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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Your Views on the News 11/5/11

Some changes to CNN's morning line up were announced this week. While we don't have all the details yet reaction seems to be positive. Fill us in on how you would tweak programming or anything else on your mind.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Soledad O'Brien and Ali Velshi on their new roles at CNN. Im curious to see how the two new women anchors will do in the morning from 5AM-7AM. I always thought Carol Costello did a great job in the morning, wish they could have kept her to anchor 5AM-7AM though. Im not sure why there has to be two anchors? Ali Velshi was a good news anchor but business news seemed to fit him more, so I'm glad he got what suits him best. I never understood why Christine Romans was made into a news anchor when that didn't seem to be her specialty. Kyra Phillips does an outstanding job. Suzanne Malveux isn't the best at anchoring regular news. She was better as a White House correspondent and Situation Room fill-in if Wolf Blitzer is off considering that show mainly focuses on politics. I'm not really feeling Jessica Yellin as a good senior White House correspondent. Randi Kaye and Brooke Baldwin do a good job. Other Newsroom anchors that do great are TJ Holmes, Fredricka Whitfield, Alina Cho and especially Don Lemon who should be given a CNN Newsroom weekday primetime block from 10PM to Midnight. John King USA and Erin Burnett Outfront aren't doing it for me. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually miss In The Arena with Eliot Spitzer. Once he left, I think many people appreciated him more as an anchor. Piers Morgan needs to move to weekends. Have him do one celebrity interview which airs Saturdays at 9PM with a Sunday repeat. Better yet, let Larry King replace him to do that.

Anonymous said...

CNN should permit viewers to become contributors
for a nightly evening newscast. All you have to do
is to register at CNN, FB or Twitter. CNN always
claims they want to engage viewers. Well really do
it. I am talking about legit news. Not the craziness
that is already out there.. would be
vital. It would be the most clicked on news items.
When I say let viewers contribute, it could mean
something in the local news papers, something
interesting that you come across in a magazine,
the internet, etc.. What would be cool would be
if a CNN reporter actually gives a shout out to
the viewers who they can connect with. By
saying Bob submit an item on the rhino rescue
in South Africa. This really did happen and here
are the pictures. What is even cooler is if a
reporter does that particular story that day.
Connecting with a viewer if you will. Or even
do the barrel roll.

Let me be clear , CNN has the final say on
the content of each show. I-Report would be
valuable as well. It is long over for cable news
to do this. People always complain about the
news here is you chance. This is your news
show in conjunction with CNN. Not everyone
has the time to be an I-Reporter but on a
daily basis you come across interesting stuff.
Legit news. Not the petty back and forth and
silliness that everyone is shutting down. Civil
without the personal attacks. Enough of that
crap already.

Anonymous said...

Loved Scott Pelley's tribute to the passing of Andy Rooney at 92:
"Apparently God needed a writer."
After seeing his final presentation on 60 Minutes, I thought that he did not look well, but then at 92, what is looking well like?
But he did seem different and he wasn't as quick or as witty or wry, and there was just something that was off. Perhaps he knew he was ill.
His death was not a total surprise to any of us, I don't think and he will be missed by his faithful 60 Minutes viewers.

Anonymous said...

Social TV is the future and will work well with
smart TV's. In order to pull something like this
off you have to have the right people who know
how to work old/new media. Major social media
skills is a plus.

Here's a list for CNN to consider hiring if they
are serious about changing the news biz. All of
there people were once with Current Tv. Kaj
probably knows them well.

Conor Knighton. Right now he is a contributor
for CBS Sunday Morning. Prior to that he hosted
Infomania on Current. I think he has been on CNN.

Max Lugavere & Jason Silva, they hosted Max
& Jason Still Up on Current.

Nzinga Blake, Kinga Phillips, Jael De Pardo
& Angela Sun, who can do sports as well.
Sun has done work for ESPN.

Derrick Shore & Rawley Valverde who did a
show called Current Tonight.It contained
some elements of viewer contribution.

Brett Erlich who did a political segment called
Campaign Update.

Douglas Cabellero, who knows music better
than anyone out there.

Finally, Laura Ling who was the brains behind
the groundbreaking Current series Vanguard.

These people are what I call triple threats. All
media is no problem for all of these people.
They get old/new media and definitely know
how to work social media, which is so critical
to news organization in the 21st century.

CNN has some of the world's best journalists.
They could learn from Anderson Cooper,Wolf
Blitzer, Candy Crowley, Soledad Obrien, Don
Lemon, TJ Holmes, who is not that much older.

At least hire them as contributors. CNN is
really missing the boat here. News is no
longer about ideology. Content rules and
multi-plaform journalism is the name of
the game. Don't forget mobile or game
consoles either.

I too favor hiring Strombo & Toure as well
but definitely no more pundits.

CNN should drop the banners/crawl and go
with CNN Apps at the bottom of the screen.
Have a live real time news feed screen right.
It is nothing wrong with seeing the CNN web
page, FB page or Twitter feed all day long as
well as the CNN news blog during all editions
of the News Room. Also whenever there is
video go with the famous I-Tunes media bar.
Time run to left/total time to the right. Make
sure it moves in real time. All day long show
your reporter tweets as well as vid-promos
from reporters with the words stay tuned on
the screen as they tease their stories. Why
can't we see real time video all day long of
shows coming together on CNN. I have no
problem seeing Anderson or Wolf talking to
viewers as they walk into CNN HQ. I'm sure
Kyra and Suzanne have meetings before they
go live. Where is that footage ? The words
coming up next can be on the screen.

