but I LOVE the fact this guy gets in front of politicians and rip them to shreads. And I AGREE with so much when he talks about how much of a farce Congress has been lately with this debt crisis B.S. He is saying what SO MANY of us are saying and isnt afraid to just be upfront about it. He wasnt hired a journalist and he can say whats more on his mind and I like the fact he says it!

I liked Larry a lot and still miss him, but Piers style is a lot more aggressive and in your face and it keeps people more on their toes. If you dont like it, fine, but I like the fact he says things *I* want to say to these politicians and leaders sometimes, especially lately.

Anonymous said...

@9:38PM OMG! This is why we have this unsuitable, ignorant person in Larry's chair.
He's criticizing OUR congress?
Did he ever take a really good look at his Parliament?
Parliamentary procedure is far stupider than anything our Congress has done and we copied these people!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean OMG! So what if he's critcizing 'our' Congress? What does that even mean?? What only Americans can question American politicians and policy? Did I miss a memo somewhere? He's on an AMERICAN show discussing AMERICAN issues, he's doing his job, I wish MORE people were questioning these government officials. He has the balls to do it. Of course, if he just let them slide on by, then it would be 'why is he so soft with them?' 'Why does he let them get away with lies?' Annnnnd so on!

Piers cant win with some of you people. When the guy was staying low about the hacking scandal, people were saying he had something to hide. When he finally speaks up about it, people were saying he's talking TOO much now. Its unreal and beyound hypocritical.

Forgive me for not being on the "I hate Piers" gravy train everyone seems to be on here. I've already said I'm not a huge fan of the guy, but I dont mind his style at all and I hope he keeps it up! We need more people like him to take these politicians to task, not less.

Anonymous said...

OMG, means oh you're the fan!
Yes, Piers needs to take a good look at Parliament and Parliamentary procedures before he criticizes our Democracy.
Do I wish he were American? You bet.
Did we really need to outsource Larry's spot? Ryan Seacrest or someone like him, wasn't good enough or too good?
Call me crazy, but in the USA, I'd like to hear American accents pontificating when speaking the English language and NOT a distainful, smug, Brit whose only background is smut straight from the Commonwealth abroad.

Anonymous said...

Then stay away from CNNI then! LOTS of foreign accents questioning American policies and politics there as well. Wow I didnt realize people were xenophobic here. I thought a 'CNN' blog, people can handle all types being there and doing their jobs.

I'm NOT a Piers fan, I watch him when he has an interesting guest or topic and I when he doesnt I dont! But the castrating this site has over him gets to be a bit too ridiculous! If you dont like him dont watch! He's still better than 90% of the smug anchors at Fixed news, I'll take him any day over any of those people. Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

There's a HUGE difference between CNNI, where you'd expect to find foreign journalists and look forward to hearing their dialect and range of intellect, than having a British tabloidian pontificator, sitting in on an American network.
And if you can't see the difference, it's no wonder you're a Pier's fan.
In fact, I hereby deem you worthy of further Piers Moron viewing.

Anonymous said...

CNN is about to have a Piers Morgan debacle.
Just today Ken Jautz is out there defending him
and apparently lawsuits are about to be filed
against the company who owns the Daily Mirror.
Piers Morgan is not a journalist nor an interviewer.
What is he doing on CNN ? Without a doubt it is
safe to say that the people running CNN are not
too bright. Besides Dr Drew is starting to beat
Piers. So CNN is happy with being 4th. I guess
we all know that CNN's goal is to lose viewers.
Great job it seems to be working. You don't risk
an entire network on Piers Morgan.