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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ratings for the Week of October 17th - 21st

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightlyratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbersreflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really disgusted with David Gergen, he's so utterly biased against anything President Obama does these days and he's completely, deliberately blind to the real dirty tricks and games that the Republicans have been playing for months on end. Does Gergen and Anderson for that matter, really think people are so DUMB that they don't recognize what's really going on in politics? President Obama has bent over backwards continuously to compromise with the Republicans almost to the detriment of his own party and here you have Gergen and Anderson talking about it basically being the DEMOCRATS and President Obama's fault that nothing is getting done in Congress. False equivalency, bias and all-round bad reporting and punditry. Who needs this? It's no wonder CNN's ratings are lousy. People know when they're being lied to. YES, the President has to strike out on his own because they won't allow him to get anything done in the first place. I guess Gergen and Anderson would be talking about how "bold" and "courageous" it would be if a Republican did what the President's doing now.

And where was a Democrat on that panel with Jessica Yellin and Gergen? THREE conservatives to discuss the Mitt Romney piece on 360, but NO Democrat to counter Gergen/Yellin/Anderson and the report itself. How is this BALANCED? Gergen is NOT neutral and neither is Yellin. AC360 is being unfair in its coverage.

Anonymous said...

CNN you will never beat FNC by trying to be
FNC. You are struggling against MSNBC and
need fix your network.

Anderson Cooper needs to start paying more
attention to 360. It sure seems like a heck of
a lot more effort goes into his daytime show.

With NFL & WS games on last night, it will be
interesting to see who that hurt the worst. It
will mark day 1 of 360 facing off against ED
at 8. 360 better step up it's game or fall behind.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have no place on 360 because they
stupidly think they can get some of BOR viewers
by being conservative. So much for 360 being a
face paced provocative alternative. The show is
a front for right wing propaganda. 360 used to
be a decent show. Given the present route it is
going down it is only a mater of time before it
is dead last. 360 is so biased. Stevie Wonder
could see this a mile away. Those BOR viewers
aint watching 360. Not even for a million bucks.
Hello, they don't like CNN. I hope 360 got it's
butt kicked by ED. It is a disgrace how low the
show has become. Obviously, Anderson Cooper
could care less or else he wouldn't let the show
be so bad each night. David Gergen supports
Mitt Romney and Jessica Yellin is in over her
head with the WH beat. I guess the tea party
told Anderson not to talk about Perry and the
dumb birth certificate comments in a national
publication. CNN has yet to report that the
tax plans of Cain, Romney & Perry will raise
taxes on the middle class. 360 is now Tea
Party 360. Not for viewers with a brain. The
# 1 source tea party centered news. the facts
don't matter. I never Anderson Cooper would
deliberately set out to misinform viewers. I
don't respect him as a journalist anymore.
From now I'm with ED.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that 360 totally avoided the Rick Perry birther story. This man is running for President so it's pretty significant that he's stepping into the birther hole. What about a Keeping Them Honest report on that? No mention of it at all.

Anonymous said...

Well Ms.Burnett seems to be picking up steam ratings wise this week.
According to TVN she actually had a higher demo that Anderson and AC's totals were deplorable in both time slots on Monday.
Could it be the moves MSNBC made last week between Shultz and O'Donnell??

Anonymous said...

Ouch. 360 took a bad beating on Monday.
What happened ? CNN might be in panic
mode. Those prime ratings for Monday
have to hurt. This should be a wake up
call. I have lost interest in 360. There is
no excuse for leading with pundits each
night. I don't expect to miss anything.

Anonymous said...

I do like politics, but to begin every show with pundits is really boring and there will be a lot of defectors from 360 now that Ed is opposite AC.
Also viewers are beginning to find it difficult to reconcile Anderson being the Edward R Murrow at nite, and Ellen during the day.
He might have made the transition, but viewers don't like change.
We like what we like and we don't like it when an anchor tries on two entirely different hats and expects US to conform.
If Ellen decided she was seriously going to anchor NBC news, instead of Brian Williams or Brian decided to dance at the end of each broadcast, his viewers might just get a wee bit "ticked."
And while Anderfans were never consulted about AC's career change, WE vote with our remotes.

