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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ratings for the Week of October 31 to November 4th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

This is getting interesting.It will go down to
the wire for this month.360 seems to be
having a viewer increase at 8 PM. Wonder if
this will continue. 360 has some ground to
make up at 10.

Tarek said...

Did Anderson's dip at 10 pm come from people migrating over to Rockcenter on NBC?

I for one really enjoy Brian Williams - he's funny, down to earth and is a guy who anyone can relate to. He brings every story down to a level that everyone understands how it effects them in their day to day. Once you get past the weird camera angles, Rockcenter was good enough for me to give it another shot this week because to be honest, CNN has become dreadful to watch.

Even in the daytime, I can't stand CNN anymore. Newsroom has turned CNN into headline news and it's the same 5-10 stories over and over again all day long. We are a year out from the election and I'm already tired of politics.

When will CNN understand it's forte and get back to the news??

Anonymous said...

360 might be having some very slow growth at
8PM. Last week Anderson & Co had some of their
best numbers for the 1st live edition of 360 since
being on in that time period.

I just hope that 360 does not flip back to pundit
mode.I would like to see more creativity from 360
when it comes to politics. For example, how about
this video vignette. You hear the words Shut Em
Down from the Public Enemy song, next a snip of
Herman Cain's back and forth with the reporters.
Next just say that might be wishful thinking on
Cain's part. Cut to a clip of the press conference
with the accuser. End with a graphic to set up
the segment for Raw Politics.. The idea is for
CNN create videos that people would want to
actually download from 360. It might help to
make the pundits more tolerable. The Raw Set
Up if you will to Raw Politics, but only have the
talking heads for 5 minutes . Anything beyond
this is like listening to the teacher from Charlie
Brown.I say this because music is the universal
language and you don't need Anderson to talk
until the end of the montage. Today Cain is
having his 1st responder press conference for
his side of the story. We all know that there is
always 2 sides to every story. Works better if it
is pre-produced. I agree about widening the
contributor pool. Who says the rule is only the
pundits contribute. I wonder how the Cain
segment would have gone down with 2 female
writers rather than 2 male pundits. Like someone
Jezebel or Essence magazine.

Anonymous said...

Tarek, I could not have said it better. CNN needs
to revamp the dayside. Call only one show News
Room. After that all of the shows should have
different names. At some point they will understand
that they are content providers. You just can't do
the same news over and over again. I think 360's
dip is because of PMT. Rachel is at the top of her
game these days. She is the only one to recognize
that Herman Cain is the latest republican to play
the press. Dude is quoting Pokemon. 360 has to
make up those viewers at 10. I feel your pain on
politics. I turn the channel whenever it comes on.
CNN has the worst political team on television.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Fareed Zakaria , According to TVN,
Zakaria had the top demo in cable news in prime
time. Smart TV gets viewers.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy calls Netanyahu a liar and CNN thinks
Obama did something wrong. It is not like
Obama was bashing Netanyahu Really CNN ?
It would be a different situation if Obama said
the same words as Sarkozy. When it comes to
open mic flaps with U.S. presidents. This does
not even come close. All Obama said was I have
to deal with him everyday. You guys have to
wonder why people hate CNN's political shows.

Anonymous said...

CNN got the Sarkozy/Obama story wrong
because they are using The Blaze as a news
source. Sure Glen Beck is a reliable source
for news.I thought it was a joke at first but
every since the debate mistake someone told
me that all you have to do is Goolge and you
will find out where CNN is getting this stuff.

ABC, a real news organization, actually visited
the original French website and got the real
story. CNN is leaving off a sentence that Obama
said. The next words out of the President's
mouth was to ask Sarkozy to tell Palestinians
to slow things down. That is not a direct quote
but it shows just how lazy CNN is these days.
CNN just keeps making stuff up and fails to
put things in context. CNN is still getting an
F for a grade,They are flunking basic journalism.

Anonymous said...

I know it would so easy for 360 to lead with
Herman Cain tonight. Bucking the unexpected
it would be great for 360 to led with the Penn
St sex scandal. It look likes Joe Paterno is out.

