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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Your Views on the News 9/17/11

This week CNN televised the Tea Party Republican Debate and Jon Stewart had an opinion. If you want to share your opinion this is the place. Enjoy the clip.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper & Team 360 did a remarkable
job covering the air show tragedy last night. CNN
is not perfect but what they did last night is how
the news should be on CNN. They searched for
the video on Youtube, crowdsourced the story
and utilized Facebook. That's right even a 74 yr
old pilot is on Facebook. Anderson even had a
Skye interview with a couple who was there.360
also reached out to CNN affiliates in Nevada as
well as having a pilot who had so much insight.
It was the perfect convergence of old & new
media and a great example of how to pull it off.

Like it or not Youtube,Twitter & Facebok are
broadcast channels, In this day and time you
have to have people to go on all of these for
news. I guarantee you people where on FB &
Twitter before news stations even found out.

You can't buy a computer or phone that
does not have a camera these days. You can
make a movie using the camera on an Ipad.

CNN was smart to get a jump on live streaming.
You did not have to be at home to watch CNN's
live coverage. All you needed was a computer
or mobile device. Right now you have to be
a cable/satellite costumer but when it is a big
news story that is constantly changing CNN
should make it available to anyone who goes
to their website.

CNN looks like they are building an apparatus
to transform CNN. What their plans are and what
CNN will morph into remains to be seen, First
they started live streaming, next they bought
Zite. Yesterday, it was announced that HBO will
be doing a news show by teaming with VIce
or VBS TV. already has the
broadband channel's content. CNN needs to
do more of this. Partnerships are crucial and
CNN is owned by Time Warner, They own
websites, magazines, etc. This is not easy task.
OWN & Netflix are examples of how hard it
is to pick shows and content.CNN is starting
from scratch. Everybody is trying to figure this
out and no one can say where things are going.

Anonymous said...

TEANN needs to cover the news. CNN ignored
a protest on Wall Street yesterday. CNN is run
by the tea party. All day long all they do is go
with the tea party talking points.

Hey CNN, Obama kicked Carville's butt in 2008.
Carville just like CNN is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

If you are wondering how CNN makes so much
money despite the ratings. TV Newser has the
answer. CNN is the most popular cable news
network for affluent viewers. Bloomberg is # 1.
Demos play a big role into how much money
the networks make. Advertisers are care more
about the breakdown of the viewers than totals.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jon Stewart for his 8th Emmy Win and for being the smartest show on television.
Everyone from his fake correspondents to his writers to his own commentaries are full of wry wit and humour and he has proven repeatedly, that no one can beat him.
He said that it was a privilege to accept the is a privilege just to be a viewer.

Anonymous said...

Shows are canceled because of TOTALS, and I consider myself and affluent viewer.

Anonymous said...

The first hour of any morning show should be
25 things you should know heading out to work,
school, whatever, Save the features,stories and
interviews for the show that starts at 9 AM.

You have to have interesting stuff and tons of
video and yes music.As you are driving to work,
school whatever aren't you listening to music.

You have to create an environment that viewers
can relate to and want to check out before they
leave the house.

If CNN doesn't do this with a morning show, it
will be more of a failure. What they are doing
with AM is exactly how not to run a morning
news show. Hello, people are waking up and
doing other things the tv is background noise.

Anonymous said...

CNN will always make money for Time Warner.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Bill O'Reilly says he has more power than the President.
With this particular President, Bill, that's no accomplishment.
He's one President that is totally unaware that HE has any power whatsoever, and no leadership skills as well.
I'm quite certain you would agree.