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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ratings for the week of August 22, 2011

Ratings for the week August 22, 2011 - August 26, 2011

Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

Will CNN management like 360 topping PMT.
CNN is in overdrive trying to legitimize Piers
Morgan. The man will never have credibility
or integrity when it comes to news.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CNN finally did it.
They came in second because of the STORM.
Yes, they were in the millions because there was breaking news because of the STORM.
But they have to be consistent and bring this is in on a continual basis, which they find hard to do unless there is BREAKING NEWS.
And it is really annoying to have Piers Morgan smack dab in the middle of 360.
Next time there's a storm, let's have him stand in the downpours if he's such a journalist!
That way we don't have to hear him ask his guest, "So did you get wet?
How wet did you get?"

Anonymous said...

Well, TVN says CNN won the prime time demo
on Friday. That's a surprise.360 go a bump last
week with Libya & Irene.

Also, Isha Sesay put up some big numbers at 11.
I am hoping that CNN will keep the international
hour live in the timeslot.

The news has been saving CNN all year long.As
long as Piers Morgan is on at 9, there is no way
CNN will top either FNC or MSNBC. Yeah you get
lucky from time to time.It is really a shame since
Rachel Maddow has not been that good lately.
If I am not feeling Maddow I go with another
cable show. No way will I ever watch Piers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to get with the program when it comes
to technology. Technology matters more than the
CNN obsession with politics.FaceBook & Twitter
have given people a power that has never existed
and is changing our lives. Technology and digital.
lifestyle is all but ignored by CNN. Yet on CNN
all we get is hourly political nonsense. Keep right
on going heavy on politics and risk being overrun
by FaceBook & Twitter. All you have to do is look
at what happened with Twitter & FaceBook during
Irene. Too much politics is what will take down
cable news. Yes if there is political news you
cover it but too often it means nothing and is
being milked beyond 15 minutes of fame. CNN
is ignoring millions of potential viewers. CNN
needs wide ranging news, topics and interviews.
I can go on the internet for 10 minutes and find
dozens of stories that is ignoring daily. Only
to see CNN cover a story that is 3 days old on
the internet.

Anonymous said...

Good weekend numbers for CNN during Hurricane
Irene. Piers Morgan needs to get out of the way
when there is breaking news. What was he doing on
CNN during hurricane coverage. Not suitable for the story at all.

360 viewers are 360 viewers not Piers Morgan viewers.CNN is just using 360 to boost Piers
Morgan.At 10 360 was already helping lift the
moron. Now it is doing it twice.It is annoying
when Piers Morgan pops up in the middle of
360. Since CNN is airing Piers Morgan promos
how do we not know he is on after and before
360. You don't need PIers Morgan on 360.
Call that overkill and overdone.

CNN is just trying to hold on to 360 viewers at 9. It
does not seem to be working given that the demo
at 10 is still CNN's highest. CNN needs a better
9 PM show. Piers Morgan = everything that is wrong with CNN. Find the right shows to fit with
360 at 9 & 11 PM.CNN should be live at 10 &
11 PM.

ICN says Jeane Meserve is out at CNN. Yet idiots
like Piers Morgan get to stay.

Isha Sesay does need to be on CNN more but
knowing CNN's history they will lose her too.
CNN always misses their most talented in
favor of the worst reporters at the network.
Look at how they ruined American Morning.

Kiran & Tj were actually growing the show and
someone at CNN thought it was a good time
to bring in Ali Velshi, Christine Romans &
Carol Costello and the ratings are tanking.

No chemistry,energy,personally but dull. CNN
expects viewers to watch these 3 first thing
in the morning. Uh, NO. Not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

12:28: Very true.
If you never viewed CNN and didn't know the line-up, you'd think Piers Morgan was on 360.
It's very stupid but it makes HIM look good and that's why CNN will keep him....with all his distain for his viewers.
I really can not stand the sight of him.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 360 was taped at 8PM.
Perhaps because it is a holiday, but NEWS STILL happens on Friday.
Ratings are low on Friday.
Is this the reason for the tapings?
Or are we to get used taped broadcasts on Fridays just because they are Fridays.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find Piers Morgan "full of himself." He puts out too many of his own opinions over those of his guests. There's an arrogance about him and yet, I don't find him profound or insightful. He comes across as ambitious and self-serving. Larry King was charming and a very good listener. Anderson Cooper has heart and an endearing personality. I'm not sure what Piers Morgan has. And yes, before Larry King said it, I was exasperated at how Piers Morgan interrupted and talked over his guests. What was the point of that?
Respectfully, L M Rhodes, Los Angeles