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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Numbers & Rankings From CNN




• CNN grows in primetime in Nov. while MSNBC and FNC experience double-digit declines, -23% and -32%, respectively.
• AC 360 (8p) up +49%; FNC declines -23%, MSNBC down -36%.
• CNN tops MSNBC in daytime (9a-5p).
• In 2011, CNN up +30% in primetime while FNC looses -16% of its audience and MSNBC holds only 3%; beating MSNBC in total day.
• Erin Burnett OutFront at 7p up vs. CNN programming a year ago.

In M-F prime (8-11p), CNN increased +4% (211k vs. 203k) among P25-54 vs. Nov 10; MSNBC and FNC posted significant double-digit declines, down -23% (229k vs. 298k) and -32% (461k vs. 680k), respectively. In addition, Nov marks CNN’s 5th straight month of year-over-year growth in prime among the key demo.

YTD (through Nov 27), CNN is up +30% in M-F prime among P25-54 vs. same time period a year ago; MSNBC virtually flat (+3%) and FNC down -16%. In addition, CNN is outperforming MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) among P2+ (488k vs. 437k) and P25-54 (165k vs. 150k) 2011 to-date.

CNN tops MSNBC in daytime (9a-5p) in Nov, averaging 134k in P25-54 vs. MSNBC’s 95k.

Show Highlights (Nov 11 vs. Nov 10):

• 7p, ET: Erin Burnett OutFront continues to post increases vs. CNN programming a year ago, up +3% in the key demo (140k vs. 136k) and +16% in total viewers (510k vs. 440k).

• 8p, ET: Anderson Cooper 360 is the only program at 8p to post growth vs. a year ago–increasing a substantial +49% (192k vs. 129k) in the key demo; MSNBC down a staggering -36% and FNC declined -23%.

• 10p, ET: Anderson Cooper 360 grew +20% (221k vs. 184k) in the key demo, MSNBC down -11% and FNC declined -18%.

• 4p, ET: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer topped MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan handily in both total viewers (691k vs. 480k) and P25-54 (173k vs. 103k). Sit Room also grew vs. a year ago, increasing +30% in the key demo.


CNN reached a cumulative audience of 85.7 million viewers in Nov, MSNBC followed with 74.6 million, while FNC was third with 71.7 million.

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Anonymous said...

This is the biggest bunch of bull I've tried to read in a while.
AC 360 comes in third EVERY nite and CNN has the nerve to think that everyone is that stupid that we can't read a chart from TVN.
Anderson hasn't hit a million since the last GOP debate and he's so boring and bored, even HE doesn't want to listen to himself.

Anonymous said...

NYT is calling out CNN for what appears to be a
double standard for Piers Morgan. It turns out he
is not outperforming Larry KIng. Yet those same
numbers were unacceptable for Larry King. CNN
dissed Larry king for nothing. The quotes from
CNN are laughable. There is 1 show that keeps
CNN from topping MSNBC and everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

CNN has a Piers Morgan problem. He is awful,
boring and can't do decent interviews. Brian &
others are pointing out how off base CNN was
with this decision. For some stupid reason the
management at CNN was impressed. By what ?
360 should not have to prop up Erin Burnett or
Piers Morgan. Find the right shows that work
with 360. Anybody is better than Piers Morgan.
CNN thought Larry King was too old to go up
against Rachel Maddow. So why would you get
a middle aged British male ?

Anonymous said...

Last month is history, it is about finishing the
year strong. Ed is having it rough this week, 360
is way ahead in the demo. Ironically, the CNN
press release mentions Out Front and not PMT.

Have you noticed the look on Piers Morgan
face when he has to follow Anderson and Isha
It is obvious he doesn't like Anderson or Isha.
I'm sure viewers notice . You can't miss it.

Anonymous said...

ABC has George Stephanopoulos, so CNN can go
with STROUMBOULOPOULOS. Can you imagine
hearing Isha Sesay say the name ?

Anonymous said...

@8:07 Why should CN find the right shows that work with 360? Have you watched 360 lately? I've tried and turned it off. It is bad and getting worse. If I were CNN I would throw out all the primetime shows and start over.

judy said...

2:27PM: You are so right.
360 is almost as bad as Piers Morgan, and I'm no fan of Piers Morgan.
And Erin Burnett is even more awful than both of them put together.
What is her purpose?
She was supposed to be a financial reporter, and she reports on everything in her cute-pie way.
Can we please have some serious journalism again.
Is that too much to ask?
And the scanner pix beneath her, show a photo of AC. Is this a promo technique or what?

Anonymous said...

360 was much better Thursday. Wednesday was
a bad night for CNN all around. Erin got 97,000
in the demo. Anchoring skills is a gift. She is a
lightweight. when she tries to be witty & cute,
it fails badly. If 360 covers the right news and
stories, the show will be fine. 360 needs to get
rid of the pundits. They drag down the show.
Anderson should know better. When you have
the WH press sec'y on , don't spend time on
right wing smear points for an entire segment.
There are hundreds of other questions you
could ask the WH press sec'y.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper had better thank his lucky
stars that Ed struggles in the demo. Anderson
is this generations news man and he should
always keep that in mind. Jon Stewart & Colbert
have more credibility on politics than pundits.
CNN is too much of a partisan talking points
channel.360 figure out a way to cover politics
differently. Have a variety of guests on 360.
Not necessarily POV. Rachel Maddow always
books in studio live interviews for her show.

