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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Your Views on the News 10/22/11

Debate, Gadhafi or opinions on cable news in general, if you have something to say here's the place.

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Anonymous said...

CNN should hire Jay Smooth He has a blog
called ILLDOCTRINE and it drops some real
knowledge. about anything. He is also on
Youtube. Also, this nugget. One day on 360
Anderson showed a clip of some guy who is
a master of sound effects sounding like Led
Zepplin. Well, it turns out Isha Sesay had no
idea who Zepplin was, I only know since P
Diddy sampled 1 of their songs. During the
segment Isha mentioned a group called
Buzz Fizz. 1 of those clips now has more
that 1 millions hits because of 360. Not my
style but it is like watching the Brady Bunch
kids sing. 360 should do a follow.

Anonymous said...

No matter what type of journalism you do . The
same basics apply. CNN needs to start reporting
on what actually did happen rather than what did
not happen. That is a disservice to viewers. CNN
needs to keep viewers in mind and put them 1st.

Why can't Time Warner treat CNN like HBO &
Cinemax. HBO is the place for some of the best
shows on TV and CInemax is now is getting into
the original series game. So why are most
CNN shows so bad. First show not to watch is
American Morning. Could change be coming
to the mornings ? Yesterday it was announced
that CNN hired a new anchor out of Chicago
who is coming to CNN and will be based in
New York. That can only mean one thing, She
will likely be part of a show out of New York.

DVR's are very popular as well as mobile. Some
300 channels exist outside of CNN. I can watch 1
live and record another or if I am not home I have
to choose 1. That means I might record 360 at 8
and watch my new fav Strike Back at 10. When
I go back to view the show, if it has pundits, I
automatically delete. Should've recorded a show
I would really watch.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow has mentioned Jay Smooth before.
Dude once said CNN is crappy for no reason. No
chance CNN would hire him. But the illdoctrine
needs to be on CNN more than Piers Morgan. I
think he is better than Toure. That would be the
most different show ever on cable news.

Anonymous said...

Hi we are back. There are some nervous people
at CNN & MSNBC. For the first time in months,
CNN could top MSNBC in the demo. Things are
close and it comes down to next week, which
marks the beginning of a new rating period for
November 2011.CNN slipping past MSNBC for
October 2011 would be significant. Breaking
news about troops leaving Iraq more than
likely benefits CNN. Maybe the numbers will
rise. This is all about who will be last Q4. As
the year is coming to an end and the holidays
fast approaching, the ratings will go down by
the 2nd week of December. There is very little
time for both. That is why MSNBC went on and
did it already by moving ED. MSNBC is getting
scared. There is no way to spin this period.

Please remember that In The Arena was on CNN
at 8 for months. That gave a boost to MSNBC.
Things are different now with 360. There is a
valuable lesson here for CNN. Don't wait too
long to make a move. Ed is likely to have zero
effect on 360. Ed & 360 don't attract the same
viewers. 10 could be interesting . Will The Last
Word hold on to TRMS viewers ? Will 360 or The
Last Word move closer to Greta in the demo ?
10 PM has been interesting this year.

360 needs to grow their audience. The demos
are great news at 8 & 10. The show is doing
just what CNN needs, so far anyway. 360 needs
to start averaging in the 600,000 's consistently.
Moving ED to 8 will likely get them there. ED
can't bring back those Countdown viewers.
That should benefit 360. We get a snapshot
next week. Get those demos in the 200,000's
as well. 360 should never be lower than
200,000 each night. Sure 360 is ahead at 8
but the demos are a little low for a flagship
show. Figure this out guys. Countdown is
going nowhere on Current. So make a huge
move for those viewers.360 is always higher
at 10. So viewers don't care that it is a repeat.

So far moving 360 to 8 PM is working for CNN.
At this point, minus the debate CNN is ahead
244,000 : 219,000. 263,000 :220,000 with
debate included. Friday's numbers excluded.
We used TV BY THE NUMBERS for data. This
is for prime time not individuals,

Will we see some changes to the prime time
lineup in 2012 on CNN ? Right now PMT is
a weak spot for CNN. There is something for
CNN to keep in mind here. During the summer
viewers see Piers Morgan as a judge on AGT.
That is in the middle of a presidential race.
So how are viewers to take him seriously with
news and American politics. Spoiler Alert :
move Wolf Blitzer to 9 PM for the 2012
election. There is no way Piers Morgan can
beat Rachel during the election season. Not
sure how Erin Burnett or John King will do.
These 2 should could create problems down
the line. That could also be why MSNBC is
going with HardBall, Politics Nation & ED.
They are hoping that similar type shows
bring continuity causing viewers to stay
on the channel. Does nothing for the demo
at 8. Being loud does not always bring viewers.
3 hours of this could be a tune off. The chess
analogy is perfect. The match is still in progress
with no clear winner but one of them will make
a wrong move with the changes.

