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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ratings For The Week of August 8th - August 12th

1 - Special programming was shown on one night during the week
2 - Special programming was shown on two nights during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Well not much has changed, 360 is still the
top demo at 10 on CNN.360 improved the
demo at 8 but was still 4th. Let's see what
happened on Monday to kick off this week.

Anonymous said...

To the contrary, 360 is NOT the top demo at ten. Greta is and on Friday in the demos 360 failed to beat lockup.
AC's biggest challenge will be when his show starts in the daytime.
Whoever suggested to Anderson that he become a talkshow host must have been that same person who told him he'd do well at 8.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper needs to get his facts
straight. The latest Gallup Poll has the
president's approval rating at 41 %. AC
needs to stop getting his taking points
about Obama from right wing media.
Has 360 really gotten so low as make a
news item out of a press release from
the head of the RNC. CNN needs to find
it's journalism, The only people touting
that 39 % from yesterday is the right
wing media.So much for the facts
mattering for Anderson Cooper, who
only seems to be able to book CNN p
pundits. Is 360 becoming lousy or what ?

Anonymous said...

It looks like they are saying 360 is to top demo
on CNN from the sentence. KTH does not work
with pundits. i don't understand why it can't
be a stand alone segment. If Anderson does
his job and covers all of the bases, that's it. If
you can't get the person at the heart of KTH,
leave it there. Say they turned down 360 for
an interview. KTH can't work with pundits,360
needs to have Anderson or a reporter do a
breakdown or background pre produced item.
It does seem like the only people CNN books
just happen to be their very own pundits.
Lame indeed.If KTH is going to kick off 360,
it has to improve big time. Right now it is
pretty boring and 360 has to hook viewers
right away. Right now 360 looks just like ITA
in the beginning. Clearly, viewers don't like
this just having a different person come on
and basically do left vs right all of the time.
Pundits are so last century. Also, why have
a PMT promo on 360. Spare us CNN. You
do know you are running commercials for
PMT. That is 1 of the reason why people
wait until 10.

You can't reach any conclusions yet about
360 at 8 but 360 needs to act like it is up
to the task and step up their game. Can't
some on the staff figure out a way to make
the opening segment cant' miss because the
pundits you can miss and theatrics can't fix
blah blah blah.360 looks weak right from
the start.

MSNBC already has a promo running for TLW
that takes dead aim at 360.We all know that
fighting for what is right is being marketed as
an alternative to KTH.

that takes dead aim at 360.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that CNN was not smart to move AC360 to 8:00 p.m. Do they think that Bill O will roll over and play dead for AC? Good luck with that kind of thinking. Maybe Anderson wants his CNN show to be cancelled so he can concentrate on the talk show, but there is no guarantee of success for that show either. Will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

Anonymous said...

1 week means nothing . Bogus comparisons
like 1 week to months of averages is flawed.
You don't compare 1 week to 3 months. The
jury is out and so is the data. Let's see if 360
gets above a 200,000 demo average for this
week. Mixed big so far. I agree 360 does need
to be more balanced. Where are the polls on
Congress and the tea party. Don't leave stuff
out to cheat your viewers from getting the
full picture. Refused to watch once I saw that
Dana was on the show. I don't watch hate
and shame on CNN for hiring those types.
It does kinda look like the pundits control
CNN's political coverage.

Anonymous said...

There are certain factors that will determine if 360
is successful at 8 PM. Content, presentation, story
telling,show segments & guests. Remember, CNN
stuck with Eliot Spitzer for 6 months, so 360 will
be on at 8 for awhile. Judging from the ratings
this weekend for the Iowa Straw Poll maybe 360
needs to rethink leading with politics each night.
Can we get back the political packages from Tom,
Candy & Joe. At least they were entertaining. Who
decided to replace them with talking heads.

I am starting to think that those advocating the
original 360 at 8 might be on to something. Go
back to the hipper episodes of the show at least
at 8. Bring back Floods as the theme song and
let's hear Joy Division, The Cure, The Clash and
others. That is the easiest way to get 2 different
versions. Keep the 10 PM the same as the show
is now.No joke, Bloomberg is using The Cure as
bump music. Hello everyone else in cable news
for the hour is way older than Anderson. Make
a play for those younger Countdown viewers.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper's upcoming talk show has
zero to do with 360. Down the line could it
introduce him to more viewers who don't
watch CNN ? We shall see. What's up with the
personal attacks? I am a fan of 360 but not
to pleased with the over emphasis on politics.
Give viewers a break sometimes CNN. I have
eliminated 360 from the DVR this week. If they
change this week I will put it back but right
now it is too much like all of the other cable
news shows. Criticize the show or wether or
not Anderson Cooper did his job. I hope this
blog does not become like the others.

