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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ratings for the Week of December 26th-30th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.
2 - Special programming was aired on two nights during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Well at least in the 8PM hour, these demos tell the truth.
MSNBC IS winning the ratings for second place.
If you read the PR CNN releases, you get an entirely different picture.
And in the 10PM hour, even though
360 is stronger in this time slot, most of the time,
in totals, CNN is third.
In my next life, I want to write press releases. That way I can make a whole lot money "making stuff up."

Anonymous said...

The big 3 networks largely ignored
Iowa last night. That means the olny game in town was on cable news. The advantage goes to FOX.
It is the Republicans. Not sure if
there was too many more viewers for
CNN or MSNBC. College FB was on TV.
Since it is one sided there are
fewer viewers.The demos will be
older. FOX will be the hands down
winner the only other question :
which network finished second and
could this be the 1st time MSNBC
is the 2nd choice behind FOX,
which is usually CNN. Will this
offer indications to cable news
ratings in 2o12. FOX clearly has
the advantage until there is a
GOP candidate.

Anonymous said...

It's 2012. The ratings last week
mean nada. Didn't see CNN last
night but they are getting lots
of web chatter because of some
video clips.Maybe CNN should try
a completely different model.

The Edith & Carolyn clip is the best. CNN should put the voters
& regualr folks ahead of the pundits.CNN needs to get the
actual poeple involved on the
network. Try real time tweets,
go live with the embeds. Let
viewers watch events unfold
without the spin.Save it for
the morning after.Maybe CNN
is forming a social media/
digital media team of writers,
producers,people who know how
to find the real news on FB
& Twitter.Connect with the
people.Technology makes it
possible. I can do a live shot
with an Ipad, Skpe, there now is
fairly new LIVE VU technology.
Cable news needs an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there will be a clear winner in the ratings. The
numbers will be down from 2008.
The viewers are older besides for
the 1st time women will be highest
voting block, 51 %. CNN needs a
womens news show, with diversity.
Cable news looks noghting like
America.Wait for the ratings for
Monday & Tuesday.You will get some
indication of how this week plays
out so far in 2012.

Anonymous said...

FNC gets the totals. CNN wins the
demo that's my prediction. AC was
so funny last night.

Anonymous said...

You guys just might have gotten the
attention of CNN. TVN says they've
created a new position for talent/

All CNN has to do is to look in the
top 50 TV markets and put out an ad
for hiring 100 digital journos who
write,shoot and edit all of their
own material and could make it all
available on multiple platforms.
Content is king.

Anonymous said...

So Erin Burnett & her Strike Team think it is okay
for millionaires to get a $ 300,000 tax cut while-
folks making 10,000 - 20,000 dollars get a 1
thousand dollar tax increase ? How convenient for
CNN to miss the analysis on his tax plan. CNN is
also a johnny come lately to the the employment
trends. Some analysts have been saying 2012
could easily average 200,000 jobs.CNN needs to
stop trying to talk up Mitt Romney and do some
real reporting. it is getting hard to believe CNN
these days. That's a problem. CNN is the butt of
a joke going around saying if it is on CNN you
know it's true but it is code for not true CNN.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, unless they are lying, Cooper came in fourth at 8PM in the beloved DEMOS, yes, fourth by those youngsters.....oh my!
and let's not even talk totals.
Although he did manage to regain second place at 10PM, but his totals were off.
Now there's the truth, but CNN brass wants you to know, that they are at this moment writing some stuff that makes even the smartest of them all, look silly and weak.
They've even taken out an add: "Hired Liars, large salaries plus bonuses! Apply in person."
See, I too can make stuff up.
Maybe I should apply and answer my own add.