Anonymous said...

The problem for 360 and CNN as a whole is
content. Do they actually try to find fresh new
content or interesting stories for viewers each
day. I can go to the websites for newspapers
and magazines each day and find news. CNN
used to be well informed and well researched.
CNN is tone death and focusing on the wrong

You don't have to lead with politics each night. It
gets old and that is the problem for 360. How about
some people from Business Insider to talk about the
economy. It is one of the most popular blogs around
and stays a way from ideology BS and you learn a
thing or 2. BI has some good stuff. Only HP
& TMZ are more popular when it comes to blogs.

It is a sure thing that the ratings for 360 will be low
again for Tuesday. Like the public is thinking about
a flat tax.No way man. Only the people on cable
news would think that is a lead story and they
went overboard all day long.

CNN is to busy bashing Obama to see the real
political stories. They were a day late on the
birther story with Perry. Still waiting for them
to report that Congress has an approval rating
of 9 %. Lowest ever. At the same time Obama's
numbers are going up . He is at 46 %. This is
from a CBS NEWS poll from yesterday.

There are too many tools out there for journalists
for the content on 360 to be so bad. Also, 360
needs to book better guests. I is like 360 pundit
island. Look like you are working for the viewers and giving them the best show possible. As many
wide ranging stories as possible. Some you may
not have heard about

Content will determine whether 360 beats ED
each night. They both lost the demo to NG.
She is the only escape from politics 24/7.
Viewers know Anderson Cooper is a journalist.
They expect more from him when it comes to
360. It has nothing to do with Anderson the
talk show. Obviously, the people who watch
daytime talk are not watching cable news and
women heavily watch those shows. If CNN
wants to attract women, the have to lay off
so much politics. Try unideological more.
There is were most of the tv owners are.
The left vs right stunts are so last century.
There is a reason why Anderson is never the
same each day. It would tank in daytime talk.
It should be the same way with 360. You
can't do the same thing each night over and
over a gain. Boring. CNN needs to understand
that pundits are not engaging. CNN does
understand that most people think the GOP
candidates are closwns and not to be taken
seriously but made fun of because how can
you take these people seriously.

Also, CNN needs to keep this in mind , the big
3 newscasts are growing in popularity. Know
why ? ABC,NBC & CBS are working their butts
off. They have increased the story count. It is
the best place to get real news. So if I watch
either them earlier, I realize how much news
CNN missed. CNN could just have easily lead
with the HPV vaccine story. The pace of 360
has to really pick up. It is like Anderson Cooper
is just sitting there. He never moves or have
interesting guests. The content sucks. There
is no other way to say it. There is so much news
out there that is being ignored. 360 is now
an opinion show. Something is wrong. 360 is
so uptight these days.

I don;t think 1 day means much with OUtfront
or the 1st night of 360 being up against ED.
This about where things are by the end of 2011.

Anonymous said...

You can't use ideology to make viewers watch
politics if you must lead with politics make it
fun without talking heads and something that
viewers can live with each night. You do this
with music, writing, clips and editing to put
together a video highlight reel to cover the
political topics in 1 shot and it does not go
on forever. Use sound with your reporters
and infographics for transition.

Morning Joe was talking about a a couple of
polls out this morning that shows so far Cain
might just be blowing up. Modern day words
so you go with Pigeon John's The bomb. The
line to use I'm the bomb and I am about to
blow up. Also congressional approval ratings.
Legendary political song by Stevie Wonder
called You Haven't Done Nothing or Janet
Jackson's What Have You Done For Me Lately.

That is the music now you have to make it
flow with words & writing. Call it something
like the 360 political dub. Or even Party Rock
Anthem can work for Herman Cain. Make
it so that it goes viral. Something that would
require me to have to actually look at the
tv screen.

Anonymous said...

Just thought of some other songs. For Hermain
Cain, All I Do is Win/ DJ Khaled, Headlines/Drake,
Green Lights/Aloe Blacc.

