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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ratings For the Week of February 20th-24th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the ratings for
Monday, Soledad was anchoring 360. It just
might be a long night with Michigan.

Anonymous said...

CNN has to decide what to do sooner rather than
later about Jk, USA , Out Front , too many pundits.
At this point, it's clear that CNN needs to get to
work and fix problems. What is CNN about ? Is it
news that is at the heart of CNN or is it polarizing
pundits ? CNN put viewers 1st . I try to watch CNN
but the network makes that nearly impossible. I
watch 360 daily but I find myself watching MSNBC
more and I really want to watch CNN but I am just
not into pundits. I think it is time to retire the
pundits and move on to contributors who are
writers,filmmakers,movers & shakers, artists,
animators, media creators who can give CNN
massive amounts of content they can use all
day long. I would like to turn to CNN to see the
best and the brightest. I feel like the standards
of the network are being dumbed down.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest mistakes CNN made was to go
to the 2 hr solo anchor format. All they do is sit
and read the same scripts. From 9 AM - 4 PM CNN
needs to have different news shows on each hour..
They have 4 different shows called the News Room
and they have to wonder why they are losing viewers
during the day. The only show that should be 2 hrs
dayside is Wolf Blitzer and they need to pick up the
pace of Sit Room. CNN is acting like they don't care
about viewers. CNN has to fix 5 AM -8 PM and get
a much better host at 9 PM.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that 360 is not on at 10 on CNN.
It is primary coverage all night long. Bump music
would be nice. Also, have Isha Sesay do live news
segments all night long. I will send CNN a playlist.

Anonymous said...

You would think Wolf Blitzer and John King's show's
would be performing better since it is an election.
CNN has to come up with a new approach to politics.
Neither get a ratings bump on debates or primaries.

Anonymous said...

Paul Begala should be suspended for his "fat" comments.

jeffrey pittman said...

Question. Why does the panel always refer to our PRESIDENT by his first and last name instead of giving him his due respect by addressing him as THE PRESIDENT? Does one go into the court room and address the JUDGE by his first and last name? I think not. Out of RESPECT they address him as YOUR HONOR. LIKE WISE ADDRESS OUR PREIDENT WITH SOME RESPECT. AS MR PRESIDENT.

Anonymous said...

If, heaven forbid, Romney gets elected president, it will be interesting to see if the CNN anchors/pundits consistently address him as "President Romney", because they apparently don't feel President Obama deserves that type of respect. I've NEVER heard Gloria Borger say PRESIDENT Obama in all the time she's been on the job at CNN and evidently the big bosses there don't think it necessary to tell her to do it.

Anonymous said...

Well February 2012 is now on the books. The only
show that CNN points to is 360 at 10 finishing 2nd
in the demo. TVN dug deeper and said John King is
actually up. Erin Burnett is down double digits at 7.
Early Start/ Starting Point is giving CNN some of it's
worst ratings in 10 years. PMT is down too. CNN
management had better start minding the store.
CNN brand is slipping.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt more changes will be coming to
CNN. Things can't stay the same. Maybe we will
get Strombo and Aisha Tyler. Out Front has to be
getting closer to being canceled. CNN seems to
have problems creating shows. CNN it is time
get experts who have actually done this and can
get results. Aisha Tyler saved THE TALK. Strombo
should be on CNN like right now.

This should be the brand new lineup on CNN
from 7- 11 PM

At 7 have Aisha Tyler give her unique take on
the news stories of the day. Both Anderson
Cooper & John King will benefit.

AC 360 at 8. Anderson & Isha are a good
fit for CNN. Have them for breaking news.
The news should be the most important.

At 9 on CNN Strombo. Keep everything the
same. He has been on for 8 years and has
been in broadcasting for years, He knows
what to do.

360 stays on at 10 . It's CNN's highest show.
Besides it s not an hour that CNN has to be
concerned about.

This would hands down be the coolest cable
news lineup. Think about it. Anderson Cooper,
Isha Sesay, Aisha Tyler & Strombo. CNN shows
lack continuity. CNN should try something
different for once.

Anonymous said...

CNN won't hire Aisha and Strombo--that would take creative thinking and I haven't seen much of that lately. At the risk of being stoned to death, why keep AC360? Put the man back in the field where he is good. The only reason the 10 p.m. hour has better ratings on occasion has been the primaries. Lately he is getting beat up at both 8 and 10. The show is boring. He is a field reporter, not an anchor. My opinion, so take your best shot.