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Monday, November 7, 2011

Special Programming CNN at 11 PM Tonight

Michael Jackson: The Final Days

CNN brings you a special investigation into the final days and hours of the legendary singer's life and death, plus heart-wrenching testimony from the last people to see him alive, as well as compelling moments from the trial. Michael Jackson: The Final Days airing on CNN tonight 11 p.m. ET/PT.
***Please note this is a one hour program.

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Anonymous said...

Conrad Murray was guilty of nothing more than following Michael Jackson's wishes.
He wished to sleep and he was able
to purchase a doctor who had the ability to put him to sleep.
What was he guilty of?
He did leave the room and left his patient unattended.
Doctors do this all the time and they are not found guilty.
Maybe if Michael Jackson had led a healthy, normal life, he'd still be alive.
Michael Jackson was an addict who had a drug dependency and doctor Murray was his supplier.
Was this an illegal drug if it is used in hospitals?
The Jackson family is rich beyond anyone's imagination but they remain in denial, that their family member, their idol, killed himself. Not doctor Conrad Murray.

Anonymous said...

I love Michael Jackson, he is greatly missed. Justice has been served.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 2:11am, I agree Michael Jackson killed himself. He's the one who sought out a doctor to administer the medication that untimely killed him. What I want to know is how many doctors he contacted before he found one willing to administer the medications.

Anonymous said...

Conrad Murray should win his appeal.
He did not kill Michael Jackson.
It is like the saying, guns don't kill people, people kill people.
This medicine was administered by request from a drug addicted singer who had a dependency on the drug that was administered to him.
He overdosed and now he's dead.
Someone had to sign off on this medication, and somewhere this sign-off exists, and IF, it doesn't, than that's what Murray is guilty of, not having this drug dependent singer sign off on a medication that could induce sleep, FOREVER, outside a hospital setting.
Michael wherever you are: fess up and give this good doctor his name back.

Anonymous said...

The special was updated and greatly broadcasted! I hope they continue to air at least once a year.

Anonymous said...

Conrad Murray is guilty. He agreed to give Michael Jackson propofol everyday for the final two months of his life. He did it for the money. As a doctor, he failed his duties. It's not like he got the death penalty, he got ONLY 4 years behind bars. You get what you deserve.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 10:48pm, I think Michael Jackson is solely responsible for his death. He's the one who wanted the propofol a drug he had to know should have not be administered at home. He was a drug addict and when you play with fire eventually you're going to get burned.

Anonymous said...

I think Conrad Murray was a good man and doctor that sadly fell to seduction of being around a megastar and money and at the end lost touch of his objective stance trying to please Jackson and following the money. He wasnt a bad person, but got caught up into something that was over his head. He was no longer Jacksons doctor, but his drug pusher.

He clearly cared for Michael, but if he really did care about doing the right thing, he wouldnt have had any drugs like medication that was not condoned to use or gotten other doctors to treat him.

So yes, he was guilty, but more importantly guilty of following the fame and money. And like Jackson himself, it cost him!