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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Night Live Lampoons Piers Morgan Tonight

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Anonymous said...

SO FUNNY! Spot on Piers! Anyone who watched the Super Bowl halftime show, will definitely find this funny!

Anonymous said...

CNN is now a national joke. It is sad but true.
Piers Morgan just mumbles and stumbles for
an entire hour. The show is awful.

Anonymous said...

Never miss SNL.
This was an excellent parody.
Loved it when he was saying "What...." and held it.
Just like Piers Moron.

Anonymous said...

I never watch Piers Morgan. Judging from the
SNL clips, it's the right decision. Knowing CNN
they probably did go with him because of the
accent. I'm starting to wonder if CNN enjoys
being a national joke. The suits might think it
will help ratings. Embarrassed is what they
need to be. Hire people who are good at TV.

Anonymous said...

This skit was very funny, not just for its mockery of CNN. If the execs think all publicity is good publicity for ratings, they are sadly mistaken. The more SNL, Daily Show, and Colbert mock CNN, the more CNN loses credibility. CNN should not be proud of this skit.