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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ratings for the Week of October 10th - 14th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

TVN headlined a recent piece entitled CNN Makes Room For Fashion Coverage and the first line began with 'It's not only about wars, politics and Anderson Cooper on CNN.'
This made me laugh just a bit because it seems that's just about all it is on CNN, with AC's antics and his afternoon show.
We could add Erin Burnett, but since she will come and go, as will Piers Moron, who else is there to talk about?
Most people of interest have left this flagsip station, and for good reason.
AC's Bullying got an underwhelming 92,000, in its first encore presentation in this past Friday's demos.
Way to go Coop.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the ratings, I'd venture to say that the subject of bullying leading to kids committing suicide is a far more important subject than fashion. One belongs on CNN and one does not, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I do have a criticism of Anderson Cooper however. He seems to find conservative political figures such as Ron Paul, Sarah Palin and now Herman Cain "refreshing" because of their so-called straight-talk and unpolished style. I wonder if he would feel the same about a Democrat who was always making ludicrous statements and then telling everyone it was a "joke" or that people need to get a sense of humor. No, I have the feeling that Anderson would say that type of behavior from a politician is questionable and irresponsible.

And where is Occupy Wall Street on CNN? It's certainly never on AC360, not even a brief mention in the bulletin. How can CNN call itself a balanced news network when they are so obviously trying to act as if this HUGE movement isn't happening at all?

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper was not working last week so
that might explain the down numbers for CNN.
Given John Kings lousy ratings, why is he the sub
anchor for 360. I agree that politics is destroying
360 because it is too one-sided. I am just going
to turn off CNN for a while. CNN ruined 360 &
I don't like the show anymore. I was once a loyal
CNN viewer but now I won't watch them. CNN is
a complete disaster. I like Anderson Cooper &
Isha Sesay but the content is just awful. A 1 hr
Republican ad on 360 is a slap in the face to
360 viewers. We deserve better. I have had
enough. CNN wants to be FOX and I refuse to
even have that channel on in my house.

Anonymous said...

The ratings are down for all 3. Maybe hitting
rock bottom would be the best thing for CNN.
CNN would be forced to fix the network. It is
too bad that CNN can't capitalize on MSNBC's
ratings falling. 360 should handedly top TLW
in the demo. Nancy Grace shows that you can
get ratings without politics. ABC is the model
for CNN to follow. GMA and Evening draw
closer and closer to Today and Nightly. I know
some mention Strombo here but Mark Kelley
would be a good get for CNN as well. 360 &
Connect are similar shows. Go on and cancel
Outfront & PMT already. Be ready to start
fresh in 2012 without the baggage.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame John King for Anderson's 'lousy' ratings.
Really tired of let's pretend Anderson is above criticism, yet no one wants to watch him???
He'll probably do better tonite because everyone wants to watch Herman the'Con' or is it Cain??
And ANDERSON has yet to address Occupy Wall Street and NO, it was already happening BEFORE HE WENT on vacation.
No Excuses fangirl!
This IS ATC, and yes we CAN CRITICIZE HIM!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Anderson, a 92 in his own demo??? Ouch!
John King didn't even get a 92 in his demo.
Oh, everyone thought he'd be absent.
So what's his excuse for poor daytime ratings?
John King?

Anonymous said...

360 is too pundit heavy. Anderson Cooper just
can't be absent for an entire hour. 360 got the
ratings it deserved on Monday because the show
was bad. The political segments on 360 are too
long & boring. Wouldn't it be ironic if JK, USA
turns out to be a better lead in than Erin Burnett.
360 and all CNN shows need to think about the
viewers more .360 is alienating it's loyal viewers.

At some point CNN needs to understand that it's
the pundits that make the conversation boring.
Stop wasting viewers time with talking heads.
You don't watch it because you know what
everyone will say. CNN only knows left vs right.
They lack the brains or guts to be different
form the Crossfire mentality, Enough.

Anonymous said...

What is up the the pundit obsession on CNN ?
Only CNN could screw up 360. Why keep relying
on pundits ? CNN does this at 4,5,6,7, & 8. It
is called being lazy. For sure the former Bush
press secretary will drag down 360. There is
no excuse for 360 not having at least 5 stories
1 or 2 original reports. Different content from
Isha Sesay. Keep the Ridiculist. 360 needs to
go with the solo interview.

CNN needs to think more about the lead in
& folo show for the 1st hour of 360. It is
pretty clear that Outfornt & PMT don't go
with 360. It appears that viewers are staying
away from CNN unit 10 PM. It is a race to the
bottom for CNN & HLN. I knew CNN was done
once Ken Jautz came from HLN. The last thing
CNN needs is to to drop journalism in favor
of mindless chatter. Start showing the viewers
some respect.

360 better be concerned about the new Brian
Williams show. The promo says it best. Brian's
job is to tell you something you don't know.
You believe what Brian says because of his
stature. Besides he hired correspondents to
go out and find those stories because we all
know any self-respecting anchor wouldn't
phone in a news show by just having a yap
fest featuring talking heads fo an hour. It's a
disgrace how bad CNN has become. It starts
first thing at 5 AM in the morning.

Viewers didn't turn on CNN. CNN turned on us.
360 needs to get back to the originality that
made the show popular. There was once a
time when you got stories you didn't see
anywhere else until you watched 360. Can
we get the real Anderson Cooper to stand up
and give up back the 360 we deeply miss.

Anonymous said...

That same edition of 360 at 10 got higher demos
than each show on MSNBC in prime time. The
demo difference for CNN and MSNBC not much.
360 was only behind 53,000 in the demo from
On The Record.

I always thought 360 should have 2 different
versions at 8 & 10. In this day and time you
have to be a little Daily Show, Charlie Rose,
news and interesting segments. Content,
story-telling, interviews, live performances
by a band sometimes especially on Friday.
AC is one of the few personalities who can
pull this off.

360 needs a much fancier video open. For
360 to be a flagship show. What is wrong with
a well produced open with Anderson saying
what is coming up on the show and a show
theme. Can't Anderson introduce a kick butt
open and walk out to the anchor chair and
start the show. When you hear the song you
know it is time for 360. Also bump music.
Please use modern music.