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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fast Nationals for Tuesday, January 3 (Iowa Caucuses)

Fast Nationals for Tuesday, January 3 (Iowa Caucuses)

As the only news organization that doesn’t take sides, CNN had a strong performance during Tuesday’s Republican Iowa caucuses topping MSNBC in both total viewers and the key demo 25-54 during all key day parts.

CNN also showed the most growth among total viewers compared to the prior four Tuesdays, increasing +142% (1.310m vs. 541k), while FNC increased just 22% (2.631m vs. 2.158m) and MSNBC was up 32% (1.195m vs. 903k) during primetime. In the target demo 25-54, CNN also grew the most, increasing +220% (486k vs. 152k), while FNC was up 43% (684k vs. 478k) and MSNBC grew 49% (303k vs. 203k) vs. the prior four Tuesdays.

Primetime: (8-11p)
CNN: 1.31m total viewers/486k target demo 25-54
FNC: 2.63m/684k
MSNBC: 1.20m/303k

Late Night: (11p-3a)
CNN: 839k total viewers/347k target demo 25-54
FNC: 1.82m/645k
MSNBC: 693k/228k

Full Block: (7p-3a)
CNN: 1.0m total viewers/390k target demo 25-54
FNC: 2.15m/637k
MSNBC: 932k/259k

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Anonymous said...

Neither CNN, FNC or MSNBC can be too happy with those ratings. You
can't make dull interesting.

Viewers didn't stay to see the
outcome. Too much hybe. Too much
time given to talk,talk,talk.

In the meantime CNN is missing some
stories out theere. A 14 yr old
American girl has been missing since 2010. Turns out she was
deported to Colombia. We are
talking Texas law officials, ICE
& the Colombian government. This
story has KTH writtern all over
it. But no, 360 viewers got a
fake topic on KTH, negative ads.

A mom who loses her husband to
cancer has to defend her young
family by killing an intruder
who with an accomplice was trying
to steal the medicine her late
husband was taking. A 15 yr old
is shot dead in school after
waving what later turned out to
be a pellet gun.Something is
wrong when stories like this
take a backseat to talking heads
on 360 and CNN prime time.

The ultimate made up story goes
to OutFront. Erin's Strike Team
says Mitt Romney is beter for the
economy. Erin assembles a team
of the 1 % to build up Mitt
Romney.Bogus news CNN.

Both are examples of why CNN is
in trouble. CNN ignores some of
the big stories that develop
during the day, completely dissing
them in prime in faveor of made
up news.CNN do you really think
viewers are not noticing that CNN
is not doing any real news.Fzce
Book & Twitter are better sources
for news than any 24/7 so called
news channel.

Anonymous said...

What's up with all of the morning shows ?
Could viewers be opting for more network
morning shows ? TV By The Numbers has
the AM ratings for Monday and Tuesday,.
ti is possible that viewers are getting sick
and tired of too much time devoted to just
politics. Jon Stewart says it best ______ you
already know. People probably said I can
just Google in the morning. In less than 5
minutes, I think CNN spends too much time
on political blogs and miss the real news
that the public are actually following. All you
need is a computer. CNN should certainly have
the resources to find out if the news is legit.
Don't they have dozens of affiliates ?

Anon 9:41, you are right about the teen that
turned up in Colombia. At some point she had
to be fingerprinted and what are the chances
of her coming up with a name that is on the
deportation list. Then again a 14 year old with
a computer can find things out. Also, was a
missing persons report filed and did police
have pictures of her ? This story does have
Keeping Them Honest written all over this.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to do what Morning Joe does whenever
Barnicle talks about banks. They say his wife works
for BOA. Erin Burnett worked on Wall St, did she
ever have dealings with Bain. Once you saw the
Santorum numbers you knew something was not
right. Bain got a bailout in 1991 that kept it in
business. but CNN would never report that.

Anonymous said...

Why is CNN having Soledad do a bad version of
Morning Joe with pundits. Even having a clear
rip off of the ending with endpoint. CNN has no
ideas. At least try to come up with your own brand
of shows. It's embarrassing. On top of that they
have Christine Romans as a newsreader. None of
the trio who brought down American Morning
should still be on in the mornings. As far as I'm
concerned Asleigh Banfield should replace Erin
Burnett. Put her on with an ensemble of real CNN
reporters and go for a news show with women.

Anonymous said...

CNN, please please cancel Out Front now !
I want to flick with you. Does management
even notices how ridiculous CNN looks ?

Apparently, CNN thinks Casey Anthony is a
bigger story than a 15 year old American
being deported to Colombia. That's right
Casey Anthony and missing white females
on Out Front. CNN sucks. Even Cenk took
them to task for getting facts wrong on a
news story.If it is not a white female CNN
just ignores and think they have credibility
on race. Yeah right. They don't even let any
black anchors be in the studio for election

Anonymous said...

Now stop picking on Erin Burnett.
She actually changed her hair style
to a more serious Newsey do.
I don't think that's going to change anything Erin.
That's not your problem.
There isn't enough space here to list everything that's wrong with your show.
It would take a tome.

Anonymous said...

I was stunned that 360 missed missed the most
offensive ad ever by Ron Paul supporters. The ad
against Jon Huntsman & his daughter is way out
of line. So what if the man has an adopted child
from China. It does not mean he is un-American.
Thank goodness for Rachel Maddow.

Anonymous said...

"they don't even let any black anchors in the studio for election
This is not true.
Joe Johns is an African American who happened to have been reporting in Iowa for the caucus.
Should he have been used more?
Absolutely, but then again, perhaps this is an on going issue that should be addressed by the Afro-American anchors at CNN and the American Civil Liberties Union.