This a legendary football program. IMHO this
story is bigger than Cain. Kids are involved. I
would also like to 360 devote a segment to
Joe Frazier . I have seen a documentary on
HBO called When We Were Kings. Time Warner
owns both so it would be easy for CNN to be
able to use footage from the documentary.

The Herman Cain story should come behind
these 2 news stories along with political news
of the day like the Mississippi Personhood &
Ohio vote. Needless to say there is a lot of news
for 360 to cover today. I can only tolerate LZ
Granderson and Will Cain. I am so over the
rest. If 360 must have pundits use Granderson
& Cain. All of the others are annoying.

Anonymous said...

CNN's approach to politics is all wrong. The
network is so afraid of Limbaugh, Beck and
others that they just repeat the script. I take
much of what I see on CNN these days with
a grain of salt. CNN needs facts not fiction.
CNN is losing it's credibility. I look forward
to the ratings from last night and tonight.

Anonymous said...

Of course CNN is going to blame Obama more than Sarkozy, that's their entire mission these days. The President's comment was only a mild frustration expressed. That's it.

Wolf's total viewer numbers are higher than CNN primetime. 360 got some good demo numbers against Ed and O'Donnell on Monday night.

judy said...

Tarek, you are right about Brian Williams.
He does have all those attributes and best of all, Jon Stewart loves him.
In fact he lives in New Jersey and they are best of friends and he's had him on his show multiple times.
Jon Stewart knows a smarty when he he sees one.
Tonite for instance, he had on former President Clinton to promote his new book and to tell us why were in this economic crisis.
The only part Clinton left out, is how he helped organize the free trade agreement when he was in office, but who's asking him for the truth anyway.

Anonymous said...

All of the people who work for CNN need to
comprehend that television news is no longer
a 1 way proposition. The time has long passed
for talking head news. It is about what's going
on, not about POV. Think about where we are
now. News organizations are having to use
You Tube , Face Book, Twitter for video and
news. That genie is out of the bottle. You are
only as good as your content. Creativity and
innovation should be the driving forces at
CNN. There appears to be a corporate policy
that all shows must do the same tired old
things.360 has some unique elements but
overall CNN looks like it can't change the
old ways of cable news bad habits.

Anonymous said...

Bring this show to America. It is smart TV .

Anonymous said...

Lots of voters rejected the Republican/Tea Party agenda in the elections last night and President Obama has gained ground in Ohio in the polls. I'm guessing CNN won't be too happy with having to report this turn of events.

Anonymous said...

Out Front has potential. It has some good things.
The Mac look at the bottom of the screen. Drop
the banner & crawl so that it is more visible. On
2nd thought ,drop the crawl for the full hour.
The menu actually plays video. so maybe if you
lose the crawl it can be a little bigger going
downward not up to obstruct the video tabs.

Also, the show is kinda out of order. Out Front
5 & Outer Circle should lead the show, They have
this great tease for the Out Front 5. That could be
a monster open that leads to Erin saying time to
get Out Front. Roll show open. Hello, alternative
to Fox Report . This not just about MSNBC .

Considering some of the recently bad decisions
made by CNN management . She is not the worst.
Was she wrong about Occupy , yes but at least
she appears to have learned from mistakes. We
Couldn't Resist is well edited and thought out.
That should end the show for continuity sake.
Burnett hands off to 360 which ends with The
Ridiculist. Shows that complement each other.

I think that she too is a victim of the pundit
culture at CNN. If viewers just watched that on
JK, USA, why watch that again. Give viewers a
15-20 minute break before politics.

She tries to have a lot of different guests on
each night but Erin Burnett comes across as
very nervous. Will she get more comfortable ?

Also, she has the business news background .
It would be nice for Out Front to have a tech
& Silicon Valley segment. Bring on some of
these people as guests. The tech industry is
blowing up in this country. CNN has to start
paying more attention to Silicon Valley. Out
Front could be their vehicle for this.

Anonymous said...

CNN will soon have to make decisions about PMT
& John King. The fate of Outfront is months down
the line. With an election coming up CNN has to
stick with John King. PMT is a bigger problem .

