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Monday, September 19, 2011

Ratings For the Week of September 12th - 16th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, your graphics are large enough so we can see that 360 came in second in the demo, but it's still way behind Fox in the 8PM hour.
As far as the 10PM hour, the demo has not changed dramatically and there were two debates that put 360over the top.
CNN still did not do as well as MSNBC with the Republican debates.
They were at least 2 million behind and the Daily Show emphasized how utterly ridiculous their lead-ins and intros were for the candidates.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that Isha Sesay might be on
CNN a little more. Backstory is now her
show and Michael Holmes will be anchoring
the 10 AM hour of CNN I. It is on CNN
Observations. That means her schedule is
changing . Hmmm. 360 should have an
Anderson & Isha segment. Also, the 360
show open is boring. Come up with a pre-
produced open , a 360 trailer if you will,
then go to Anderson doing a kick butt intro
similar to the Ridiculist. Sometimes 360 is
a yawner from the start.

IMHO if 360 has to use pundits, they need to
go with LZ and Will Cain. With them the talk
seems more cerebral and is a welcome change
from the blah, blah on CNN. I'm not a fan of
pundits but these 2 are the best CNN has. The
rest of the crew is freaking annoying. LZ &
Will seem genuine and don't seem to have an
agenda. Yes, you know their politics but it is
an honest conversation between those 2. Ari
& Roland made me turn the channel and I
didn't come back to 360.

Also, I hope that Erin Burnett works. There
is a new promo for Outfront and the show
looks interesting. The big problem for her
is that most CNN viewers have no idea who
she is. On top of that she is following JK,
USA, which is doing nothing for CNN. She
needs all of the help she can get and CNN
is making her situation more difficult. What
CNN does at 4,5 & 6 will impact her show.
Give her a chance to succeed ,not fail.

CNN will have to eventually do something
about the prime time roller coaster, You
can't go up at 8, down at 9 & up at 10. PMT
is yet another problem and added to a list
of fixing things that are wrong for CNN.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be rough for all 3 cable news
channels. None can be too happy with the
ratings this weekend. Last night 2 & A Half
Men had 28 million viewers. Cable news is
going to take a big hit. Later today we will
find out who took the biggest hits. Granted
you have college football and NFL games on
the weekend but is it always this bad for
cable news on the weekend. The problem
for all of them is the lack of news and too
much politics and made up discussions.

Anonymous said...

The ratings for CNN were down morning, day
and night. on Monday and on Tuesday there
was a report that says the audiences for the
big 3 are growing. That is not a coincidence.
I'm sensing viewer frustration.CNN has to
get beyond the talking heads.

Anonymous said...

I go with the Daily Show & Colbert for 6-7PM.
The problem for CNN is the product. CNN is
must skip television. Real time news is the big
thing now. Instead of constantly giving viewers
fresh content, CNN is just making stuff up that
no one cares about.. There is a real world that
CNN completely ignores. The comedians have
more credibility than CNN because they are not
blinded by ideology. You don't engage your
viewers with ideology. You engage them with
content, story-telling,original reporting that
has a point and means something as well as
video since television is a visual medium.

CNN should have me saying did you see that,
not I don't want to see this . Click, I'm gone.
Network news is the only place to get news
these days. Americans don't live or breathe
politics 24/7. There is such a disconnect.

In actuality CNN is decreasing their content
and replacing it with opinion.CNN destroyed
their brand and there is a backlash brewing.
Ignore viewers at your own peril. Viewers
are not going to take that. nor should they.

I just can't take the pundits anymore on CNN.
For the past 2 days I deleted 360 from the
DVR because of this. Their opinions add
nothing to the conversation. It sounds like
a broken record.

Anonymous said...

Here is my 2 cents :

Hire back Nicole Lapin and give her a show
that is an hour of tech/social media news.
There is no shortage of material on the web.
Give it a hip cool look. When Current TV was
good, they had people like Max & Jason and
Conor Knighton. Hire them to be a part of the
show. Nicole can pull this off.

Toure made an appearance on CNN yesterday.
Give the man the 7 o'clock hour CNN needs
new blood.

Stay with Anderson Cooper 360 at 8 & put
Outfront With Erin Burnett on at 9.

Keep the 360 repeat at 10 but edit it with
some new elements. Go with JK, USA at 11.
PMT is a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Do not count on Erin Burnett having a top show.
I saw a promo of hers and it was so underwelming I switched the channel.
She's very mousey and has no real appeal. She will prove to be a lemon and I don't mean a Don.

Anonymous said...

360 did not do well on Tuesday nite.
It came in last in totals and underperformed in both the 8 and 10PM slots because content was off.
It led with Bullying which is an important topic IF you are an educator and if you are a "gay person."
Entirely too much emphasis is being placed, Not on bullying, but on sexual orientation and bullying.
Are gays the ONLY people who presumably are bullied?
360 would like you to believe that and it is not true.
If you are going to explore a topic it should encompass the entire subject. Not one variable.
Children are people and people are subject to ridicule for many reasons and ALL those reasons should be explored. There should be NO exclusions.

Anonymous said...

