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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ratings For The Week of November 21st - 25th

1 - Special programming aired on one night during the week.
2 - Special programming aired on two nights during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Let's be honest , that's ugly. The news is out. CNN
was handily beaten by MSNBC across the board
for November 2011. CNN's troubles are severe.
Bad decisions have consequences. Pundits, PMT,
Out Front and dumb questions must stop. Talk
and opinion will never work for CNN. Viewers
are speaking loud and clear to CNN. The brand
has been completely destroyed. Click, CNN is
unwatchable. Do some news and fix the content.
Stop the assault on intelligence and journalism.
CNN needs to find their visionary quick. CNN
has to be rebuilt and it won't be easy.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC has rehired Eliot Spitzer to do commentary.
Spitzer was a frequent contributor
before his show on CNN was canceled prematurely.
Did CNN really gain anything by firing Spitzer and hiring another pretty face to fill his position?
According to the ratings, they've not gained much.
Had they given Spitzer a longer try out time, he might have developed a loyal audience.
He was decisive and opinionated, and cared about the content of his program, which is a rare find these days on CNN.
Whatever possessed them to hire Erin Burnett?
Did she run state government or make decisions on legislature or even pass bills to be presented to a legislative body?
She had absolutely no qualifications other than being capable of reading a teleprompter and acting all cutsey.

Anonymous said...

CNN is always focusing on the wrong stories.
You notice this first thing in the morning. All
of the others have fresh news stores and CNN
is just going on and on with the same stores
over and over again each hour. That is what
happens when you hire pundits instead of
beefing up a news staff that gathers material
for news stories. Consumer Reporters has a
startling report on apple juice. It is on GMA
and Today. Nothing on CNN.

CNN has to fix mornings, the 6,7 & 9 PM hours.
JK, USA is not working,Erin Burnett can't carry
the hour that leads into 360. Piers Morgan was
never the right choice to replace Larry King.

All of these are self inflicted wounds for CNN.
Why would you put Ali Velshi, and Christine
Romans on first thing in the morning ? John
King is seasoned reporter but viewers don't
like the show. Erin Burnett is in over her head.
Can either show be revamped ? We all knew
Piers Morgan would flop. If CNN is not actively
looking for a replacement, they deserve all
they have coming to them, which is losing
more and more viewers. Does anyone know
how bad CNN shows really are ? 360 is close
in the demo but CNN can't resist messing up
360. Not smart to turn off 360 fans.

Anderson was not on CNN last week. Sanjay
Gupta & John King beat Piers Morgan. Find
the right shows to fit with 360. Right now
360 still has some loyal viewers who won't
watch Out Front or PMT. The NY Times has
an article on all of this.

Anonymous said...

TV viewership always goes down Thanksgiving
week. For the past 2 days 360 has improved.
No pundits have been on the show. Thank
goodness. This week is going to be interesting.
It all starts over again for December. ICN has
a story on this. I can't believe 360 is that close
in the demo . Especially, when you consider the
huge viewers deficit. Neither ED or TLW come
close to Countdown demos. The 360 repeat is
still CNN's top show. That seems odd. 10 is
shaping up to be a horse race with the demo.
It seems to be the only hour that is in play.

Anonymous said...

The writing of the MSNBC press release is telling.
However, they are not releasing the percentages at
8 & 10 because it is insignificant. It says the 8 PM
hour was the best since July 2011. 360 has only
been on at 8 since 08/08/11. From that point to
now who is really ahead in the demo at 8 . The
rest of the memo is clearly meant to taunt CNN.

I will say it again : put on a show CNN. For
example, the stock market surge. Here is the news
trailer for the day. The beginning of Rihanna's
Umbrella when Jay Z mentions the Dow. Voice
says :

Ben Bernanke can make it rain. In coordination
with BOC,ECB,BOJ,BOE. Cue the music. Look at
me now I'm getting paper. Of course that caused
Wall St to blow up. What's this all about. We are
about to get schooled by whoever can explain
the situation in simple terms. Have Sly Stone's
Take You Higher in the background during the
explainer. Fade to Think form Lynn Collins . The
hook you better think. While Herman Cain is
reassessing, Ginger White is addressing. On
GMA she had this to say. Transition to the 360
animated graphic opener with I See The Light
from Cracker. The line from the song I see the
light at the end of the tunnel now, someone
please tell me it's not a train. Because his
campaign could be derailed. Began with AC
standing at the vertical monitor. 360 did this
briefly don't know why they stopped.