Stay Tuned. We will be tracking the ratings
for November 2011.

Anonymous said...

hard to find fault with hiring STROMBO. He follows
American politics and it is good. I am talking Jon
Stewart/ Colbert Report material. During the
Canadian election he did skits with the candidates
using bobbleheads. He had the best takedown of
John McCain for those Canadian bus comments.
Perhaps Jay Smooth could do a week in review
type show for CNN.

Brett Erlich is still doing Campaign Update on
Current TV I saw a recent edition on the website.
Conor Knighton who was the original host of
Infomania is no longer with the network. He
might be available.

Anonymous said...

Boy, do we have some stats for you. When the
ratings come out next week, get ready for some
spin. All will try to go with the data the makes
their network looks good. So we ran some likely
possibilities of spin. The data is from TVN. The
findings are surprising at times.

Much will be written about the Anderson Cooper
Effect. No doubt 360 has lifted the ratings for CNN
in many ways. This is more detailed. Enjoy and
make your own conclusions.

360/8 PM is averaging 560,000/172,000

BOR is averaging 2,967,000/567,000

TLW is averaging 804,000/167,000

O'Reilly is the run away winner. It is amazing
that 360 is 2nd in the demo. TLW is averaging
some 200,000 plus more viewers. That is what
has MSNBC in a panic. 360 has posted some
really low numbers at least 3 times. What's the
matter here ?

360/ 10 PM is averaging 699,000/253,000

OTR is averaging 1,734,000/376,000

ED is averaging 763,000/183,000

There is always something going on at this
hour. The demo in competitive despite Greta
having a huge lead in viewers. The fact that
360 is betting MSNBC twice in the demo is
hurting MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is the firewall.
At least for now. OH the drama.

PMT is averaging 567,000.174,000

TRMS is averaging 826,000/210,000

HANNIty is averaging 2,067,000/440,000

Rachel is going to take a big hit . Not to long
ago there was talk of her drawing closer to
FNC in the demo for the hour. Ironically,
PMT biggest night of 992,000/365,000 came
with Wolf Blitzer anchoring the show.It pays
to have 360 for bookends.

The debate and breaking news clearly lifted
CNN. MSNBC will say that is why CNN is ahead
but if they really thought it was a fluke they
would mot be moving ED. This is kinda weird,
360 at 10 is topping the entire MSNBC lineup
in the demo. OH NO ! That is with Anderson
being off for a week with John King subbing.
CNN at 10 is CNN's #1 show. Nothing new.

This is just for all 3 shows the networks have
in prime time. We are posting 2 additional
sets of data. Everything is too massive for a
single post.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

More stats for other CNN shows :

TSR/ 5PM is averaging 663,000/154,000

The 5 is averaging 1,469,000/319,000

Hardball is averaging 709,000/146,000

Wolf is ahead of Chris Matthews in the demo.
The man constantly delivers solid ratings.

JK, USA is averaging 484,000/125,000

SPCL RPT is averaging 1,894,000/364,000

Politics Nation is averaging 656,000/135,000.

John King is struggling. It is not good for him
to be behind REV AL. Maybe the new time
will change things soon. If not that is a big
issue for CNN to deal with.

OutFront is averaging 496,000/149,000

Fox Report is averaging 1,745,000/384,000

HardBall repeat is averaging 749,000/163,000

Not sure if anything is changing the hour for
CNN. We have to see how Erin Burnett fares for
the remainder of the year.

Anonymous said...

Here are the primetime & day stats ;

Monday- Friday/ 5 day prime time :

CNN is averaging 802,000/259,000

MSNBC is averaging 785,000.188,000

FNC is averaging 2,258,000/462,000

Close race between CNN & MSNBC. We will
find out who finishes 2nd in a few days.

