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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Numbers Are In For CNN


In August, CNN continued to post significant year-over-year ratings gains, growing more than any cable news network, increasing +55% in M-F primetime (232k vs. 150k). In addition, CNN tied for second with MSNBC in M-F primetime among P25-54 (232k vs. 232k).

CNN outperformed MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) among both total viewers (540k vs. 429k) and in the key demo 25-54 (189k vs. 143k). CNN grew the most in other key dayparts as well, increasing +63% in total day (189k vs. 116k) and +48% during the daytime in the key demo (173k vs. 117k) compared to last year.

Since AC 360 launched on August 8 at 8 pm, the program has delivered 219k in the key demo 25-54, a +74% increase over year ago programming (126k), a +44% increase vs. last month’s 152k and a 30% increase vs. CNN’s 8pm programming during the second quarter (168k).

On Sunday, August 28 during Hurricane Irene coverage from 6a-Noon CNN easily topped FNC and MSNBC in the demo with CNN averaging 650k, FNC followed with 583k and MSNBC had 201k. From 9a-5p on Sunday, CNN averaged 577k, FNC had 510k and MSNBC posted 184k. Meanwhile in primetime, CNN also outperformed the cable news competition with 343k, FNC averaged 256k and MSNBC’s 218k. On Saturday from 9a-5p CNN also topped the competition among the key demo adults 25-54 averaging 647k, FNC had 564k and MSNBC posted 210k.

While CNN saw a +55% increase in overall M-F primetime vs. a year ago (232k vs. 150k), MSNBC was flat (232k vs. 233), and FNC grew 7% (578k vs. 541k). CNN’s signature programs surged with double-digit gains in both the key demo 25-54 and in total viewers in August.

• CNN’s AC 360 at 8 pm topped MSNBC in the key demo (219k vs. 199k) in August. The show also increased an impressive +74% in P25-54 vs. a year ago – 219k vs. 126k; MSNBC decreased -25% (199k vs. 265k) and FNC’s O’Reilly Factor was up +5% (679k vs. 644k). In total viewers, AC 360 was up +47% (662k vs. 451k); MSNBC was down -15% (817k vs. 964k) and FNC increased +7% (2.910m vs. 2.719m) compared to last year.

• At 9 pm, Piers Morgan Tonight increased +52% in the key demo (227k vs. 149k) compared to a year ago – while MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show was up less than half that recorded by CNN, up +21% (279k vs. 230k) and Hannity was down -3% (532k vs. 549k). Among total viewers Piers Morgan Tonight increased +37 (750k vs. 547k), MSNBC was up +12% (925k vs. 829k) and FNC was down -1% (2.088m vs. 2.116m) vs. a year ago.

• At 10 pm, AC 360 topped MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs by +21% in the key demo (267k vs. 220k) and in total viewers (750k vs. 731k) in August. CNN had strong ratings gains at 10pm, increasing 55% in the key demo (267k vs. 172k) and 34% in total viewers (750k vs. 560k) vs. a year ago. MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs was up only +8% (220k vs. 204k), while FNC remained relatively flat, +1% (457k vs. 452k) compared to a year ago. In total viewers vs. a year ago, AC 360 was up +34% (750k vs. 560k), while MSNBC grew +37% (731k vs. 534k) and FNC increased just +2% (1.821m vs. 1.780m).

• John King USA at 7 pm was up more than MSNBC and FNC in August, increasing +67% in the demo 25-54 (174k vs. 104k) and grew +46% among total viewers (531k vs. 364k).

• At 5 pm, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer increased +37% in the demo (173k vs. 126k) and +34% among total viewers (711k vs. 532k) compared to last year. CNN also topped MSNBC’s Hardball in both demographics.

• At 6 pm, Sit Room was up +54% in the demo (179k vs. 116k) and up +41% in total viewers (615k vs. 437k) vs. a year ago. The Situation Room also topped MSNBC Live at 6 pm in the demo (179k vs. 161k).

