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Thursday, January 5, 2012

CNN After Dark

Tom Foreman took a look at late night election coverage by the Best Political Team on Television for AC360 Tuesday night. Enjoy!

Anderson Cooper had it right when he said The Daily Show would be mocking CNN's weeble technology. Here's Jon Stewart's Moment of Zen Wednesday night.

But I think the funniest look back at CNN's Iowa Caucus coverage with Stephen Colbert's take on Erin Burnett's flicking.

On Thursday night Ms. Burnett had the last word? Well maybe......

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Anonymous said...

Well Jon Stewart got it right, as usual, when he asked the question of CNN executives, Why???
Why, because these people have low IQ's and really think their viewers are that stupid.
CNN wouldn't be satisfied until every stupid viewer is gone.
I'm not a Steven Colbert fan, but than again I'm not an Erin Burnett fan either, oh, that's right there was that one person....

Anonymous said...

I think Wolf, Anderson and John play well off of
each other. Jon Stewart is right the best moments
happen with real people. The 2 ladies trump the
technology any day. Besides CNN did have crews
live in Iowa. Barry White music. Now that is funny.

Anonymous said...

The tech gadgets are silly (although I'll admit to liking Anderson's weeble thingy) but there is an appeal to watching the entire CNN political team (with the exception of Dana Loesch, who shouldn't be on CNN period and who's way out of her league) reporting and having a bit of fun together - I'm not a fan of Erin Burnett, but even she came off a little better than she usually does - it reminded me of how she used to be before she got her show and would just show up as a commentator on CNN - I thought she'd be someone I could watch, but that turned out to not be true. I don't expect them to be up all night during the upcoming caucuses, but Iowa was pretty epic and enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

That's why CNN should not have her solo. That's
the same mistake CBS made with Katie Couric.
Diane Sawyer works because she has the right
voice tone. She tells you the news with authority.
Erin Burnett does now have an anchor voice and
that is what got Katie Couric into trouble.

Anonymous said...

"Iowa was epic and enjoyable?"
Are we watching the same state?
Iowa, the state with the corn fields and low plains and the ladies with the hand baskets getting the paper ballots....was
hello, "epic?"
Maybe my HD is out of focus, because Iowa really didn't do it for me.
I'd use the word ditzy, not epic.
Where in the world do you live?
Entertainment must be rare.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I LOVED CNN during the Iowa caucauses.

That was just epic television! You can tell just how much these people gel with each other! I couldnt blame them as the night droned on and on! Even cooler they got the 'scoop' by the two ladies with the count hold up! I love the CNN political team and that night was just a good time. Even more interesting they stayed on longer than any other news broadcast.

CNN After dark lol!

judy said...

Projection is only one problem with Erin Burnett.
Content is another.
She was trained in "banking" and that is precisely what she is not doing.
Her show should be business oriented and it isn't.
CNN is not using her correctly, not that I would have used her in the first place.
If the person's expertise is in BUSINESS, than that is exactly what she should be doing and NOTHING ELSE.
Her agenda should include stocks, margins, international trade, options, and the global outlook and the economy,...every nite and this shouldn't change.
What would change are the viewers who watch her and she couldn't do worse than she's doing right now.

Anonymous said...

I also loved CNN's Iowa coverage mostly becuase of Anderson. He was seriously funny. I am also no fan of Erin Burnett but it was a better night for her -perhaps because her role was limited. The problem with her show is not her voice but its content and her complete lack of journalistic standards. She simply doesn't have the news chops to hold a primetime CNN show. Her 'training' is not in banking, its in covering Wall Street in the most favorable light possible. Plus, she is immature and spends too much time hamming it up on camera instead of doing her job.

Anonymous said...

According to recent sources, the WSJ in particular, Ms.Bernett's expertise, is in banking.
Hard as it is to believe, but true.
And maybe she does cover Wall Street in a favorable lite, but her job description was and is to do just that: "Cover Wall Street."
I don't care if it's not the most objective coverage, that's what she was hired to do, and she isn't able to do much else.
She has proven this.
When you hire someone to do one thing and they are told to do whatever else is on their agenda, than management is to blame.
Either way, she's useless.