For Rick Perry, Drop It Like It;s Hot due to falling
poll numbers. Extreme Ways?Moby, B.O.B./Don't
Let Me Fall, Rare Earth/ Losing You. Morcheba/
Everyone Loves A Loser, Journey/ Don't Stop
Believin', Simple Minds/ Don't You Forget About
ME, Drake/ Find Your Lov, Anthony Hamilton/ Do
You Feel Me, since Republicans just don't seem
to be into him. Am I Good Man/ Them Two.

Have graphics to make a point as well For
example Cain Got Game or Cain You Believe

Perry Droppin' Like It's Hot

Romney Graphic Do You Feel Me.

How could you no go with the words Ad
one 1 line and Vice underneath for the
weird Cain Video with the guy smoking.

For overall political tunes there is Black Sheep/
The Choice is Yours. Express Your Self or
Battle For Humanity. Mooney Suzuki/ Do It.
The possibilities are endless. Not that CNN
would ever do this. But you wouldn't call
them boring.

Anonymous said...

The problem with CNN, they have forgetten that they are a news channel.
Where is the news? Every other station, network has far more news reports than CNN. And each and every daytime or primetime show on CNN, they report the exact same thing, just changing the order. CNN gets a huge fail when it comes to "continuous" news coverage.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Anderson having the talk show at all and I don't mind political discussions. 360 and its slanted reporting and constant Obama bashing is a much bigger problem. It seems they won't report on him UNLESS they can dig up something to diminish whatever he's achieved or attempts to do. If there's positive news about the President, you won't see it on 360. I'm not expecting cheerleading, just balanced coverage that doesn't mislead viewers. Get rid of the pundits, they bring nothing of substance to the political discussion, their perspectives are predictable and uninteresting.

360 also wastes time with the Crime and Punishment segment and the Michael Jackson trial. Why not talk about something that actually affects viewers? Why does the AC360 Twitter team give plugs for Piers Morgan's Occupy Wall Street broadcast with Michael Moore and yet they don't even make the slightest attempt THEMSELVES to cover it? The movement is growing and 360 acts as if they can just continue to ignore it or treat it like a sideshow. If Anderson or any CNN reporter were out there amongst these people and reporting on them, it would make for interesting TV and they'd be informing their viewers on something significant and current. You can't just report on protests in other countries and ignore your own. The Tea Party isn't the ONLY voice in the US and furthermore, it's not even a popular voice. Most people in the US are supportive of Occupy Wall Street and down on the Tea Party, but that's not how CNN wants to see it. What they're doing now doesn't make a bit of sense. 360 just seems stagnant and dull. Pundits yelling at each other doesn't make it any more interesting.

Anonymous said...

360 was taped last night except for the briefs.
If AC can't do the show live, find a backup
anchor. Too much news was going on yesterday.
An Iraq War vet is in critical condition. Some of
the video online is disturbing. OWS is smart to
livestream everything.

Later today those ratings will come out for Oct
2011. It all starts over again. CNN is weakened
because of Outfront. 360 needs 1 more show to
help out. 360 can't keep holding up Outfront
& PMT. A cancelation or 2 might be nearing. AM
is toast. On Tuesday, they got less than 200,000
in viewers.

Now is crunch time the Nov 2011 ratings are
now happening and will play out until right
before Thanksgiving. WS game is on tonight
so the ratings will be lower for a11.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to overhaul it's graphic and banners
and work on those camera shows. Their graphic
design is to clunky. Can the banner just be up
for 5-7 seconds ? After that just go with a singe
line media bar at the bottom of the video with
the times on the left and right side. There is too
much clutter on the screen. Clean up the screen.
Stop obstructing video. What issue does CNN
have with full screen video. Can each show have
the own original look and camera shots.

CNN also needs to keep in mind that they are
content providers. So provide us with more
content. Opinion is not content.

360 was awful last night with polls and politics.
Meanwhile ED was talking about Oakland.

Anonymous said...

So 360 is now a political show. Just make up
faux topics that no one cares about and just
have mindless chatter for an hour. Disaster.
Say goodbye to CNN. They have destroyed
the CNN brand. At least Coke got what the
consumers were saying when they did not
like the taste of the short-lived new Coke.
On the other hand CNN is arrogant to
get the message. CNN is worst than ever
and going down in flames.

