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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WRLC Debate On CNN

Here's a sampling of tonight's Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate broadcast on CNN and moderated by Anderson Cooper.


Taxes & Jobs:

Health Care & Immigration:

Occupy Wall Street:

Religion & Faith:


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Anonymous said...

CNN has to make everything a circus.
Anderson lost control of the debate.
Ed said it best : where's the moderator.
None of the clowns should be President.
I'll bet that 360 will still be talking about
the debate and nothing else. Hello, that
is so yesterday and 24 hours old. Move on.

Anonymous said...

We now know where Anderson Cooper gets his
political facts. Right wing news. Cooper repeated
a lie in the debate last night. He needs to keep
himself honest. It has long been a Republican lie
that 47 % of Americans don't pay taxes. Liar. It
is widely known and documented that it is federal
taxes. That still means they pay payroll taxes.
Somewhere along the line Anderson Cooper has
decided not to be a well-informed journalist.He
is drinking his own factless Kool Aid. Does he
know that the people he has on 360 each night
give him fiction and not facts. Pathetic. The
post analysis was just as bad. At least act like
you care Anderson Cooper.He was off an entire
week and did not bother to do research. Anderson
Cooper is on the verge of losing his journalistic
cred. It it his fault and the management at CNN
but he needs to get it together. He needs to
read all of the write ups and see how badly he
handled the debate last night.

Anonymous said...

No one looked good, but that's no surprise, they're ALL pathetic. Bachmann is clueless - doesn't even know Libya's in Africa. Perry's an inarticulate mess. Cain is senseless. Newt is too pompous and smug. The only thing Ron Paul said that was interesting was when he defended Occupy Wall Street. Santorum is a waste of time. Romney is a thin-skinned, temperamental phony. Gergen finally said something I agreed with - NONE of them looked Presidential.

As far as Anderson's moderating goes, he was good in some moments, but he didn't step in to take control as often as he should of - they ran right over him most of the time and he should've done a better job of calling them out and fact checking, but he did come back nicely on the nasty and stupid Perry for not giving a . Anderson needs to immediately correct his statement that 47% of Americans don't pay taxes. It's wrong and he's getting rightfully slammed for it.

Anonymous said...

HuffPo and other news sites are reporting that White Supremacists are now looking to the Tea Party to promote their cause and think the Tea Party is the vehicle that will get their message out. Now WHY is that? Is it because the Tea Party was basically racist from the start, in spite of what the media tries to tell us? This is scary stuff, but you won't hear CNN addressing it especially since they back the Tea Party now. Anyone who thinks it's "unfair" to label the Tea Party as racist needs to pay closer attention to what's really happening out there.

Anonymous said...

Anderson cannot continue to use the line about Keeping Them Honest on 360 if he doesn't say he was wrong about the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay taxes. That's Erick Erickson territory and Anderson's supposed to be smarter than that. He goes on and on about how 360 wants to present only facts and not partisan spin. Now's his moment to prove it. Don't play into Tea Party/Republican hands by spouting out their talking points that have NO basis in fact or reality.

Anonymous said...

Well Anderson doesn't have time to get his facts straight.
He has three jobs now and no time for facts.
Where was the moderator?
Same place the host is every afternoon sticking his microphone in everyones face because after all, he gets paid millions just showing up.
He no longer has to be right.
He can be adorable, or serious, or incorrect, anything he wants.
So this debate was really like a train without a conductor, running wildly down the tracks.
No wonder TVN asked the question: Should the next Republican debate have no moderator?
They certainly didn't have one last nite.
And CNN will tout, no dobut, how they came in second only to the FOX/Google debate and how many faux percentage points they've gone up in every category.
The press release is being printed up as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Cooper did correct himself on 360 and he said he was sorry

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. Anderson did correct himself on 360, because he was chastised on twitter, and after all, he must 'keep himself honest.'
It isn't like Anderson to make such blunt, overt mistakes, especially during a publicized debate seen by millions.
But this is, after all, the new improved Anderson, the one who is now showing us his lighter side.
If lighter side means 'dumbed down,' we don't accept it.
Anderson Cooper WAS a professional, at least the one before his day time show, was a professional, we've come to know and EXPECT, and admire.
We accept his apology....this time.