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Wednesday, September 28, 2011




September Ratings Highlights

• CNN M-F primetime grows +46% (demo) and +34% (total viewers) compared to a year ago.
• At 8 pm, Anderson Cooper 360 tops MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (demo); grows +36% while MSNBC drops -35%.
• At 9 pm, Piers Morgan Tonight grows +18% (demo) while MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show is down -15% (demo).
• At 10 pm, AC 360 tops MSNBC’s The Ed Show (demo and total viewers).
• The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (6pm) tops MSNBC’s Politics Nation with Al Sharpton (demo); CNN grows while MSNBC loses viewers vs. year ago.
• CNN tops MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) and dayside (9a-5p).
• users consumed nearly 40 million pages of content and more than 2.5 million videos per day.

In September, CNN grew more than any cable news network -- increasing +46% in M-F primetime in the key demo adults 25-54 (253k vs. 173k) and +34% among total viewers (769k vs. 574k) vs. last September (2010).

CNN outperformed MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) among both total viewers (450k vs. 412k) and in the key demo 25-54 (148k vs. 143k). CNN also topped MSNBC during dayside (M-F 9a-5p) in total viewers (511k vs. 323k) and in 25-54 (147k vs. 85k).

• At 8pm, CNN’s AC 360 topped MSNBC’s The Last Word in the key demo (212k vs. 185k) in September. The CNN program was the only 8 pm show (among MSNBC and FNC) to post growth, increasing +36% among 25-54 vs. CNN programming a year ago (212k vs. 156k). MSNBC decreased a staggering -35% (185k vs. 286k) and FNC’s O’Reilly Factor was down -14% (611k vs. 712k). In total viewers, AC 360 was up +37% (674k vs. 491k); MSNBC was down -22% (834k vs. 1.068m) and FNC was flat compared to last year.

• Compared to its cable competitors (MSNBC and FNC), Piers Morgan Tonight was the only 9 pm program to grow vs. a year ago - increasing +18% in the key demo (193k vs. 164k), while Rachel Maddow Show was down -15% (246k vs. 289k) and Hannity was off -13%. Among total viewers Piers Morgan Tonight increased +6% (626k vs. 588k), MSNBC was down -17% (875k vs. 1.057m) and FNC was down -5%.

• At 10 pm, AC 360 topped MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs in both total viewers (739k vs. 677k) and in the demo 25-54 (269k vs. 199k). CNN had strong ratings gains at 10pm compared to the other cable news networks – increasing +42% among 25-54 (269k vs. 190k) and +20% in total viewers (739k vs. 617k) vs. a year ago. MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs was up only +3% in the demo (199k vs. 194k), while FNC remained relatively flat, +1%. In total viewers, MSNBC grew 17% (677k vs. 578k) and FNC increased just 6%.

• The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer at 6 pm topped MSNBC’s Politics Nation with Al Sharpton in the key demo 25-54 (163k vs. 141k) in September. In addition, the Blitzer-led program grew +19% in the demo (163k vs. 137k) and +22% among total viewers (590k vs. 483k) vs. last year. Sharpton was down -24% in the demo (141k vs. 185k) and -15% in total viewers (599k vs. 708k) compared to MSNBC’s programming a year ago.

• CNN Newsroom easily topped MSNBC during the dayside (9a-5p) in both total viewers and in the key demo 25-54. Among total viewers, CNN averaged 511k, a 58% advantage over MSNBC’s 323k, and in 25-54, posted 147k, 73% more than MSNBC’s 85k.

• In total day (6a-6a), CNN topped MSNBC in total viewers (450k vs. 412k) and in the demo 25-54 (148k vs. 143k) in September. CNN also grew the most in total day vs. a year ago – increasing +16% among total viewers (450k vs. 389k) and +25% in the demo (148k vs. 118k). MSNBC grew only 4% in total viewers (412k vs. 395k) and 2% in the demo (143k vs. 140k). FNC was up 2% in total day/total viewers and was down -3% in total day/demo compared to a year ago.

CNN reached a cumulative audience of 96.6 million viewers in September. MSNBC followed with 79.3 million and FNC dropped to third with 77.3 million.

CNN’s Third Quarter 2011 ratings will be released separately.

CNN DIGITAL users consumed nearly 40 million pages of content and more than 2.5 million videos per day so far in September.
Specifically, saw big gains in the U.S. Section, with a 61% increase in daily average page views in large part because of CNN’s 9/11 anniversary coverage. Three of the top five articles in the section were about the 10th anniversary of 9/11, generating over 14.5 million page views.
Some of the top stories of the month include:
• 9/11 Ripple with 7.3 million page views, a visual interactive using artists illustrations of the ripple effect of Sept. 11, ranging from a global to a personal scale.
• Terror in a Small Town with 3.8 million page views, an enterprise piece about a small-town murder’s top three blogs were This Just In, The Marquee Blog and The Political Ticker, contributing to traffic in September. (Source: Omniture, through Sept. 25, 2011).

