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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ari Fleischer Joins CNN as Political Contributor

Ari Fleischer Joins CNN as Political Contributor

As the nation looks to the 2012 election season, CNN continues to expand its team of political contributors with the addition of former White House Secretary Ari Fleischer, it was announced today by Sam Feist, CNN senior vice president and Washington bureau chief. Fleischer will serve as contributor to programs across the network as well as special political programming.

“Ari’s extraordinary experience in the political arena and in the White House make him an invaluable contributor to the network,” said Feist. “We’re thrilled to have Ari on board and our viewers will appreciate his keen insight as we head into this election cycle.”
“Having worked on a successful presidential campaign and having spent 21 years in Washington, I’m looking forward to joining CNN as a regular contributor,” said Fleischer. “It’s shaping up as a red hot political year and I’m eager to lend my perspective to it.”

Prior to starting his own company, Ari Fleischer Sports Communications Inc., Fleischer was the primary spokesperson for President Bush and delivered the daily White House briefings from 2001 to 2003. He previously served as the senior communications advisor and spokesman for the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign. While working for George W. Bush, Fleischer served as spokesman during the historic 2000 presidential recount, 9/11 attacks, and the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Fleischer was also the national spokesman and communications director for Elizabeth Dole’s run for the presidency, and he also served as the communications director for the House Committee on Ways and Means from 1994 to 1999. From 1989 to 1994, Fleischer served as press secretary to New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici, and from 1983 to 1989, he served as press secretary to two members of Congress from New York, and he also worked on several political campaigns. Fleischer is the author of a New York Times best seller, Taking Heat, which details his years in the White House.

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Anonymous said...

Really CNN. Bush's press secretary. CNN
has the worst political team on television.
How does hiring more pundits help CNN.
They won't quit until the don't have any
more viewers. CNN try firing pundits for
once instead of adding more political bs.

Anonymous said...

Is it CNN's policy to only hire Republicans ?
Wolf Blitzer can't even beat Al Sharpton.
CNN better wake up fast. How can you keep
on doing the same old tired things over and
over again ? CNN's political shows are tanking.
You would think they learned their lesson from
the tea party debate debacle. CNN is so done.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's been hired to replace Dana Loesch? Let us pray....

Anonymous said...

And you have to ask why CNN is in trouble.
Anyone who thinks pundits are the future of
are cable news is totally clueless. Political
blogs now feed that beast. Television is way
behind because they fail to realize they can't
control the conversation. They stupidly think
pundits go viral. Only on websites that cater
to that foolishness. Political talk is boring.

CNN needs to understand that it is a content
provider not a political operation. Sure I am
going to leave FB to respond to dumb useless
questions from CNN.It is arrogant for them
to think that their questions are my concern.

CNN is suppose to go out in the world and
discover stories. Is reporting not allowed at
CNN anymore.

CNN is lacking in creativity, imagination,vision,
ideas,diversity in programming and journalism.

CNN is the perfect example of Einstein's
definition of insanity.

Anonymous said...

Please take time to read an article about
CNN and it's relationship with the Tea Party.
It is unethical and highlights that CNN can't
be objective in politics. CNN has formed a
partnership with a PAC. That is a huge no no
for a news organization.CNN has no credibility.
Their alliance with the Tea Party is disturbing.
It is on the American Journalism Review. CNN
will not be my choice for 2012. CNN is a PAC.

Anonymous said...

As long as CNN chooses to release, releases that state the obvious and boost the nonsense they present, they will keep on failing at what they do best, nothing.
Someone here actually congratulated them for using a youtube video as research that went viral. Is that research or just plain laziness?
Whatever happened to investigative reporting?
And whatever happened to journalists and journalism? The true journalists at CNN seem to move on to other networks or become talkshow hosts.
Either way nothing gets done at CNN. That could be their new slogan: AT CNN, NOTHING GETS DONE.