You can bring on Bono to talk about World
Aids Day.You can bring in people from the
Business Insider blog to talk about business,
EuroZone, Wall Street and other interesting
topics. Unemployment just dropped 8.6 %.
People from BI would be great to come on
360 and talk about this. Even Nicole Lapin
who has just started her own business to
get younger people to understand business.
She got a lot of credit for making business
talk interesting and fun. Don't give me that
CNN has Erin Burnett. Think outside the box.

360 needs to get back into the news grove
and rediscover it's roots. It was once a news
alternative and fun show. Now too many
nights it is the cable news echo chamber.

Anonymous said...

CNN & 360 are too busy following the silly
political chatter rather than the real politics.
How do you miss the Mitt Romney meltdown
with the FNC interview or Newt Gingrich's
idiotic comments about poor kids or Herman
Cain admitting his wife did not know he was
giving another woman money. Ginger White
was on TLW Thursday.

The only time 360 got political coverage right
was when they did the Raw Politics packages
by Tom Foreman, Joe Johns & Candy Crowley.

You rarely see Tom Foreman on CNN these
days. Remarkable story-telling skills and
rarely seen on CNN. Have the man bundle
the big political stories when 360 needs it.

When you 1st see the package by Foreman,
have him say Anderson,360 viewers. Make
it look like you are talking to us and not at
each other leaving viewers out of the picture.
From what I remember Foreman was very
good a using movie,show clips & music. He
plays guitar so he could even play some
cords of a particular song.

CNN is not going to drop 360 from prime
time. They can't afford it because they have
nothing else and their competitors know it.
Is content and issue. For sure. I give them
credit for having Tom Freidman and Steve
Kroft on 360 this week . I don't like ED,
Nancy Grace or Bill O'Reilly. All 3 remind me
of what makes cable news unwatchable. If
I don't like what 360 is doing I change the
channel as I did on Wednesday. Clearly the
worst show of the week for 360.

Is it too late for CNN to get Aisha Tyler. Sure
she is on The Talk but that did not matter for
Joy Behar. Aisha Tyler can carry an hour,she
is smart and funny. With Erin Burnet it is no
different than Campbell Brown, Paula Zahn.
Erin Burnett is a horrible lead in for 360.

Piers Moran has got to go like last year. Why
is CNN so afraid to do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

I am done with CNN. Will Cain, who is one of
the crazy pundits that CNN hired, just said
the same comments that Newt Gingrich said.
Who in the hell gives CNN the right to tell
poor people you mean nothing, you have no
future. I guess CNN has never heard of the
working poor.CNN needs to stop letting the
morons come on and make inflammatory

Joe & the MJ crew called this ridiculous.
Both Will Cain and Newt Gingrich are going with
stereotypes. But that is CNN for you these days.
I am a college educated professional who at
times serve as a mentor to inner city children
& teens. Their hopes and dreams are not any
different than the rest of Americans. Talk to
Magic Johnson who actually has businesses
in some of the neighborhoods.. As Joe pointed
out this morning, none of these morons have
a clue because they have never gone into these
neighborhoods or talked to people who live this
out everyday in America. How low can CNN go ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have to disagree with @11:42. Just because 360 is getting better ratings than the other shows doesn't mean it is good, it just means it is not as bad. There needs to be a total re-vamp of the primetime lineup. AC is not this generation's newsman. He used to be much better, particularly when he went abroad and reported from hot spots and disasters. I don't see that anymore from him. All I see now is a guy who can't speak without stumbling over words and whose show is disjointed and seems slapped together. There is a reason why CNN has fallen behind. When the 'premier' anchor can't take care of business, it is time to fold the show.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are back. We just ran some numbers for
the ratings up to this point. Of course, Friday has
yet to be settled but there have already been some
interesting things going on.

So far, 360 is averaging 611,000/208,00 at 8.

ED has 962,000/167,000 for the hour. What's
going on here ? Hard to say. ED might actually
end up performing worst that Lawrence.

360 could possibly be impacted by Out Front.
The same goes for Rachel with regards to Ed.
She is averaging 1,016,000/235,000. PMT
is averaging 706,000/220,000. 360 is helping
PMT a lot more than ED is helping Rachel.

We have noticed that CNN is being a little slick.
Both Erin Burnett and PMT are on CNN at 8 &
10 PM. CNN is delaying 360 to give a bump to
the other shows.

At 10 360 is averaging 617,000/223,000.
The finals are already in for Lawrence. He
averaged 907,000/235,000 for the week.
That is only a difference of 12,000. It comes
down to tonight. It is only December 2nd,the
month is still young. Surprisingly, even BOR
had a couple of lower than usual nights.
Once we get the ratings for tonight, we will
run all of the numbers. This could turn out
to be a strange month.

Anonymous said...

NBC News is reporting that Herman Cain will
drop out of the presidential race tomorrow.
MSNBC has the breaking news and CNN is
not even on the story. All I can is that 360
better not have the pundits on to talk about
this. Go with CNN reporters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Anderson Cooper led the discussion with foreign correspondents for CNN, and the major events that unfolded this year.
Forgive me, but the only foreign event I remember Anderson doing this year, was in Egypt.
Yes, he was pushed around, like every other foreign correspondent, and then there was the tusami in Japan, but that was at the very beginning of the year.
Compared to Ivan Watson, who spends most of his time abroad and Ben Wedermen, who lives abroad, all Anderson Cooper did, was give himself more publicity.
In fact, this was the year he decided he didn't want to be a foreign correspondent anymore.
He wanted to be a talk show host, or was it a fireman because he bought a firehouse.
Next year, who knows, he might just decide to become an actor on broadway.