Anybody is better than PMT. The show is boring.
Viewers are coming to CNN twice for 360. So
that might mean that Anderson's viewers will
stick with 360 but not PMT. If this George guy
helps out 360, I'm for it. PMT aint helping.

Anonymous said...

How about this on CNN in prime time. Stombo
kicks off things at 8 PM with a live news show.
The man can bring new viewers to CNN. being
it is in the Daily Show genre. He does docs as
well as news, politics and interviews.

360 moves to 9 PM. AC would likely have more
success against Hannity and Maddow. Not that
he is doing bad at 8.

Get Aisha Tyler from CBS. Her talent is being
wasted on The Talk. Tyler needs her own show
on cable news. Give her the 10 PM hour.

360 repeat at 11 with repeats of OutFront,
Strombo and Tyler. It is time for CNN to get
serious and have a prime time lineup that
can possibly bring millions of viewers to CNN.

Strombo, Cooper & Tyler. It would be the
coolest prime time lineup in cable news.

Anonymous said...

360 needs to be on CNN at 8 & 10 PM.
That is the smartest thing that CNN has
done in ages. Isha Sesay did an amazing
job with the breaking news on Penn St.
I wonder what her future is at CNN ?

Anonymous said...

If CNN is not concerned about trouble at 9,
they need to be. MSNBC is counting on CNN
sticking with Piers Morgan. 360 is getting the
job done for CNN. It goes up after Out Front
and goes up after PMT. 360 is becoming more
valuable for CNN. Changes for CNN won't come
at 8 & 10. It will likely come at 6 & 9.

Ironically, 360 has not had a new promo in quite
some time. Yet it gets those ratings night after
night. IMHO , it is time for CNN to not have the
political reporters and pundits on the same
stage. They are not equals. Put up a firewall.
CNN is diminishing the credibility of their own
reporters. The CNN political team is now being
defined by their pundits. That is not good.
That is why JK, USA is performing badly. You
can't have your talent paling around with pundits
who just tow the ideological talking points. The
show is pointless.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, Anderson has just been renewed for a
2nd season. That means Time Warner is making
more money by distributing his daytime show. I
know it is all about money and the show is only
2 months old but don't forget about 360. The
original show that makes this possible for AC.

I hope this will not hurt 360. For awhile it looked
like 360 was on the back burner. 360 has been
improving but Rand Paul. 360 can do better.

You make a good point about Erin Burnett. The
show is backwards. Maybe certain segments on
Out front and a diverse group of guests will help.
The jury is still out.

Nobody cares about Piers Morgan. There is no
reason to watch him. I don't know why CNN
didn't drop him along with Eliot Spitzer.

Anonymous said...

CNN is talking about Lady GaGa music playing
during the EAS test. That was a Direct TV issue.
I know this because I couldn't believe my ears
and ran to another room to see if this was on
my local stations and there was no Lady GaGa.

None of the local stations were all on at the
same time. There has been talk in my city that
there are individual stations that messed up.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN , Isha Sesay had the top
show on CNN at 10 anchoring 360. CNN has
2 great personalities in prime time. Anderson
Cooper and Isha Sesay. They just need to find
the right fit at 9 .

Anonymous said...

Finally, 360 got the political round table right.
It was John King , Candy Crowley & David Gergen.
Morning Joe gets it right when it comes to having
a political conversation. Morning Joe does not
use pundits and has no problem with ratings.
What you do get is an honest conversation. The
talk is analytical and not ideological.

Anonymous said...

According to the ratings on TVN Isha Sesay should take over Erin Burnett's place or be given more of a prominent role on 360.
She almost hit a million viewers in the 10PM slot and did well in the 8PM slot on Wednesday nite.
Tonite's 360 did not have her at all, which is a shame and will probably show up in the ratings for Thursday.
Instead of the Ridiculist, Anderson should realize that Isha is quite capable of co-anchoring, and if HE doesn't realize this, than someone in Management should.
It would be a far more interesting show if there was more bantering between the hosts, less pundits, and more diversity all around.

Anonymous said...

