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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust? Jeanne Meserve

From Page Six:

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Anonymous said...

More news that is even bigger. CNN now owns
Zite look for to have a completely
different look and possibly getting into the app
biz . I just hope you can still have the news
content from various sources.If you have an Ipad
you know how awesome Zite is, along with Pulse
and Flipboard. This is an interesting move by CNN.
First live streaming, now CNN buys Zite. There
seems to be a pattern here. The big question is :
where is it going and what is CNN up to ? It is
strange that Time Warner let CNN buy Zite just
for CNN. Are content deals down the line. CNN
already has a some deal with VBS.TV.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising to me that CNN is losing Jean.
They do not care about a woman in her mid-fifties who can do her job.
She is not beautiful and has no fan base, so let her go it alone.
There are millions like her.
This happens mostly to women.
Men can survive the "age bias."
Watch out Candy Crowley you're next!

Anonymous said...

I just love Jean --- she is competent, well spoken, and has an authoritative presence while she is reporting. I would rather have her than some of the overpaid men that are on CNN.