Weekend primetime :

CNN is averaging 377,000/177,000

MSNBC is averaging 372,000/176,000

FNC is averaging 954,000/138,000

As you can see fNC is last in the prime time
demo on the weekend.

Monday-Sunday 7 day primetime :

CNN is averaging 590,000/218,000

MSNBC is averaging 579,000/182,000

FNC is averaging 1,606,000/300,000

Monday-Friday daytime 5 day :

CNN is averaging 505,000/155,000

MSNBC is averaging 474,000/124,000

FNC is averaging 1,347,000/316,000

Weekend daytime ratings :

CNN is averaging 370,000/113,000

MSNBC is averaging 306,000/135,000

FNC is averaging 778,000/154,000

Monday-Sunday daytime 7 day :

CNN is averaging 406,000/134,000

MSNBC is averaging 390,000/124,000

FNC is averaging 1,063,000/235,000

Like we said this is a lot of data and plenty
to think about.

Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

CNN just hired Zoraida Sambolin to anchor
out of NYC. Here comes the women's show
in the morning. Finally. Needless to say CNN
might be going with a ethnically diverse group
of female journalists. Keep an eye out to see if
soon CNN announces that Isha Sesay is heading
to NYC. Not a bad move given her personality
and CNN could use energy in the morning. The
big question is how many women will be hosting.
Also, who would be the other players I think that
one of them should be a twenty-something
digital journalist. CNN should have did this long
time ago. Sammbolin and Sesay would mean
history in the news industry. Just because it
would be targeting women doesn't mean you
can't have a man or 2 in the bunch. Joe Carter
is good. What ever CNN does the show needs
to be smart, intelligent , fast paced and fun.
CNN is so uptight. Also the content, presentation
and overall production will matter. The camera
shots on CNN are lame.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if CNN pays any attention to this
blog the others might be. Aisha Tyler is now
going to be one of he co-hosts on the Talk.

Also, former CNNer Erica Hill might be out on
the CBS Morning Show.. There is a lot of jocking
going on for fresh talent and ensemble talent.
CNN does not have a good ensemble team that
cliques. They don't get the chemistry thing at all.
That is why American Morning is a flop. When is
CNN going to fix this ?

Anonymous said...

The problem with John King and political coverage
on CNN is that it is too inside the beltway. It is all
about ideology and the politicizing of everything.
CNN suffers form politics on the brain. Morning
Joe shows what a politics/news show can be. CNN
it is the 21st century. Time to cancel Crossfire. I
hate to say it but Politics Nation is a better show
and I am not an Al Sharpton fan.

Anonymous said...

CNN better get used to coming in third again.
With the addition of Al Sharptin and O'Donnell on Friday at 8PM.,
and the new improved line up for Ed Shultz, even with breaking news now, CNN, you're third.
And what's this? Erin Burnett got a total of 411?
Didn't Campbell Brown and Eliot Spitzer do better?

Anonymous said...

That is not a good sign for Outfront. CNN
now has a couple of new promos for the
show. This is not working. Have a backup
plan because she could fade fast.. With
breaking news Outfront was 4th in all
categories. I knew she would not work.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to keep in mind that television is
a video medium. Video, video & more video.
CNN also needs to understand the story is not
about them and their opinions. It is the news
itself. Let's face it CNN is annoying. They have
some likability issues. There should be more
news and less opinion. The pundit thing has
run it's course. The reason why CNN is doing
so badly is that it is run by baby boomers who
can't let go of the 60's. There is always some
cultural or political fight going. It is like Bill
Maher said on Friday. This is not the 60's.
The world is very different now. How many
of us really talk politics when we talk with
others ? I am guessing that is a really small
percentage of the American public. CNN is
going to lose against MSMNBC because they
are out of ideas. CNN is being run by a man
who dismantled HLN. Ken Jautz does not like
the news or have any ideas about how to
modernize CNN. The thinking at CNN is
just imitate FOX. Jautz hates news but loves
boring talk.

As for Outfront, what a cheap ripoff
Countdown and other shows. Behind
would be a better title.

Anonymous said...

I hope CNN sticks with CNN Presents. Give the
show time to find an audience . Enjoyed all of
the reports. Is it possible for CNN to cover
stories like these on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

How about 'Erin Burnett is the one to Watch. She Leads From Behind.'
Now that's catchy and maybe she does.