Anonymous said...

The banner is ok when there is not video or
something like a map. Earlier CNN blocked
one of the letters while someone was at a
monitor. It said disparities but the D was
covered a little by the banner. So drop the
banner when people are at monitors too.

Anonymous said...

I was an avid AC360 viewer. Now I just watch TSR with Wolf on occasion and turn the rest of CNN off. Too boring, too many pundits, not enough news, jaded presentations, and the list would go on. I simply don't have time to waste on non-informative news programs.
As far as Anderson's daytime program is concerned---well, I watched it for a few days --- I'm not watching it anymore. Wish him well, but again, it isn't worth my time. Is it entertaining for some people? Probably, and that is fine. But for some of us, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

If 360 does not lead with the Iraq vet who was
injured in Oakland, and now fighting for his
life, they need to turn in their journalism cards.

You Tube has the video. You see other protestors
coming to help him only to be fired upon and
having to flee. What's the matter here ? Who gave
the orders ? The mayor and police chief need to
answer some question. Marines are on You Tube
to show support for their brother in arms.

There is no big political news today. So don't
make stuff up so you can have an excuse to
waste our time with pundits.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is still scheduled for tonight but 360 is going to have Peter Schiff, who calls himself representing the 1% to talk about Occupy Wall Street. WHY would they do this?? THIS is how they choose to cover the movement, by talking to someone who is against it? Unbelievable. If they actually do this segment, they had sure better talk to an OWS supporter because it would be INCREDIBLY biased of them to approach this story in this way.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is a jerk. He just gave a
platform for Peter Schiff to come on and to
try to rewrite history. That is bogus. No
mention of an Iraq war vet and Schiff gets
air time because he went down there for
a fake confrontation. 360 is dumb . Any
one with a basic knowledge of history
knows what he said is bs. Do this people
read of do research ? #60 spreading
ignorance again. When is Anderson going
to start showing some respect for viewers.
CNN just doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Is Anderson Cooper a journalist anymore ?

He let Peter Schiff get away with complete
lie. He does not pay 50 % of his income to
taxes. Where is the proof ? Fareed Zakaria
has told Anderson Cooper that no jobs
were created in the last decade. Schiff want
to abolish the Fed.

Anon 1 :55 you are so right. I am giving up
on 360.

Anonymous said...

When did Anderson Cooper sign a contract with
FNC. He set out to totally discredit OWS on 360
tonight. Rick Perry is not news either.


Really soon CNN won't have any viewers.
Does CNN know how unpleasant it is to
watch them. I am with Steve Jobs. Just
like FNC, CNN is destructive.

Anonymous said...

360 is not doing well in the ratings according to TVN. A listless pattern has developed for the program because the content is jaded.
MSNBC is mopping the floor with them because of their new and improved line up.
You have to give MSNBC credit.
They saw a problem and they didn't dwell on it longer than was necessary. They looked at their talent and they fixed it.
CNN has no talent except Anderson, Wolf and maybe Fareed Zakaria, and Sanjay Gupta.
And anderson would rather play eating games with children during the day, than plan his News schedule at night.
So how does this help the primetime line up?
It doesn't.
I thought I'd never come to this conclusion, but unless there's really breaking news, 360 is TOAST.

Anonymous said...

360 needs to establish itself as the clear
escape and alternative to what is on the
other so-called news channels at 8 PM.

At a time when people want real news, hard
news and original content, 360 should not
be this bad. Even MTV is doing a series on
OWS. It is going to be on True Life. By the
way Beavis & Butt-Head is smarter than 360
these days. The media is always the last to
catch up with society and what is happening
on the streets. The media is always the last
to find out the real deal, America is in the
midst of a cultural change. All throughout
history there are societal shifts. Big media
is going to miss it because they don't get
it. You Tube , Face Book and Twitter get
the news out there. People are flocking to
these resources for real news. Content is
king and people know where to find it. We
see that 360 is no longer 1 of those shows.

Anonymous said...

You guys have to understand that Time Warner
is making money off of 360 and Anderson, the
daytime show. It is a no lose situation form them.
Unfortunately, as long as 360 is not losing $$$$
they don't care. It comes down to money.