• In August, CNN Newsroom (9a-5p) bested MSNBC’s programming during the day time (9a-5p) in total viewers (587k vs. 371k) and in the key demo (173k vs. 101k). This represents a 58% advantage over MSNBC in total viewers and a 71% lead in the demo.

CNN reached a cumulative audience of 100.6 million viewers in August, FNC followed with 87.4 million and MSNBC trailed with 80.1 million.

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Anonymous said...

360 did it's job. CNN has started running the
promo for Erin Burnett. The show will be called
Out Front. Nice promo. Let's hope the words are
true. Erin & Anderson back to back,we will soon
see what this means for CNN a month from now.

Anonymous said...

We can't reach any conclusion yet about 360.
Has the move improved the situation for CNN
in primetime ? Yes. 1 month does not mean
much but it is safe to assume that CNN is happy.
Things did not get worse for CNN at 8 PM.

We don't think the numbers will matter all of
that much until the new CNN lineup is in place.
That said we are wondering if 360 is bringing in
2 different types of audiences for CNN. 1 group
at 8 and a completely younger audience at 10.
Yes, there are some repeat viewers but the
makeup of the viewers for each hour has to be
different when the demo goes up at 10.So far
viewers are not skipping 360 at 10.

We will keep an eye on the ratings from today
until when the ratings will end heading into Q4.
CNN is looking to finish ahead of MSNBC In Q3
& Q4.

This is all about the demo and that is all CNN
cares about. Down the line it will be interesting
to see if 360 gradually grows in viewers at 8.
It has alway been tight in the demo for FNC,
MSNBC & CNN at 10. Viewers usually favor FNC.

We just hope that CNN does not find a way to
mess this up. Right now 360 has stopped the
bleeding but there are so many questions to
still be answered. 1 key question will be if
MSNBC is stagnant ? Another, where are those
360 viewers coming from at 8 because nothing
seems to have changed at 10. Also what impact
will Erin Burnett have for CNN ? Can she improve
things for CNN at 7 ? It will be dependent upon
what type of show CNN comes up with for her.

CNN will not be able to escape the question as
to why this move was not made earlier to fix
things at 8.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Erin Burnett says our show
for OUTFRONT. It reminds me of the promos for

Anonymous said...

Why in the world is it taking sooo
long for Erin Burnett to get her act together?
Leigh Gallegher is also a business reporter who has been on Piers Morgan's show, and she is impressive.
Impressive is never a word I use in the same sentence with Piers Morgan, but I have been impressed with HER.
The few times I've seen Erin Burnett, she doesn't project, and she fades into the woodwork.
We shall see, but if I were a betting person....I don't know why Erin Burnett left NBC and CNN picked her up.
Well, that's a stupid remark.
CNN's latest picks have all been losers.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Erin Burnett on television.
Judging from the promo, it's a news show.

So I.m one of those viewers who have no
idea who she is or her anchoring style.
Vanguard is 1 of my favs.

You have to remember that In The Arena
was losing in the demo to Countdown on
Current TV. As one of those who had hopes
that Current would force better journalism
from the others, I am disappointed they
brought Countdown to Current. Now that
360 is on at 8 , that is my 8 PM show.

Anonymous said...

@7:19PM: You leave out the most important element: Lawrence O'Donnell has been absent for the better portion of August at MSNBC, so to say that 360's move to 8 has "stopped the bleeding," at CNN is premature.
And 360 was third in totals in boths time slots just yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I have every reason to believe that Erin Burnett will have no impact at all on CNN's plight.
She came from CNBC with a business background.
Unfortunately, not that many viewers are interested in finance until it effects them.
They are not financially disciplined, don't watch the stock market, and are not savvy about business trends.
So why would Erin Burnett have any impact whatsoever?
I will not be the least bit surprised if she turns out to be another Campbell Brown.
Someone who was chosen for no special reason, other than the fact that she was available and has a new face.