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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



AC 360 Tops MSNBC at 10p

CNN Tops MSNBC in Total Day and Dayside

February 2012 Highlights:
• CNN tops MSNBC in M-F primetime in target demo
• CNN tops MSNBC in M-Su primetime in key demo
• CNN tops MSNBC in total day among total viewers and in key demo
• CNN tops MSNBC in dayside in total viewers and target demo
• AC 360 tops MSNBC at 10p in key demo
• Despite the Arab Spring a year ago, CNN shows growth in primetime and total day, while MSNBC and FNC decline.

In February, CNN topped MSNBC in M-F prime and M-Su prime in the target demo 25-54 and in both total viewers and in the key demo in total day and dayside. Anderson Cooper 360 at 10pm also topped MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell among 25-54.

Despite cable news being fueled by coverage of the Arab Spring during this time a year ago, CNN showed the most growth this month vs. a year ago in primetime and total day, while MSNBC and FNC both down.

In Monday-Friday primetime, CNN topped MSNBC (270k vs. 252k) and increased +11% (270k vs. 243k) in the demo 25-54 and grew 5% in total viewers vs. last year. MSNBC is down -5% (252k vs. 266k) and FNC is off -13% (502k vs. 579k) in the demo, and down -1% and -3% respectively in total viewers compared to a year ago. February represents the second consecutive month that CNN has outperformed MSNBC in M-F prime in the key demo.

Anderson Cooper 360 at 10p continued to show a strong ratings performance, topping MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell at 10p in the key demo (262k vs.238k).

In Monday-Sunday primetime, CNN topped MSNBC in the target demo (283k vs. 237k) and grew an impressive +31% (283k vs. 216k) vs. a year ago, while MSNBC is down -9% (237k vs. 260k) and FNC declined -10% (418k vs. 466k). In total viewers, CNN grew +20% (807k vs. 675k), while MSNBC declined -3% and FNC is flat.

In total day (6a-6a), CNN outperformed MSNBC in both total viewers (475k vs. 455k) and the target demo (163k vs. 145k). In the key demo 25-54, CNN is up +3% (163k vs. 159k) last year, with FNC dropping -6% (270k vs. 286k) and MSNBC declining -1% (145k vs. 146k).

During the dayside (9a-5p), CNN also topped MSNBC in total viewers by +11% (439k vs. 396k) and by +27% in the key demo (117k vs. 92k).

CNN reached a cumulative audience of 95.9 million viewers in February 2012, FNC followed with 79.3 million and MSNBC had 75.5 million.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news. On Monday, Soledad was 5th in
totals/demos. CNN is losing right from the
start. When you are topped by CNBC, that
is a big problem. There is no way this show
can be saved.CNN has not launched a show
that is successful in the last 3 years. The
list of failures is getting longer. CNN is a
hot mess.

Anonymous said...

If CNN was at historic lows last year, wouldn't
the ratings go up this year. Most of 2011 CNN
was running forth.

Anonymous said...

Ok, anyone who casually follows cable tv news ratings can tell that CNN's averages are helped by the election results, debates, and whitney houston death. Each and every night CNN gets its a$$ handed to itself by MSNBC in the morning and from 6pm to 11pm every weekday night. Anderson at 10pm is the only exception and he doesn't win steadily. I hope someone at CNN is looking at the daily numbers and sees that they need to make some changes quick.

Anonymous said...

How can you trust a network that spins the truth when it comes to the numbers?
CNN is the last place cable news network, there is no way to spin that.