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Anonymous said...

2 words for CNN if they want more total viewers,
more demos and kick some FNC butt all at once :


Broadcast the show in America.

Anonymous said...

Consider this to be the last good news for CNN.
CNN is going down. A huge ratings dive is on
the horizon for the month of October. Erin is
not going to change anything to help ;and CNN
is right in the middle of a downward spiral. This
is self inflicted. There is a backlash developing
against CNN and this time 360 won't escape.
Don't watch CNN is gaining momentum. When
a national publication calls you out for ethics,
it makes the web quickly and CNN won't recover.
CNN has dissed viewers too many times.

Anonymous said...

Right now 360 is the only ting that is keeping
CNN competitive in prime time. CNN need to
beef up the hours after 360. For the past couple
of days Aisha Tyler is on The Talk. She is a talent
that CNN should go for. She is smart and funny.

I am a fan of Strombo as well but I don't think
that will ever happen.

Just like HBO was the 1st movie channel to
realize they had to do original shows, CNN has
be the 1st cable news channel to have original
shows. I've seen Toure, Strombo and others on
this site.I am throwing Aisha Tyler in the mix.
I hope Outfront is a successful lead in but what
about the shows CNN will have on until midnight ?
360 needs another show to have it's back. PMT
is just not compatible.

Anonymous said...

Do they really believe their own phony press releases?
AC did not consistantly top MSNBC.
For two nites in a row 360 has come in third just this past week.
Get Real CNN.

Anonymous said...

I must say sometimes it concerns me about the
level of anti-government talk on CNN. It seems
as though sometimes CNN tries to incite and
inflame. All it takes is a lone wolf like Timothy
McVeigh to think they need to target government.
CNN should be more responsible. That is a very
dangerous road for CNN to go down. I can't help
but think that is the sentiment of the bosses. It
is not the CNN I once respected. I won't even
watch The Situation Room anymore. Folks don't
trust the media to much these days either. So
maybe they should look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

For Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett it will come
down to content, story selection, story-telling,
presentation and having that conversation with
their viewers. Unfortunately no one at CNN has
figured out how to do this just yet.

When you look at the media landscape, it does
not seem that CNN or anyone else has a 21st
century vision for how to evolve /revolutionize
the tv news biz. Overwhelm your viewers with
more content than they can get anywhere else.
CNN has the resources and properties to fill
24 hours in which you would never see repeats.

I can't believe that no one knows how to maximize
this to CNN's advantage. Trying to make 2d fit
into a 3d world is just not going to work. Take
a look at just what happened with The Daly.
People with Ipads don't want it. Know why
because it is all about the video and consumers
are empowered these days. Can CNN make the
move to be the world's largest news source and
original reports that you can only get from them ?
If you say you are the worldwide news leader,
show me the content. The only reason tv is not
dying as fast as print or radio is because it is
a visual medium. I agree with the HBO analogy.
Heck, I have not problem with CNN having a
different show on Mon-Sunday at 9 PM or just
airing the huge amount of content from CNN's
website full length with web hits during the
day and yes embrace the tech world and try to
really find out what is trending each hour
rather that questions. One thing that CNN is
doing that I like is the questions related to a
news item that is coming up on a show. CNN
also needs to find a social media/social tv
team.CNN needs some serious social media
training. Here's a couple of reasons why it
is not working with the questions. Research
shows that the comments are not what people
care about on FB or Twitter and most of us are
on social media on the weekends. People are
exchanging information and news. I'm also
convinced that aggregation may not be a bad
thing for CNN. There is tech,sports, music &
arts, etc. Categorize your subjects and create
5 second animated graphics for every topic
imaginable. I also say it is time to drop the
crawl and if you have an info graphic you don't
need a banner. That is why it is called that. If
you are using a monitor, make sure viewers
can actually see what you are talking about
and get something from it.

Maybe 360 & Outfront can be game changers.
More questions will remain for CNN come Oct.

Will Erin Burnett change things for CNN at 7 PM ?
Will John King & Wolf Blitzer's ratings improve ?
Which CNN show loses an hour ? Will 360 still
be able to carry CNN in prime time ? Will CNN
ratings improve or dip with the changes ? We
might get some answers.

Anonymous said...

I have many criticisms of CNN, but I've never thought it to be anti-government.
They might not be that crazy about this particular administration, but Bill Maher just tonite, was critical too, of Obama and he was a supporter.
Just because you criticize the administration, does not mean you're anti-government.
So I just don't see the justification for that remark in comments.

Anonymous said...

A new era begins for CNN this coming Monday.
These will be the most significant changes for
CNN in recent memory. Everything else is history.