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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ratings For the Week of January 30 - February 3

1 - Special programming aired on one night during the week
2 - Special programming aired on two nights during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

For all of CNN's hype over January's numbers, they sure are crashing hard in February. Everyone knows the debates gave them a bump. Poor AC has to carry CNN primetime with an embarrassingly bad lead-in. The more erin burnett is on my cnn, the more annoying she becomes. So, will cnn schedule more debates and ask stupid, sensational questions in a desperate attempt to get a ratings bump?

Anonymous said...

Not a good week for CNN. Somebody at the
network had better come up with some ideas
to save CNN before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett is the worst lead in in cable news.
Watching her feeble attempts to anchor news
is appalling. CNN wake up . Erin Burnett can't
anchor news worth a a penny. On top of that
Out Front is a crappy show. Is she doing worse
than Eliot Spitzer ? CNN seems to have developed
a knack for creating bad shows and hiring some
of the worst talent on the planet. Is this really
the best that CNN can do ? Put on Isha Sesay,
Asleigh Banfield, Aisha Tyler, anybody but Erin
Burnett. CNN can't be pleased with that show
and they shouldn't be.

CNN is in self destruct mode. TV By The Numbers
has some startling stats. Starting Point can't even
get 200,000 viewers. At some point the show is
going to scratch, meaning the ratings will be so
low that they are not register.

CNN has to stop bringing back Cross Fire
with pundits. They might enjoy hearing
themselves talk but it is nothing in for viewers.
End the left vs right silliness. It is time to jump
the shark. Pundits are no longer relevant. What
matters is content. the political stories of the
day not the echo chamber of the day. CNN is
tone death with politics. MSNBC is so much
better at selecting political content. That is
why Al Sharpton tops CNN. CNN is so busy
chasing the chatter that they are missing
the big picture and lack substance. There is
no point to CNN's political coverage. The wall
is getting old as well.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock. CNN has to get Sroumboulopoulos.
Just watched last night's episode. The man found
a way to make Charles Dickens fascinating. CNN
could use a big dose of creativity. AC should not
have to carry CNN on his shoulders. Isha seems to
be absent from 360 lately. I guess network brass
doesn't like that she puts Erin Burnett to shame
and she is just doing the news bulletin on 360.
A fast paced news show with Isha might work at
7 PM but CNN has to let her personality shine.
Viewers know her from 360. So it couldn't hurt
to have her as the 360 lead in. Isha does have
news cred. Let's face it Erin is not working CNN
mistakenly thought they could make her like
Rachel Maddow. Outfront is neither smart nor
funny.. If CNN waits too long the damage is done.

Anonymous said...

CNN is run by idiots. FNC & MSNBC are scaling
back their coverage of the GOP primaries. CNN
is going on with complete coverage starting at
7. It is clear that viewers don't care for the over
the top coverage.FNC & MSNBC will go with the
regular shows and work the primaries into all
of the shows but not CNN. Look at the ratings
CNN. Viewers are sick of it. CNN will be so far
back the ratings, They just don't get it. Why
would anyone issue a press release for the
Saturday night ratings. CNN enough already.

Anonymous said...

No offense intended to all the die hard AC360 fans, but he is not carrying CNN on his back. If his show were that good, wouldn't the ratings be better for him? I agree that Erin Burnett is awful (and so is PM), but AC360 is filled with pundits, boring stories (most of the time, but not all the time), and is generally not very appealing for a primetime newscast. AC needs to step it up if his ratings are going to improve.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I feel Anderson has let CNN down a lot, especially because he has a talk show to concentrate on. Has anyone noticed that he hasn't done any field reporting anywhere since his talk show debuted? I would say the face of CNN would have to be Wolf Blitzer. He truly is amazing at broadcasting and does a outstanding job on the America's Choice 2012 coverage.

Anonymous said...

^ Anon 2:04pm, I like AC but you make a good point about the pundits. I think CNN is forcing him to showcase the pundits. His stories over last year just aren't as interesting as they used to be. Problem is, he is the best CNN has got right now.

Anonymous said...

CNN's coverage is great. There goes Mitt Romney bashing Obama again. That's all he is doing and is very repetitive with it on every voting night. What are your goals and plans Mitt? You better get your act together. Rick just kicked your butt.

Anonymous said...

It's midnight now and into the 3rd hour of AC360ยบ because no Colorado projection yet. Much better than having Piers Morgan on as planned.

Anonymous said...

If ED or BOR has 2 shows losing viewers in
massive numbers like Anderson Cooper,
you can bet the numbers would be way
lower. CNN had better figure out what
their political coverage will be before the
campaign is in full swing.