Anderson anchored the 8 PM hour and Isha was
on live until midnight. I agree with others who
have written about a women's ensemble news
show in prime time on CNN. I think 360 viewers
have a comfort level with Isha because they are
used to her being on 360. She is such a natural
and it would be great for her to headline a new
women's news show in prime time on CNN. I
liked last night's show. Big fan of Ridiculist.
No matter what they still need to keep her on
360. I like Anderson and Isha. The chemistry is
amazing, You can tell they like each other and
feed perfectly off of each other. Can you name
1 other CNN show that has this. CNN could get
a boost from having an ethnically diverse group
of female journalists talking about the news and
interesting topics. Of course , a variety of guests.

Anonymous said...

@2:27PM: That was true with Erica Hill too.
AC mentored her and they seemed perfect together as well and if we didn't know Kelly, we'd say the same thing about Kelly.
The only relationship that seems forced, is the one with Kathy Griffin and they are supposedly, friends. And no I'm not suggesting he should use her as an co-anchor.
I don't even like her on New Years Eve.
Maybe CNN should try not using Griffin this year and just go with AC and Isha, but knowing them, they won't. And Isha will again be in the street.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Isha and a group of ladies having a prime
time gig on CNN. I think they should also go for
Nicole Lapin. She recently left CNBC to start her
own multimedia company to use her unique style
to get younger people interested in business. CNN
needs to get ready for the next big wave journos.

They write,shoot and edit their films or projects.
I think it would be okay to pair them with 2 guys
as well. It doesn't have to be all women..In school
you have to learn Final Cut, I-movie, Avid,Adobe
and even Edius, which is gaining popularity. You
can even start your own production company with
a $2,500 HD camera and a Mac Book Pro. You can
even show video with an I-pad, I-phone or Droid
smartphones. Skype permits you to conduct live
interviews, You can do face to face with the
I-pad or I-phone, Live streaming is a piece of
cake. Mobile devices makes it possible for you
to move with a small amount of equipment..
Backpack journalism if you will. Freelancers will
usually have their own equipment so your don't
have to purchase equipment. You pay them for
the their original content.

You guys mention Current a lot. I agree with CNN
going at Max & Jason and others. That may not
be a bad team for CNN, these 4 :: Isha, Nicole,
Max & Jason. Isha would be the news person
being that she is on CNN I as well as 360. Same
goes for Nicole who was once with CNN. Max
& Jason would be the new media types. I'm with
you on CNN hiring several of those digital journos
that once worked at Current. Current was where
CNN needs to be 5 years ago. You need the
hybrid of new/old media. It is about being multi-
platform. Content must be on all devices.

I don't know if any of this will ever happen at
CNN but CNN needs to go for the best, they
can be vets, rising stars or the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

The NYT is reporting that Soledad O'Brien is getting some criticism over a remark made by one of the contributors to her special,"Race In America and Silicon Valley."
Supposedly there is a minor uproar over the remark that most of the people who have made fortunes in Silicon Valley are white, and that there are few opportunities for Afro-Americans. Or at least this is the assumption.
Soldedad defended this contributors remarks by saying that there are just "No Mark Zukerbergs," Facebooks iconic founder, who are black. And that this "is just a fact."
Here is another fact,
Perhaps if Afro-Americans spent more time in technological pursuits, and aspiring to become techological innovators, instead of techonological CONSUMERS, there would be more Afro-American Mark Zukerbergs.
The doors are wide open Soledad.
There are no restrictions that I know of in Silicon Valley barring the black population from being innovative.
Are there?

Anonymous said...

You left Angela Sun out of the bunch. She speaks
Mandarin by the way. China is a place we need
to see more news from. Sun has done some
really amazing reports on China.