Anonymous said...

AC 360 finished 2nd in both the 8 and 10 demo on monday. I think AC will do better in that time slot in the demo

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to justify AC's poor ratings, quotes the demos.
Totals bring in the ratings according to TVN and Anderson was third at 10 and last at eight on Monday.
AC will always be associated with 360. It was here that he gained fame.
He will always be assoicated with news. It was the news that made him famous.
Just because you want to change your image, doesn't mean it changes automatically.
Actors are very often "typed cast," because the viewing public associates them with a certain popular character and that character is forever embedded in their psyche.
Anderson has been "typed cast," as well and it will be very hard for viewers to see him differently dayside.

Anonymous said...

The fact is 360 had nearly 50 % of viewers in
the demo and that is all the advertisers care
about. Total viewers are not all that matters
in the ratings.CNN moved 360 to 8 PM for
that very reason. It paid off on Monday but
let's see what happens for the week. If 360
makes CNN 2nd at 8 /prime time for August,
that is big news. I'm pulling for Anderson,
Isha & Team 360.

Anonymous said...

No,don't "cut Perry some slack."
He wouldn't cut you some slack so why in the world are you compromising again? Where, Mr. President has it gotten you?
Straighten up and fly right...or left, but stand for something before you lose us all!

Anonymous said...

@12:39: DREAM ON.

Anonymous said...

When are some people on this site going to realize that the reason Anderson Cooper was put on at 8PM was because CNN HAD NO ONE ELSE.
He was last at 8PM in totals and third at 10PM. And his demos weren't much better on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan finally got my attention with an interview with none other than Christine O'Donnell.
She kept trying to push "her book" on his show and refused to answer Morgan's question about gay rights.
It was quite apparent that she has very little substance and personally I hope her book fails.
There's not one thing in it that anyone would want to read and the only person who think she's important is her editor.
She finally walked off his program saying he was rude.
Someone has to remind Ms. O'Donnell that it is HIS SHOW and she plays by HIS RULES, or she doesn't appear.

Anonymous said...

360 should really change the way it covers
politics. Why is the former spokesperson for
George W. Bush permitted to take potshots
at the Obama administration. Has 360 no
clue about what happened during 2 terms
of Bush. Where are the smart conversations
with the likes of Jeffry Feldman who has the
blog Frameshop. Professor Feldman is right
when he speaks of yellow journalism in 24/7
news and 360 is a full participant.I do give
Anderson Cooper credit for the way he did
the jobs talk. He went through all of the
basics and used data to make his points.
IMHO that would have more impact than
just having the left vs right bickering each
night. Heck, I would even settle for Anderson
treating politics like the Ridiculist.360 has
the opportunity to be a real gamechanger.

Anonymous said...

So far this week 360 is # 2 at 8 and behind
by 4,000 in the demo at 10.

360 is averaging 632,000/229 at 8 and is
averaging 588,000/206,000 at 10 according

Yesterday marked midweek and we will have
more numbers today and run the math. For
once CNN might have actually done something
smart.So far, it is a positive trend for CNN at
8 but 6 months will paint a clearer picture.
However if 360 wraps up this week at # 2 at
& 10, that is a good thing and they need to
find a way to keep 360 fresh & current. Are
the others really offering anything new or is
it been there done that, boring viewers ?

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Too much politics and talking heads is exactly
why I DVR 360. That way I just skip the parts
of the show I don't like. I skipped the 1st 20
minutes. The Ridiculist is awesome and many
times the best part of the show.

If you all get the chance visit CBC's Connect
With Mark Kelley ,on Monday he had the best
open that describes how the media is covering
politics. It started with him saying the election
was 82 days away, as in this year, then Mark
delivered a correction. You mean the election
is 1 year and 82 days away. He said it best
when he said this is going to be a long one.
I'm surprised that Anderson did not have a
mention of the dissing of the 9/11 responders.
It seems they are not invited to the 10th anniv
observances. What is up with that ?