Ed has given MSNBC a boost in viewers but he
actually goes down in the demo from Hardball.
360 has only topped him 1 night in the demo.
The problem for MSNBC is not at 10. It is at 8.
Younger viewers can give 360 a huge demo lift
if 360 gets better at story selection. 360 should
focus more on Silicon Valley than Wall St. Talk
about Ice Cream Sandwich. They want as many
news items as possible to fit into 1 hour along
with some fun stuff. Not real big on opinion.

I really wish that instead of hiring political types
for contributors that CNN would hire backpack
journos, filmmakers,artists, animators,poets,
musicians, writers a DJ who can spin records
to make them talk to make a point, etc. That is
a way to spark creativity.. Bloomberg has the
real story behind Occupy in it's magazine
Businessweek. You change society first and
that leads to a political movement. Surprisingly,
Bloomberg is doing a better job than CNN.
I thought they would be more hostile, being
they are a business network. Why is CNN
choosing to mock a global movement ?

Peter Schiff , Donald Trump and others are
media_________ who are able to get the MSM
to put them on television for no reason. Is
there any news executive ready to say game
over, your 15 minutes of fame are up.

Cornell West , the professor, knew what he was
saying was not true. Anderson should have
stepped in and kept him honest instead of
letting him get away with that. By the way
Anderson Cooper is being busted for not
showing the entire clip. Those protesters are
streaming live so it goes out live 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Oh Canada. CNN should hire Mark Kelley &
George Stroumboulopoulos. Both shows are
awesome before and after shows for the 8
o'clock hour of 360. Connect With Mark
Kelley is similar to 360 and continuity is an
issue for CNN. You need shows in the lineup
with a flow. Strombo is a news/interview show.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party has too much influence over the
news on CNN. 360 seems to be sucking up to
the Ron Paul crowd. Distract the media away form
what is going on and dumb down the conversation.
Funded by the Koch Bros It is a shame that AC
found time last night for Rick Perry, Peter Schiff
and Bernie Madoff but not the Iraq vet injured in
the Occupy Oakland protest. Most hours CNN is
not watchable. Why you ruin your flagship show.
I really miss the old 360. CNN is tea-owned.

Anonymous said...

One thing CNN has gotten right is CNN Presents. It
was great to see it have the top demo in it's time
period. Dr Gupta & Soledad were hosts. Will there
be rotating hosts like Nightline or are they the
permanent hosts ?

Brian Williams gets into the game on Monday at
10 PM. He was on Last Word last night. He says
the show will be hard news.CNN could become
the world's largest source for news content. CNN
International has a really cool show called News
Stream. Why can we see stuff like that ? CNN
should consider live-streaming CNN I for
free. Just make it available for laptops, smart
phones , Ipads & Ipod Touch.. I know that if
you are a Fios, Direct Tv, etc customer you
can live stream CNN. Give people the option to
watch CNN International for free. Maybe try
building a audience of millions like Google,
Facebook or Twitter by offering something for
free if you get millions to watch each day the
advertisers will come.

Anonymous said...

360 better be concerned about the ratings.
The show is going downhill and last might
was no exception.. Do they want to alienate
regular 360 viewers. Leading each night with
pundits is the worst way to begin any show.
It's boring . Who cares about Rick Perry or
Peter Schiff. Definitely not 360 viewers. Act
like you care and put on a decent show for
regular 360 viewers who helped to make
the show a hit. We don't like what they are
doing with 360.

Anonymous said...

It is simple viewers are turning to CNN at 8
for 360 not Crossfire for 30 minutes. Crossfire
played out long time ago. 360 was so bad last
night that it lost 100,000 + viewers from Out
Font.360 is destroying any momentum they
had. Every time I think it is safe to watch 360
again. It never is. i expect quality journalism
from Anderson Cooper. Stop wasting my time
CNN. Anderson Cooper should apologize to
his viewers and say he is committed to bringing
us a show each night that is worthy of viewers.

Anonymous said...