It just came to me that a show with Isha Sesay and Erin Burnett, might work.
Both don't have a built in following and although Isha is competent, I'm not sure she could stand alone as an anchor and hold an audience.
I KNOW Erin Burnett is no show personality. It took her how many months to get her feet wet and we still haven't seen her.
But together, it just may work.
They'd have to collaborate and to my knowledge, there has not been a cable news show with two female anchors and women like to watch women.
Just a thought.
This do know. Alone Erin Burnett will tank.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:38 I have always said that CNN should
have a women's show in prime time. The names
I said were Erin Burnett,Isha Sesay, Alina Cho &
a Latina female. Each of them could bring their
own style of journalism,fashion and personalities.
No politics. Throw in the music bumps in and out
that women can relate to and there you go. I cane
to this website a while back and said I am not
interested in money just a commitment to a show
for 3 years. Cable news can't keep ignoring women.

Anonymous said...

The DOW has slid 400 points and CNN's Erin Burnett, crowned princess of Business School, still has not made an official appearance.
What is wrong with her?
She can't come and tell us what we already know: That the Euro is a faulty currency and when one country fails, all the rest will fall like dominoes.
How long will it take for her to get her act together and when she finally does, no one will care.

Anonymous said...

360 redeemed itself on Wednesday nite because of the execution of Troy Davis.
As usual, when breaking news is breaking, and there's literally nothing else to watch, people turn to the news.
CNN needs to lose Piers Moron.
It is increasingly clear that he can't sustain the 9PM position and it is silly for him to appear in between to ends of 360.
All he does is interrupt thought patterns with nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem for CNN : they have no loyal
viewers. WHy ? CNN goes with opposing povs and
not the heart of the matter. Nobody is going to
watch that each night.

What is going on with Wall St is all about Greece.
It has nothing to do with the United States. It is
about the European Union coming up with a
solution for their banks. 391 pts is not that big.
500 pts is another story. Everybody knows your
portfolio goes up and down with the market. It
is called talking a risk.I for one chose no to buy
the culture of fear CNN is selling. You have a
media that is overreacting because they missed
everything in 2008. Can't trust it.

CNN has not even reported on the protests on
Wall St but they care when the market takes a
hit because the stock price of Time Warner gets
hit hard because it is a media stock. They come
across as tea party protectors, When you travel
overseas, the tea party is why folks worry about
the US political system.By the way CNN the
austerity in the UK is a disaster. It ended up
making the economy worst. There is now
people warning against cutting to quick and
drastically. It is to be gradually implemented.
At CNN the fix is in, they don't really want to
tell you what is going on. Too bad for them
that the BBC is around.

Even with Troy Davis, Piers Morgan could not
hold on to 360 numbers. CNN needs to quit
trying to turn him into a journalist. Anderson
Cooper was handing down and that is why the
numbers dropped. Somebody needs to come
up with a plan for a replacement for Piers.

Finally, CNN has to quit being unprofessional.
They did a story about a woman in Dallas with
big hair, an afro. Somehow CNN thought it was
appropriate to use clips from Undercover Brother
& the Naked Gun to make jokes about her hair.
How dumb can you be. You don't make fun of
someone's culture.

Anonymous said...

Hire George Stroumbouloulos. He can beat
Rachel Maddow and it is a great show. He
just kicked off season 8. Strombo would
easily be the Jon Stewart of CNN. I watch
Toure on Fuse. I really dig him, Hoppus &
Cee Lo Green. Fuse has some good shows.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 surveys out today on the news media
has some interesting findings. People really don't
trust the media to report the news fully, accurately
or fairly. There is a perception that they are too
partisan. Could it be because of pundits ? I don't
understand why the reporters can't cover the who,
what when,where or why basics. The news should
drive the day and not the noise. Luckily, CNN is a
worldwide brand and that is way they come to
mind for viewers.CNN should be more about news
and less about politics. CNN should be committed
to the news.

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom how Fox News got 6 million viewers to watch their GOP debate during the 9-10PM hours.
I know Fox is the most trusted news organization when it comes to the GOP, but that's double or triple what CNN got just a week or so ago.
Something tells me, a whole lot of Independent voters viewed those debates on Fox this week.

Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett actually said, last nite on 360, that she hoped to be a strong lead in for AC's show.
She doesn't need to worry about HIS show. She needs to worry about HER show and who's a strong lead in for Out Front.
John King will do the lead in for Her show and so far, his show is anything but strong, ratings wise.

Anonymous said...

Until Outfront hits the airwaves it is hard to
say if the show will work for CNN. Maybe it
could be continuity for once for at least 2
CNN shows with 360 & Outfront. I hope we
get a promo this week telling us more about
the show and who the team is and what is the
point and goal of the show. I give them credit
for striking the right tone with promos. It has
me interested but if it turns out not to be true
to what the show is all about I will be one
ticked off viewer.

Anonymous said...

How can Anderson Cooper rail against the partisans
in Washington, yet reward the same behavior for
360. Last night he had 2 right wing extremists on
360.CNN is a major contributor to hateful,divisive
politics. Shouldn't Cooper keep himself honest. I
see no difference between Washington and what
he does with pundits each night. It is just more of
the same silliness.