Anonymous said...

Okay here is the tally so far this week :

360 is averaging 620,000/207,000 at 8 PM

360 is averaging 613,000/220 at 10 PM

The ratings at 8 & 10 seem to be similar so
far this week.

MSNBC is averaging 832,000/199,000 at 8 PM

MSNBC is averaging 820,000/213,000 at 10 PM

HLN is averaging 655,000/169,000 at 8 PM.

There is a demo difference of 8,000 between
360 & MSNBC at 8 PM.

There is a demo difference of 7,000 between
360 & MSNBC at 10.

Right now 360 is 2nd in both hours. The next
2 days will determine how things turn out. It
is safe to say that this week the race for 2nd
will be close or someone could get bigger
ratings tonight and Friday.We can't have the full
picture until Monday afternoon but so far 360
is up over last week. It is in the 600,000 range
for viewers. Over time we should have data as
to rather or not this is gradual growth or the
norm for CNN at 8. The first rule for CNN was
do no harm and with a familiar face at 8 that
is unlikely.

We use TV BY THE NUMBERS for a data source.

Anonymous said...

Because of The Ridiculist Anderson Cooper
is one of the top searches on Google. Wow.
Now everyone knows about The RIdiculist.
I was laughing so hard myself. That's the
point it is a great way to end 360. Thank
you Anderson Cooper .

Anonymous said...

That is a tight race. 360 might have heard
the complaints about pundits. The show
opened with people who could talk about
the economy.

IMHO 360 could learn a lot from Nightline.
Come up with a good mix of stories for the
entire show and some original reports. It
will be interesting see if the ratings are
higher without the pundits.

Lawrence O'Donnell's mother passed away.
So he has not been on MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper made a fool out of himself last nite and if he is a top search on Google it is because he acted like an "idiot."
Yes, if you want people to talk you can throw over tables, go bankrupt, and become a total loser and YOU TOO can be a top search on google.
The idea is to be Jon Stewart, a person people actually look up to and respect.
Fangirls will always say whatever AC does is great. But acting like a silly juvenile and not an adult will never sustain RATINGS.
He was correct in putting HIMSELF on the Ridiculist because he was Ridiculous and it was embarrassing to watch!

Anonymous said...

The summer is coming to an end. Some schools
are already open. Others will open after Labor Day.
Look for the ratings for CNN,FNC & MSNBC to go
down for the last week of August and Labor Day
week. That is why CNN is waiting until September
26th to launch Erin Burnett's show. That means in
6 weeks CNN will be adding another show. Will
Erin get higher ratings at 7. One thing I've noticed
is that CNN is letting 360 run over a little after
9 to boost PMT.

Anonymous said...

There is 1 conclusion we will be able to reach
today. Will 360 top Ed in the demo? Ed is not
on Friday nights. What is the harm in Anderson
having fun doing his job ? The Ridiculist is satire.
It is suppose to make you laugh.

Anon 12:37 is right. Those elements will determine
if viewers will check out 360 each night. The lead
does matter and you have a very short time frame
to hook viewers before they click the remote.We
look forward to seeing the numbers for Thursday
and running the math. The Nightline analogy is a
go one. Nightline finds a way to beat Letterman
& Leno. No small task indeed. Given the demos
for 360. we don't understand why they don't have
some tech segments from time to time. The Bart
or social media flash mobs are a couple of stories
to come to mind. Also, what happened to the
people stories on 360 and wide ranging guests
who are not ideologues.It does seem as though
they are experimenting. One night they actually
had 2 packages.

We are wondering what the lead will be tonight.
360 did a big feature on the Memphis 3 way back.
Then there is Libya. Stay tuned.

Some thoughts about the daytime show Anderson.
Dr Oz, Ellen , Rachel Ray and The Doctors will be
the ones competing with Anderson. With no
Oprah it is hard to say who benefits.In a lot of
markets Anderson will be on at 4 PM. Until we
see what the show looks like ,we can't reach any
conclusions but we will be watching on Sept 12.

Anonymous said...

We're back. We ran the numbers so far this week
for 360.We will keep watching to see what the
demos will look like if 360 gets 700,000 plus
viewers. Could we be talking about 300,000 in
the demo.

Here's the tally :

360 is averaging 607,000/214,000 at 8 PM.