CNN needs to be more viewer friendly. Stop it
with the loaded questions. With FB & Twitter
you can get feedback instantly form viewers.
All generations are on FB included the 65 + .
If they are not living in the past, CNN should
not either. Adapt to modern society.

Currently there is not any news organization
that is actually revolutionizing the biz. As far
as I am concerned CNN, MSNBC & FNC haven't
changed in the last decade. Change or die.
Right now all a bordering on irrelevance. It is
time for NEXT GEN NEWS. The old biz models
are so outdated.

Anonymous said...

It would not be smart for CNN to keep Ali,
Carol Costello or Christine Romans in anchor
positions. CNN viewers have already sad NO.

I really hope that when they say contributors
with Soledad that it is not mornings with pundits.
It boggles the mind as to why only ideologues
get to be CNN contributors. Opinions are like
heads we all have one. Original content is
priceless. Too often CNN forgets that TV is a
visual medium. Full screen video is like a
foreign language to CNN.. They can't even do
full screen video when Randi Kaye talks about
the top 5 stories on CNN dot com.NBC & ABC
NEWS are very good at production. CNN could
learn a thing or 2 from them. If you have a map
or infographic you don't need a banner. It is
defeating the purpose and there is just too
much going junk on the screen. What am I
suppose to be watching. Maybe the banner
can slide to the left of the CNN. That needs
to animate for sure. I am not a big fan of the
color schemes on CNN either.

Anon 10:30 it will never happen at CNN. If you
have gone to any broadcast journalism schools
in the last 5 years, you learn all of these things.
CNN has not been investing in journalism.
Current TV was the future. Now they have
Countdown.I would like to see all of them on
TV again. I was once a huge fan of Current.
I like Vanguard but not Countdown. Maybe if
CNN would hire them the network would
learn what to do to bring in younger viewers
that advertisers love.

Anonymous said...

Good for Ed Shultz, taking his show on the road to OHIO, in support of labor and unions.
No wonder he's wiping the floor with 360.
Ed was on top of the labor movement
and showed support since the chaos started in Wisconsin last year.
Ed knows his demographics and pays tribute when he goes on the road to these places where labor is a major issue.
It is natural that anyone who is connected with public service would stay loyal to Ed Shultz and not watch AC/360 for more of the same old same old, pundits and politics.
Why should they?
Anderson has never shown any leaning towards the working class since he slapped down a public figure during Katrina.

Anonymous said...

Younger viewers LOVE ED because ED LOVES LABOR.
It is that simple.
And his totals will rise because both Fox News and CNN have not made Occupying Wall Street a priority.
OW is a movement built upon the young who are taking to the streets
with their disenchantment with the establishment.
Not since the 60's have we seen protests of this caliber and any network, like CNN who doesn't recognize the importance of this movement, deserves to be last.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to make their HD graphics bigger and less cluttered. They need to get rid of the show logo / segment name box. There is no need for it when you see the show's name or segment on screens behind the anchor. CNN International took it off, why can't CNN domestic? Also get rid of the distracting news ticker. There should just be the CNN logo with the LIVE bug above it. Everything needs to be capitalized again, it's hard reading lowercased words, especially when the city name is shown.

Anonymous said...

CNN must learn to use their graphics and headlines wisely and identify the person or persons speaking.
Many times they will say Breaking News: include the event, and leave out the caption that identifies who the speaker is.
When will this lame broadcast network, that used to be so adept, wake up?

Anonymous said...

ED is not mopping the floor with AC when it
comes to the demo there is only a 39,000
difference at this point between the 2 . 360's
younger viewers have not gone to ED. if that
was true ED would not be losing demos from
HardBall most nights. 360 does not to stop
relying on pundits so much. The problem for
CNN is that you can't just have 1 show.

Anonymous said...

CNN also needs social media correspondents. I do
believe that these people are also filmmakers.
Can you say original content ? HIre them all. CNN
needs fresh ideas. Max & Jason played vital roles
at CURRENT TV. IMHO, Jim Walton needs to call
them. If CNN invented cable news, they sure can
revolutionize the cable news business. Pundits
are not the future of cable news. They definitely
are so last century. CNN could embrace many of
the elements that once made CURRENT unique.

Vanguard is the best doc series hands down.
Imagine the ratings a show like that could get
on CNN, which has a huge resource advantage.
It would be nice to see Kaj Larsen & all of the
Vanguard team together again, as well as the
original hosts on CURRENT. The new season of
Vanguard just started. Check it out. I is way
better than PMT. CURRENT also airs earlier
episodes for daytime programming.

Anonymous said...

I decided to check these folks out. Max & Jason
seem to be very nice/intelligent young men. I
like the idea of them saying they want to create
smart media. The president of CBS News is in his
30's. CNN's management needs new blood.

Anonymous said...

There is an article in today's local paper about SENIORS having the wealth opposed to those in their 30's, so those DEMOS that folks here like to dwell on, really are nonexistent.
The thirty -somethings aren't going to be the folks advertisers are catering to much longer.
The SENIORS, those with PENSIONS AND SOCIAL SECURITY, are growing larger in number, and are the ones able to CONSUME MORE.
Seniors now have the upper hand, just by sheer numbers and when advertisers wake up, they will realize: Ed Shultz IS mopping the floor with 360.
MSNBC would not have put him there, if he weren't.