It has become clear that Anderson's constant promoting his day show just to keep the slots he already has all over the country happy, is draining his ability to perform on
I don't think he ever considered this nonstop promotion because the show is syndicated.
360's totals were deplorable in both time periods last nite and AC didn't seem sharp on any of the segments.
Ratings matter to Time Warner and to the contributor who keeps saying that 360 means $$$, you don't get $$$, if no one is watching.
Money brings advertising and you lose advertising when the eyeballs go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, anyone choosing to watch 360 has
already made the decision not to watch FOX,
so why would 360 imitate FOX. Nothing in the
world stops me from turning to FOX in the 1st
place. 360 has to have guests on each night
who are not pundits. You can easily do politics
without pundits. You know what words are
going to come out of their mouths before they
say it. They offer nothing to the conversation.
360 is on for an hour they could easily book
writers, journalists from magazines, papers
or other networks, a wide ranging news items..

I agree. Why are all of the contributors political
types.360 can't imitate the others. They need
to find a way to stand out in the crowd. The
pundits make 360 too predictable. Say what
you will about Ed or Rachel, at least they get
presentation and talk to their viewers rather
than at them.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with CNN. Tonight Erin Burnett
basically said the President Obama was not a
black President, She said Herman Cain is the
who is black and Obama is biracial. Why even
go there. That was stupid and offensive.

Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett just gets worse and worse, she has no sensitivity and no clue about how badly she comes across. President Obama is bi-racial but he classifies himself as black and heaven knows that's how the people who try to throw around the "he's not really black" thing feel when it suits their purposes. If he was so "acceptable", why does the birther issue keep coming up? If he WASN'T black, none of that would be happening, would it? Herman Cain is a shuck and jive clown who does and says the things that the racist element in the GOP/Tea Party love. He denigrates black people and says everything the racists want to say but can't. That's the ONLY reason he's getting over with them. I'd hate to hear what they REALLY think of him although I have a pretty good idea already.

I'm not happy with the direction 360 has taken lately, but I will give them credit for doing a fairly lengthy interview with Michael Moore from OWS Oakland. I hope they keep this up.

Anonymous said...

Nick Kristof is on HLN's case this morning on
Twitter. HLN is not a news channel and he is
calling out CNN. That's the problem with CNN
& HLN the news content has been reduced
greatly and HLN needs to be pulled from cable
packages as a news channel.

The problems with 360 have nothing to do with
Anderson in the daytime, It is the stories being
featured or not covered on 360 in favor of way
too much talk. It comes across as being lazy.
They pundits are boring down the show. 360
fans don't want a political show. Anderson is
a gifted writer, Surely he can figure out a way
to open 360 better. It is overboard and over the
top with pundits when it comes to CNN. It is
like listening to a broken record. It is boring,
annoying, I could go on and on. Someone at
CNN needs to fix both networks.

I have a great idea for a weekend show on
CNN. I love when TJ Holmes, Reynolds Wolf
& Joe Carter talk sports. Weekend sports show.

CNN is a content provider and they need more
original news shows. Time Warner owns tv
stations, magazines, & websites. CNN has
access to some of the best media properties
out there that can be used as a wealth of content
for CNN. Is there some rule that says CNN can't
use the content from CNN I, Time or Endgadget ?

CNN should expand beyond I-Report and let
CNN viewers choose the content for a news show.
Let us be able to register and tell CNN about a
story that could be happening where we live
or just some fascinating story we come across.
Let me stress that it must be legit news and
not from agenda so- called news websites.
What would be great would be if a CNN reporter
could connect with us on a story one of us
submitted. CNN has to connect with viewers.
Make it a respectful community without the
insults and name calling. Also, let highlights
from be sources of content as
well.CNN can't afford to keep dissing viewers.
Viewers can be contributors too.If CNN is not
careful they will destroy their brand beyond
repair and once you do that it is over, I can't
give any show on CNN or HLN a passing grade
right now. There is nothing that is good. It's
all bad CNN has been hiring the wrong folks
and not investing in journalism. HLN needs
get back to being the 1 network you could
watch for 30 minutes to find out what is
going on. CNN needs to get back to having
a brain and add more news. Less opinion.
I agree it is time for certain people to no
longer appear on cable news.It is making CNN
look outdated and tired.