LW is averaging 832,000/180,000 at 8 PM.

360 is ahead by 34,000 and should be 2nd.
It comes down to tonight.

360 tops Ed at 10 in the demo.

360 is averaging 608,000/213,000

MSNBC is averaging 788,000/208,000

It is all going to come down to next week but
it is a safe bet 360 won't be 4th at 8. Also,
CNN could learn from ABC's evening newscast.
They are really shaking things up and getting
closer to NBC. They are thinking out of the box.
Tonight their lead story was on how stores jack
up school supplies and clothing and how you
can find the best buys. Millions of parents and
students are shopping.We think ABC News is
becoming more viewer oriented. There is good
news and bad news. CNN could do better at
mixing their stories.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 7:03, As the owner of this blog I would love to know who 'we' are and if this is a hobby or your profession. Please share a little information on your background and credentials.

Anonymous said...

I never give Piers Morgan a compliment and the other nite, I strangely, did.
It was about his interview with Christine O'Donnell and although she walked off his show, I thought Piers handled it all quite well and seemed objective.
Well, I should know from experience, that first impressions speak louder than actual words, and this is the third nite, in a row, that PIERS MORON, is still talking about "the walk off."
Last nite he had pundits to analysize and discuss in length the implications of the "walk off," and tonite he showed a REPEAT of the now famous episode.
This comes right on the heals of Cooper's laughable "meltdown" over
a B listed actors relieving himself on a plane which only HE found funny.
My question: Did CNN Management tell these two to DO something to create publicity? How coincidental that BOTH GENTLEMEN had outrageous events on their shows?
I wouldn't put it past either of them to CREATE THEIR OWN PUBLICITY.
Nor would I put it past CNN management to tell them to create "something."
360 is lagging behind AGAIN in both hours and AC'S September talkfest is soon to begin. (Any publicity is better than none).
And Piers Morgan could use some positive chatter as well, coming sandwiched in between both ends of 360.
Someone has to tell Piers that Christine O'Donnell isn't ALL THAT IMPORTANT and no one cares what she does. She didn't win in Delaware because she was as stupid as a nail. Is He stupidier or what?
(Never underestimate your first impression.)

Anonymous said...

We do have ties to the news industry and the
news is very much a part of our lives, math as

Tip : if you DVR 360, you won't get the complete
Ridiculist. You would have to record PMT.
Bad trick for your viewers CNN.

Anonymous said...

@11:58AM: Your answer to Phebe is very cryptic.
If I were she, I would not post anything you write until you are willing to reveal more.
It is obvious to me you have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

As a person who is trying to sell their townhouse, I can't believe that President Obama doesn't know by now that the real estate market is so depressed because the banks refuse to release money to those who qualify and want mortgages.
This is backing up the entire flow and trade in the market. It is a stop gap that must be remedied in the housing industry, NOW.
People can't buy homes because their credit isn't stellar, and applying for mortgages has become a horrendous ordeal.
If people can't borrow money than they don't buy existing inventory even if they qualify.
You mean as President of the United States, he can't tell the banking industry to start releasing funds and make the "ordeal" easier?
It is ridiculous to think that the banking industry has the money to lend but wouldn't lend it because the government has stepped aside and decided NOT TO INTERFER with this process.
Yes, it is Obama's fault if HE can't or wouldn't speak to the banking industry.
It is not David Gergen's fault for criticizing Obama or anyone else's fault.
He could start by speaking to his friend Tim Geithner and the Federal Reserve and if HE CAN'T, than we need to ELECT SOMEONE WHO CAN....before everyone's home is worthless.

Anonymous said...

What agenda could we possibly have by providing
data and analyzing the numbers. 360 is the only
thing CNN has going for it right now. As goes 360,
so does CNN. That is why 360 is our focus. Have we
said anything that is not true ? We realized that no
one was actually analyzing the numbers.

Anonymous said...

You reference you're posts, as WE.
Are two of you typing at the same time?
Or are you deliberately making "it look as though you are more than one person??"
I'm begining to think the later.
This is NOT the site to analyze 360
This site is for ALL comments CNN.
If I were the owner of this site, I'd ask for references to your data
as well as credentials.
Surely ALL of you can provide this.

Anonymous said...

Love it when pundits like Ali Velshi ask if we're headed for another recession.
Did we ever leave the first one?