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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday's Primary & Caucus Coverage on CNN 2/7/12

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer anchored 5 hours of primary and caucuses coverage on Tuesday night from the CNN Election Center in Atlanta. The coverage was extended with a special edition of AC360 at midnight while waiting results from Colorado.

News bulletins about the crisis in Syria were provided by Barbara Starr and Arwa Damon, who is in Beirut.

In the studio:
John King at the magic wall
Erin Burnett breaking down the campaign finances
Analysts: Gloria Borger and David Gergen
Pundits: Donna Brazile, Ari Fleischer, Roland Martin and Erick Erickson
Mark Preston in the cube

In the field:
Jim Acosta at Romney headquarters in Denver, Colorado
Joe Johns at a Gingrich event in Columbus, Ohio
Dana Bash at Santorum headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri
Shannon Travis at Maple Grove, Minnesota
David Mattingly at Stillwater, Minnesota
Chris Welsh at Shakopee, Minnesota
Jessica Yellin from Washington, DC

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Anonymous said...

The BREAKING NEWS banner is over used. Breaking News occurs when a news story breaks into planned programming. I would say the situation in Syria is Breaking News, as shown tonight, but not someone winning a state. A winner is expected to be announced. It should be labeled as JUST IN. Breaking News should be announced when the Republican Nominee is named, and when the winner of the 2012 election is named.

Anonymous said...

CNn has a rich history that they need to embrace.
The republican circus has turned off viewers. CNN
has to strike the right balance and focus on the
real story. That is a great point about breaking
news. It is overhyped . 1 table of pundits is all
you need. Pundits should only be on TSR, John
KIng and SOU. No way should they be on 360.
Go with a 90 second breakdown or a 2 minute
drill featuring CNN reporters. It is too much of
a circus and CNN is too much of a ringleader.

If your reporters can't break it down in 90
seconds, turn in your journalism card. It is a
political trailer if you will. CNN said Mitt Romney
would win Colorado. It was Rick Santorum who
was undefeated for the night. All you have to
do is to go with the song Good Feeling to sum
up how Santroum must feel. There is a great
song from the Generationals called When They
Fight, They Fight. It is going to be a long fight.
Great song for 360 to use during the primaries.
You have that playing in the background. You
go with Wolf, John, Gloria, Candy and the
reporters who are covering the candidates.
A slicked edited/produce Raw Politics for 360
that can be popular on multiple platforms.
Each month you have a new song until this
all plays out. Smashing Pumpkins Perfect would
also work since Santorum has a perfect record.