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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuesday's Election Coverage


7:00PM – 11:00PM: America's Choice 2012: The Florida Primary (Live)

11:00PM – Midnight: Anderson Cooper 360 - Special Edition (Live)

Midnight – 1:00AM: Piers Morgan Tonight (Live)

1:00AM – 2:00AM Anderson Cooper 360 - Special Edition

2:00AM – 3:00AM Piers Morgan Tonight

3:00AM – 4:00AM Anderson Cooper 360 - Special Edition

4:00AM – 5:00AM Piers Morgan Tonight

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Anonymous said...

The problem is the that the Republican primaries
have been boring. We have had debates and more
debates along with primary results. IMHO it does
not look like anyone is really gaining that much.
Unfortunately for CNN they are now considered
to be the Tea Party, Anti-Obama ,bigoted network
more interested in spreading lies and ignorance.
CNN has to fix it's political image.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN should give Isha Sesay the 7 PM hour.
She is filling in today for Suzanne. It would be a
different type of show. You would have Isha but
hire others like Angela Sun to talk sports. Yes,
some women watch sports. Hire Max & Jason as
well. They once hosted Still Up on Current. A
fast paced news show with news and interesting
topics an news oriented program. Isha is good
and with an ensemble cast she could still be
on 360. The news & music as will be essential
to the show. These are a group of young diverse
journalists who bring their unique different
styles to the table. I not trying to be The View
are The Talk. Women are news consumers.
No pundits permitted.

The intro would go a little something like this.
Today's opening song. Isha and the others
would next take us through what is coming
up on the show. Once that is all down there
will be a signature phrase for the show.

America _____________ cause ________________.
Believe the phrase gets your attention. Roll
the show open with a different song playing.

Politics can be done this way : have Queen's
Under Pressure playing as a graphic runs
for the topic. Big FL primary coming up so
we asked our Wolf Blitzer, John King & Candy
Crowley what does it all mean. As 1 of them
are saying the names have al of their pics
full screen with their last names. Black &
White photos for the effect. It runs about
90 seconds.

Isha or someone else could say Florida is
the biggest prize so far in the GOP primary
season. So we asked our Wolf Blitzer, John
King and Candy Crowley to give us the
Breakdown ( you could use Tom Petty too )
As you mention their names have black &
white photos with their last names on the
pictures. Have them each give their take.
Short, sweet and too the point. Viewers
have just sat through over analysis . Give
them a break. They are seasoned reporters.
They should be able to sum things all up
in 90 seconds. What they say is weaved
together to tell a story and of course video
and stills and infographics are a must.

Pick a final song for everyone to have a
closing news item. For the premiere it
can be a song like Someday by the

I pitched this show here before. I am serious,
I don't want a job at CNN. The news means
something to me .

I say Isha Sesay because she has the news
credibility. She is good at having that
conversation with a viewer. Authenticity.

Anonymous said...

Dana Loesch hasn't been mentioned in CNN's Florida Primary promos and I'd love to believe that she's been taken out for good, but I don't want to get my hopes up. I did notice that she hasn't been a part of the last few election coverage programs on CNN. Unfortunately, no Dana doesn't necessarily mean no Obama-bashing by the other contributors (and anchors).

Anonymous said...

Dana was on one of the Newsrooms today, so she hasn't been taken competely out of the picture.

At this point, I think anyone is better than Suzanne, who is a complete bore. But, as much as I disdain the current Newsrooms, I think Anonymous 1:02, your idea is dreadful.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:02pm, I think you have good ideas and certainly would like to see Isha anchor a show. I never gave much thought to the music in a show but seeing how well Up w/ Chris Hayes and NOW with Alex (msnbc) utilize music, it does help make the show more lively. CNN certainly needs to try something different than it is doing now. They've got world class reporters and I would rather hear from them than some paid political hack (aka pundit).

Anon 1:10am, I think you may be confusing Dana Loesh with Dana Bash. Loesch is a pundit, Bash is a reporter. I don't think Loesch has been on CNN since her comments in support of marines peeing on dead bodies.

Anonymous said...

Nope, familiar with both Bash and Loesch, and actually it's a bit hard to confuse the two. The latter was on Newsroom with Kyra on the 30th.
Thanks though Anon 8:45pm.

-What has began to bug me more and more about CNN, is their love for the salacious. I would expect Piers to dwell in it, but to my surprise Wolf engages in it quite a bit too. All the little tawdry tidbits are discussed to nauseum.

When CNN realizes that viewers want news, then people just may tune in and stay.