This is how you get those young viewers
who are drawn to 360. If you look at the demos
for ED/TLW they are struggling with younger
viewers. These are the people with DVR's. One
thing for sure it would not be boring.

Willie Geist gets 152,000 in the demo at 5 AM.
Know what, he has hip hop music for the show.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are back with some thoughts about
the November ratings for CNN. We mentioned
that FOX was possibly struggling at 10. TVN
has the ratings for Monday. Spoiler alert, CNN
won the demo at 10. Amazing. Greta had 2x
the viewers of 360 and Team 360 pulled off
the demo victory for CNN. We will keep an eye
on this. CNN likely benefited from Wolf. He had
more viewers than CNN in prime time.

TVN also has a ton of other data. Both FOX &
MSNBC are down by double digits at 8. 360
growth numbers are surprising. This is the
toughest hour in cable news with BOR but hey
CNN is the underdog here. It is the same story
for Hannity and Greta. However, CNN is down
at 9. We have some thoughts.

We start with a hypothesis we are going to call
the Anderson Cooper Effect. Yes, he finished
3rd but something is going on here and 360
and CNN needs to figure out how to capitalize
on the situation.

Here is how you take out FOX and MSNBC ,at
the same time aim higher. CNN can go at FOX
by finding the right show at 9. We think George
Stroumbouulopulos might have a huge impact.
360 is fine. You have Anderson, Isha & Team 360
who seem to have a loyal following. Strombo
changes the game because it would be a live
show with a studio audience. These 3 Anderson,
George & Isha are an advertisers dream. There
has never been a more perfect fit for CNN.
Think about it, FOX & MSNBC are heading down
in prime time. They might have maxed out.
The audience for the right vs left is older.360
has gone punditless for a couple of days.Take
notice and don't alienate your viewers. Cable
news can't survive much longer without bringing
in viewers who are 50 and under. Maybe have
Piers Morgan do 2 weekend shows at 9.

Don't be hatin' on Anderson Cooper. Yes, the
management at CNN has made it's share of big
mistakes. Learn and readjust. We are not saying
this is going to be easy but you heard it from
us first about the demo powerhouse that is
360. Play on you strengths. Have a show that
will complement Anderson & Team 360. Go
big for FOX and MSNBC. 360 and Strombo will
likely draw the same type of viewers and has
the potential to bring in others who wouldn't
consider CNN at all. We say take this route.
CNN start airing Strombo right away . Just
hire George and his entire staff from Canada.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

"Don't go hat'in on Anderson Cooper."
No one has been hat'in on him but following "his bliss" seems to have
ruined 360.
I know that the demos say he's winning at 10PM.
But the reality is in totals, he comes in third all the time.
It has become a joke.
His day show has multiple topics that aren't dealt with correctly and obviously because 360 has multiple topics, he thinks this is the way to go.
For homework he and his producers must watch shows that work: Ellen, Oz, and Phil and his friend Kelly.
And then he must watch BOR, because he continually and consistently has 3 MILLION VIEWERS!

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Wolf Blitzer had the best totals in all of CNN prime.
AC's at 8 and 10 were dismal.
Does he ever listen to his own programs?
Does anyone?

judy said...

Bravo to Steve Kroft for delivering and excellent 60 Minutes report on the inempt Justice Department and their failings to regulate the banking industry, like Country Wide and Bank of America.
And it was the demonstrators, no doubt, on WS that set this entire show in motion on 60 Minutes.
Without these protestors, justice on Wall Street and the banking lobby would continue to evade the judiciary system.
Let's hope more 60 minutes segments are devoted to setting the record straight about the sub-prime mortgages that were issued and bought, and a recession the banking lobby caused and that WE are paying for.