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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wolf Blitzer's Interview with Pres. Obama

Wolf Blitzer's interview with President Obama aired on Tuesday's The Situation Room.

To see more of the interview follow the link.

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Anonymous said...

Wolf Blitzer did a good job. Yes there is so much
wrong with CNN these days but there are some
good journalists at the network and let's hope
that the CNN management does not forget it.

Anonymous said...

Heads up guys. Mr. Time Warner,aka as Jeff
Bewkes, will be on Bloomberg West today at
6 PM. It will be interesting to see what he has
to say about CNN. Could we eventually get to
see live streaming of CNN International ? What
is this HLNTV all about ? Sure he will be talking
about Time Warner overall but Bewkes might
also have something to say about the news biz.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to start doing responsible journalism.
Why are they making the economic crisis only about
politics. It is not political; it is a peoples issue.It
runs the spectrum when it comes to out of work
Americans. They are Democrats, Republicans,
independents, non voters, voters, Asian,Latino,
black, white,whatever. There is also a jobs skills
problem in this country. This entire economic
crisis has been 10 years in the making and CNN
and other media organizations ignored data that
has been out there for more than a decade.We
have a large segment of Americans who have
no job skills. Enough of the who's to blame
silliness. How about solutions and conversations
with adults who can put things into perspective
about what is going on and how to fix it. This
just did not happen. The only reason CNN now
sees the economic crisis is because of the near
depression. No one is talking about how we re-
invent our economy or elevate our workforce.
Where are the economists or the people who
are on the front lines and dealing with what is
real. Meanwhile on CNN it is freakin' Punditville
and no sense of reality at all. They don't know
jack or even have a clue about what is really
going on. Try talking to Americans who have
to deal with what is going on, having to make
adjustments,really dealing with life.CNN is not
even in the same universe. Unemployment for
minorities was high before all of this as well
as poverty. There is a big difference between
main street and Wall St. He is screams and yells
the loudest gets on CNN, It does not matter if
it is true overhyped. CNN needs to keep it real.
What is wrong with the people running CNN.
I know they don't have contact with most
Americans but maybe CNN reporters need to
start doing their jobs and report the news
instead of setting up bogus topics and ideology.
That is crap. Looking at the economic crisis
through politics,ideology & race is stupid.
Things are a lot more complicated. CNN is out
of touch and out of their minds. The arrogance
of CNN is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Can Bewkes do something about CNN, Sadly,
the network thinks that Christine O'Donnell
and Piers Morgan is news. Not newsworthy.
Neither of them are important. Does he ever
watch CNN at all.

Anonymous said...

Warner Bros, the TW movie operation, just made
more than 2 billion dollars worldwide. Last year
WB made nearly 3 billion worldwide. Jeff Bewkes
cares about HBO,WB,TNT, TBS, Time Inc, HBO GO
and all of the content that TW owns. Unless CNN
starts losing money, he does not care. Ted Turner
has said he regretted selling CNN to TW. I wonder
if he could get together with some of new media
companies and buy back CNN. Not that TW will
give it up but they should not let CNN go down.

CNN missed the news. The network cheered
the tea party debt talk and took on the rhetoric
and ignored the job/economic crisis.

Anonymous said...

Where is CNN ? MSNBC is saying Khaddafy
will be leaving in days. Don't forget CN. I
think the rumors are true that Bloomberg
is going after CNN.Bewkes needs to pay
attention to CNN. He needs to make sure
that CNN gets back to it's roots and stays
in the news business. Right now there is
not 1 cable news channel you can just go
to randomly to find out what is going on
anytime of day. Personally, I think Bewkes
should make CNN I live 24/7 on the web.
You can just go to CNN and watch. It is
already ad based.CNN is now doing live
streaming but they dropped the hourly
updates you used to be able to get on Dude you are competing
with Netflix. CNN needs better shows.
Big fan of HBO GO.Bloomberg sees a big
opening . Look for them to strike more
of a balance between business and news.
I can't take CNN is the morning. I am not
fans of Ali Velshi and Carol Costello.360
is the only show I watch on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Enough already with Piers Morgan CNN.
That is so last week. Move on now.

Anonymous said...

Not only Bloomberg. Google is starting a new
digital journalism push. Plus there is the BBC
& Al jazeera making a big push in America.

CNN needs to focus on reporting not opinion.

Anonymous said...

If President Obama really is interested in helping to create more revenue and kick start this economy, he'd increase the payroll tax, now.
He doesn't need a congressional oversight committee in order to do this. He can do this on his own.
Unfortunately former supporters like myself, now see him as an eloquent, yet spineless individual, who doesn't want to accept responsibilty for failure.
But in not acting and giving us only rhetoric, we are seeing failure anyway.
If he at least brought home some of the Afgan troops, we'd also save millions of dollars. But again, he is afraid to act for fear the GOP or the Pentagon would view this move as weak, with a hole in our security.
There are a few simple yet plausible things he could do as President to save our economy, yet he is unresponsive.
He'd rather campaign, have grass root meetings, and wait for congress to convene and then blame "them" for not acting responsibly.
No wonder the stock market is on a losing streak. It has a complete lack of confidence in this adminstation and for good reason.
President Obama has shown us all, he is NOT "the decider."