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Monday, October 3, 2011

A CNN Bromance

It seems Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer are involved in a bit of a bromance. First we caught wind of it was on the season finale of Hot in Cleveland.
To set the scene for the clip; Betty White's character is looking for a sign from her dead husband that she has his approval to get married again. She hears an owl in the tree and wonders if that's the sign. Valerie Bertinelli's character offers to take a closer look for her...

Then just last week Anderson Cooper interviewed Joy Behar on HLN and the conversation turned to Wolf's abilities in bed. If you missed it here's the clip.

Anderson even managed to work Wolf into Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction on DWTS. Here's The Ridiculist.

And we'll close with the classic 'who the hell is Wolf?':

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Anonymous said...

You guys have go to check out Politico. They have
a fascinating article on CNN's women's problem
and Erin Burnett. It turns out mostly women,some
57 % watch CNN. This blog has repeatedly talked
about a women's news show. This is not brain
surgery. Where are all of the commercials for
women on CNN ? More than ever CNN needs a
news show with their female journalists of
diverse ethnic backgrounds. This is amazing.
How can you ignore your viewers ?

This show needs to be on at 9 in addition to
Erin Burnett. Women tend to be loyal to shows
and products.It is time for CNN to have this
groundbreaking news show.CNN can't keep
ignoring women. A women's show without
politics but fast paced news items,interviews,
conversation rather than confrontation.Also,
features on women from all walks of life.

Right now I could easily list 25 stories that
women care about and not one would be
about politics.CNN needs a female on the
management team who knows how to target

Anonymous said...

I'm sure 360 will be heavy with Amanda Knox
tonight. Not sure what that means for Outfront.
If you watch on the weekends Fredericka does
focus on some women's issues. I would never
have guessed that about CNN. That explains
the news lineup. You get Kyra, Suzanne,Randi
& Brooke during the day and Erin in prime time.
Erin says she will focus on women's issues. We
will see if this is true. I agree about diversity.

Anonymous said...

rationsSeriously CNN ? I have had about all I can
stand from Erin Burnett. Why is she moking
Occupy Wall Street. Another failure for CNN
The show sucks.

Anonymous said...

I have not liked some of the comments Anderson has made about Wolf.
I do not know if he is kidding or what it is about Wolf that he doesn't seem to like.
Wolf is a hard worker who does his job, yet it's as though Anderson enjoys "picking on him."
He used the word "grizzled news people," to describe the people he works with.
Is Wolf grizzled because he has a beard and is older??
There's something going on behind the scenes that we viewers are not privy to and it is not enchantment or respect for one another.

Anonymous said...

Outfront just does not work. Erin Burnett is no
Jon Stewart and for them to have her do a
Daily show type opening monologue was a
really bad idea. It was not funny but ignorant
and condescending. If she did not take the
assignment seriously, why did she go out
and talk with the protesters. She went out
there just to simply make fun of them.

The show was all over the place and was not
smart but silly.Is this the best that they can
come up with. This show will have lower ratings
than John King. CNN has now found a way to
sink 360 for the 8 PM hour it is between Erin
Burnett and Piers Morgan. Why not just avoid
CNN until 10 PM. CNN would be lucky if this
show even got 300,000 viewers.. Somebody
better have a plan B. This was a bad idea.

Sara Volk said...

Ms. Burnett is a condescending, supercilious little Wall-Street pocket monkey. That assessment isn't really "respectful of CNN personalities," but since she referred to the President of the United States as "Barack" and discussed his "annointing," and dismissed the protests on Wall Street and elsewhere by making fun of them, I think the shoe fits.

Anonymous said...

My god, it would be SO nice if people can actually focus on the topic they are suppose to be talking about for once. Soooo much negativity and its always the same, ratings and the latest person they hired, EVERYONE hates!

If you want to talk about that fine, but just in the appropriate topic. It seems no matter what the topic is, its avoided completely for the same broken record.

Maybe this site should just think about having a message board and let people make dozens of topics about ratings and how much CNN is going down the tubes.

On topic: Wolf and Anderson seem to have a fun relationship! You can tell with all the ribbing though they truly respect each other and the work they do. I DO think CNN needs more people like them and it will be a fool to let either of them go!

Phebe said...

@anonymous 7:05, I agree about staying on topic. I don't mind people voicing their opinion but there are appropriate posts to do it on, this wasn't one of them.