I like that diverse group of young journalists,
story-tellers. Why did CNN let Nicole Lapin go ?
CNN has a bad habit of letting young talent with
potential get away. Both Erica Hill and Betty are
at CBS. It looks like CBS is about to kick Erica to
the curb.CNN could use a show with young,
energetic journalists who are very intelligent.
Jason silva is on a way different level. I don't
know if he ad libs most of what he says but he
definitely has the gift to gab. Al Gore has ruined
Current by going with MSNBC rejects. I would
love to see Max & Jason on CNN and watch
them get higher ratings than Keith.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been hiring pundits. They forgot about
the news & journalism. Nicole Lapin probably had
more viewers on that Erin Burnett had
at CNBC. There are so many angry Current fans.
Al Gore's loss could be CNN's gain. MSM missed
a lot when it comes to Current. The network was
the 1st to use Twitter for Hack The Debate. CNBC
just copied what they did. It was not new. I am
starting to think MSM who cover the news don't
even watch all of the networks.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out what I think are some
missed opportunities by CNN. First, the singer
who performed the Occupy song at APEC. CNN
interviewed the guy and did not ask him to p;ay
the song so viewers could hear the song. Hello.

There is an interesting discussion going on. HLN
has been doing this story about a lady who was
ticketed for flipping off a cop. Is that illegal ?
If CEE-LO can say it in a song, how can this
universal gesture get you a ticket. Is it really
illegal say forget you, yes the sanitized version
or make the gesture we all understand. What is
is about this phrase. How did the phrase and
gesture come about. When did this phrase
become a part of the language ? Wh came up
with the gesture. I am willing to bet there is
someone out there who as researched or even
written on this subject. There is also a moment
when the lady says Oh_________ I just flipped
of a cop. Can you say Ringtones. CNN covers
so many stories during the day and someone
always says the ideal Ringtone. Hello make it
available for free on

Finally, Google maps is picking up some huge
gigantic magnetic structures in the Chinese
dessert. Everyone is trying to figure out what
is up with the structures.

I don't know if we will see any of these stories
on 360 or CNN today. Yes you cover Penn St
and OWS but there are several other stories that
CNN can also have on a daily basis.If 360 has
to go with pundits in talking about the GOP
debate this weekend, go with LZ & Will Cain.
When it cones to CNN, I think these 2 are the
only ones who talks like ordinary people. You
are not getting an ideological discussion which
ends of turning you off.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt 360 will lead with Penn State
tonight. It never made sense to me for Sandusky
to be out on $ 100,000 bail. We now know that
the judge has ties to Sandusky and he lives next
to a school. Also, you know the SCOTUS decision
to hear arguments on the Health Care Law. I just
hope that CNN does not turn it into a circus. Over
at NBC Pete Williams went over many possible
scenarios. The justices may not be able to rule
on the law just yet was 1 of them. People are
more concerned with jobs & economy. Folks
who oppose the law wouldn't vote for Obama
in the first place. Nor can you ignore the words
from Jordan's King on Syria. Jordan & s Syria
share a border. No shortage of news for 360.

Anon 9:35 that is exactly why I'm an advocate for
CNN viewers to be able to submit interesting items
they come across to their favorite CNN shows. I
strongly applaud what CNN does with I-Report
but there should be more avenues for CNN
viewers. CNN has a team in China. Everyone is
trying to figure this out on Face Book. If China
didn't want the world to see this, Google would
not find it. The original 360 would do the
------ you story, not sure if AC would do it
now but it would be the best Ridiculist. Does
anyone know the words that came out of the
singer's mouth in support of OWS ? Sometimes
it is just easier to post on or their
Facebook page. Legit news items. In fact this
could be the show for Isha ,Nicole and others.
Max & Jason would fit perfectly. They have the
experience and know what it takes to pull this
off on a daily basis. Women are very active in
social media, you have news junkies as well.

It may not be a bad idea for CNN to go along
with a young diverse group of journalists. I
can see Isha, Nicole, Max, Jason and others
but can CNN. Not opinion but news & topics.
This is the type of show that complements 360.
MSNBC is failing miserably with Alex Wagner.
CNN can't make the same mistake and come
up with a boring talking panel show. CNN has
news sets but not news settings. There is the
anchor desk but there should be additional
elements. Throw in Strombo as well. Look at
the shows the politicians are showing up on.
Jimmy Kimmel. Letterman. Daily Show. Live
audiences and more people. Give him a show
on CNN broadcasting live.