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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Third Quarter Ratings for CNN


Primetime Grows +47%, Total Day +32% and Dayside +26%

For the third quarter 2011, CNN posted significant ratings gains and grew more than MSNBC and FNC during M-F primetime – increasing an impressive +47% in the key demo (232k vs. 158k) and by +28% in total viewers (710k vs. 553k) compared to third quarter a year ago. MSNBC increased far less, growing 7% in the demo (254k vs. 238k) and 9% in total viewers (879k vs. 808k); while FNC was down -2% in the demo and was up 2% in total viewers vs. Q3 2010.

Total Day & Dayside:
CNN topped MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) in both the key demo (158k vs. 150k) and total viewers (475k vs. 431k) during the third quarter. CNN also grew the most in total day, increasing +32% in the demo (158k vs. 120k) and +21% in total viewers (475k vs. 392k) compared to a year ago. MSNBC was up only 5% in the demo (150k vs. 143k) and 11% in total viewers (431k vs. 387k) and FNC was up 4% in the demo and 6% in total viewers.

During dayside programming (9a-5p), CNN had a 52% advantage over MSNBC in the key demo 25-54 (154k vs. 101k) and a 48% lead among total viewers (532k vs. 360k) during the quarter. CNN also had strong dayside ratings growth compared to Q3 2010, increasing +26% in the demo (154k vs. 122k) and +17% in total viewers (532k vs. 455k).

Program Highlights:
• CNN’s 8 pm programming grew significantly compared to a year ago -- increasing +39% in the demo (188k vs. 135k) and +28% in total viewers (612k vs. 477k). MSNBC was down -25% in the demo (201k vs. 268k) and was off -15% among total viewers (845k vs. 994k) and FNC was down -6% (demo) and up just 1% among total viewers.
• CNN also had strong gains at 9 pm vs. CNN programming a year ago – with Piers Morgan Tonight growing +36% in the demo (213k vs. 157k) and increasing +18% in total viewers (701k vs. 593k). MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show grew by far less, increasing 13% in the demo and only 3% among total viewers this quarter; while FNC was down -6% (demo) and off -3% in total viewers.
• At 10 pm, Anderson Cooper 360 topped MSNBC’s The Ed Show for the third quarter in the demo (274k vs. 232k) and among total viewers (750k vs. 736k). AC 360 also had big gains compared to last year – growing an impressive +52% in the demo (274k vs. 180k) and +29% in total viewers (750k vs. 582k). MSNBC increased 18%/34% and FNC was down -2%/0% respectively.
• The Situation Room with Blitzer (6pm) topped MSNBC Live/Politics Nation with Al Sharpton in the demo (169k vs. 158k) during the Q3 2011. The Sit Room also grew more than MSNBC and FNC, increasing +27% in the key demo (169k vs. 133k) and +24% in total viewers (592k vs. 477k). MSNBC was down -9% in the demo (158k vs. 173k) and off -5% in total viewers (621k vs. 655k); FNC was up 2% in the demo and down 2% in total viewers.

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Anonymous said...

Those demos will drop significantly if 360 does
not get it's act together.

Anonymous said...

CNN (certainly not news) needs to turn HLN
back into a news channel as you can see
from the ratings viewers just don't care to
watch the Conrad Murray trial. I am still
waiting to see Occupy Wall Street on 360.
When the Dow is down it is always breaking
news. Also, the fact that NYC authorities are
not letting them anywhere near Wall Street.
Afraid of another Rage Against The Machine
moment.Of course, CNN is not interested in
telling us what is really going on because
they might have to actually do some reporting.
Which they are incapable of these days. Where
is Anderson Cooper with his Iphone at Occupy
Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

CNN please hire George Stroumboulopoulos.
It is hands down one of the smartest news
oriented shows that is out there. The show
is now being blocked in this country. It would
be great if CNN could obtain the rights to
broadcast the show in America.

Anonymous said...

Sleep Now In The Fire is one of the best music
videos ever. 360 would never have on Zach or
Tom to talk about a video that was clearly way
ahead of it's time. The music video has all of the
news that CNN ignored for the last decade. They
shut down Wall Street that day.