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Monday, October 24, 2011

The New American Morning?

Like former Chicago WMAQ-Channel 5 news anchors Robin Meade and Don Lemon, Zoraida Sambolin is headed to CNN. Sambolin, anchor of NBC 5 News Today, is leaving the NBC-owned station after nine years to join CNN in New York. Sources at the network said she’s been hired as one of the anchor replacements for American Morning. Rumor has it that AM will be shorten from it's current 4 hours to 2 two hour blocks. Past host Soledad O’Brien (who previously co-hosted American Morning from 2003 to 2007) and ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield also have been mentioned as anchors of the new shows.

*Source: TimeOut Chicago

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Anonymous said...

CNN should retire AM and start with different
names for the 2 brand new morning shows.

Sambolin is not nationally known so there has
to be other CNN people with her in the morning.
Who else at CNN will be coming to mornings ?
Would that be a promotion for anyone at CNN ?
Who would be the familiar faces ? No more solo
anchor 2 hour shows.

None of the current talent can stay. Both shows
will need 3-5 hosts. You have to have someone
of statue in the bunch as well. I thought Ashleigh
Banfield would be anchoring the 5 AM show.
Could CNN also be trying to lure more people
from ABC, NBC, CBS or another big name ?

Let the names begin. Start a game to see who
can guess the combos for both shows.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me CNN would not still try to keep
Ali Velshi, Carol Costello or Christine Romans
on the show. Viewers have already rejected all
3. CNN has to figure out what to do with them,
It would be a disaster to leave on the show.
CNN don't screw this up. All 3 must go. By the
way there are clips of her on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

Hooray ! Women's show. Maybe Robin Meade,
Brooke Baldwin, Isha Sesay. Go for Betty Liu at
Bloomberg for the biz news. There is a female
sports anchor on CNN International. I've noticed
that Don Lemon is out a lot lately on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Ali Velshi has to go, and when he does, watch the ratings improve.

Anonymous said...

I like Ali Velshi, I hope he stays, but YES, I agree if the ratings are falling because of him then he should be moved, but the ratings have been falling long before he and the other anchors showed up.

But maybe fresh new faces will help. I dont know this anchor, but willing to give her a shot. And if Soledad O Brien comes back, that will be good. I watched it with her mostly although she's gotten more political over the years, shes still a great reporter!

Anonymous said...

She is an excellent reporter who is a consummate professional.
We need more reporters like her!!!
Please get rid of hyper & nonsensical Ashley Banfield!
Thank you.