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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your Views on the News 2/11/12

Comments have been mostly well thought out and very interesting this week. The consensus seems to be that Soledad's Starting Point needs a rework, AC360 is the best CNN has to offer, but has problems too, and Erin Burnett is getting the negative comments that used to be focused on Piers.
Here's the place to look at things in depth and if you want to create a new line up for CNN give it a go. You never know who might be reading and taking notes.

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Anonymous said...

I think Soledad's show needs a serious rework and o think she would do better with an ensemble or co-host. Again, cnn needs to stop replying on pundits so much. I always thought Soledad was a decent reporter but she has a tendency to let her ego get in the way and make a show all about her (note to all anchors, it really isn't about you). Anderson, Wolf, John King, and Candy Crowley are the best on cnn. AC is great but it does seem like his daytime show is a distraction. He has lacked passion for his cnn show. We all know it is within AC to step up his game and make his show more engaging again. As for Piers, I am really interested to see how is show will progress this year since he is planning on reworking the show. He can be really good but very inconsistent. I am willing to give him time because he can be very entertaining if he has decent guests that are interesting. Your comment about negative comments that used to go to piers is now being directed at erin, perhaps suggesting people don't like new shows?! Maybe that is true but my complaint about Erin is more fundamental to her journalistic integrity. I had a fairly positive view of erin when on NBC universally, but I suspected cnn picked her for all the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, I admired her willingness to do something new and bigger. I could forgive her pro-business leanings given her role on CNBC. But now that I have seen her on CNN, I see her pro-wall street agenda is a personal ideology that she is not the least bit apologetic for. Her worldview and values seem fundamentally in conflict with the brand identity of CNN. It is clear she was plucked from CNBC well before her maturity as a journalist worthy of CNN. I'm all for working in a little fun and humor on a news show, but her jokes and antics are oftem immature and usually involve a mockery of people that is inappropriate. Finally, the show's tenor is very personal and is focused on her as a TV personality and not the content she produces. Some aspects of the show can easily be fixed and it would improve but, personally, I have serious doubts about her credibility and integrity as a journalist and that you can't fix. IMHO, she just needs to go. CNN picked her because she is cute, flirtatious, with a magnetic personality and she could bring her constituency of middle-aged, cigar-smoking, wealth-obsessed, deal-making, men who will watch her talk about paint drying. Well, I actually hear what she says and I don't like how she infuses opinions and commentary with her reports but tries to claim credibilty of being a straight, honest, centered ethical journalist. She is NO Anderson Cooper. Going from CNBC to primetime CNN news anchor was a bridge too far for her capabilities. Zahn and Campbell may have had some problems with their shows but I never doubted their credibility - they are real genuine professionals. Burnett would do well to aspire to be on their level one day. Like Zurwick (sp?) of the Baltimore Sun said when reviewing her show - "she doesn't get journalism."

Anonymous said...

Even Jimmy Kimmel is getting on CNN's case.
As jon Stewart observed CNN is terrible.

There is no way that Anderson, Soledad, Kyra
and the others want the talking heads taking
over their shows. It is their faces that viewers
see it is ruining their careers. When Kyra now
has to start her show with Roland Martin &
Will Cain, you know it is systemic and ordered
by management. Not only that Kyra and Randi
Kaye have to play a game with pundits. Way
to embarrass your anchors CNN.

Never watch Erin Burnett or Piers Morgan.
Rachel Maddow has the best show on cable
news.360 used to be close but is falling way
behind. It will be interesting to see if CNN
will stop using so many pundits next month.

Anonymous said...

Even Jimmy Kimmel is getting on CNN's case.
As jon Stewart observed CNN is terrible.

There is no way that Anderson, Soledad, Kyra
and the others want the talking heads taking
over their shows. It is their faces that viewers
see it is ruining their careers. When Kyra now
has to start her show with Roland Martin &
Will Cain, you know it is systemic and ordered
by management. Not only that Kyra and Randi
Kaye have to play a game with pundits. Way
to embarrass your anchors CNN.

Never watch Erin Burnett or Piers Morgan.
Rachel Maddow has the best show on cable
news.360 used to be close but is falling way
behind. It will be interesting to see if CNN
will stop using so many pundits next month.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone watching the CNN special, Showbiz at the Grammys? The CNN logo is bigger and on the left side of the screen. CNN's graphics department should leave it like that, and eliminate the show title/segment box, just like how CNN International did it. Honestly, the show name flashes enough already behind the anchors and before/after commercial breaks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, we are back with some numbers we ran for
CNN for Feb 2012 up to this point Mon-Fri, It
begins with Feb 1st. TV NEWSER & TV BY THE
NUMBERS were both used for data.

We begin with this startling message : Feb 2012
could be one of the worst months ever for CNN.
It just does not look good, Who knows ? Perhaps
CNN could post better numbers in the coming
fortnight but right now CNN is showing signs of
a network in distress. It is getting ugly and you
can bet the press will not be kind. Look for
headlines like CNN has a free falling February.
Crisis at CNN. Get the picture ? We will have
an additional post of the data . We just see
bad news for CNN. We said we would keep it
real and that is what we will do. CNN will not
be able to spin this month. If your network is
performing badly , you have to admit it. Face
the music and fix the problems. This is a very
bitter pill to swallow if you are a CNN fan.

Anonymous said...

360 at 8 PM is averaging 518,000/160,000

ED is averaging 1,075,000/244,000

BOR is averaging 3,104,000/653,000

ED is getting hot, Anderson is getting cold.
Let's hope 360 does not finish below 500,000.
With a lead-in like Out Front, 360 needs to
gain some 400,000 viewers to get back into
game. The difference at 6 & 7 will eventually
become too much for 360 unless Team 360
finds ways to make 360 self sustaining. The
demo difference is 84,000. That has always
been Anderson's strength. Of course, 360 is
doing better than it's predecessors. This has
been a tough hour for CNN for years and the
saga continues.360 actually gains viewers but
it is just not enough . 360 has some hurdles
to clear that are beyond their control. They
can not fix the 2 hours before airtime.

At 10 PM 360 is averaging 617,000/221,000

TLW is averaging 933,000/234,000

OTR is averaging 1,793,000/399,000

This is best hour for CNN with regards to
viewership ratio. 316,000 is the difference
between CNN & MSNBC for the hour. Demos
are tighter with a 13,000 difference . The
demo race will go down to the wire.

PMT is averaging 669,000/201,000

TRMS is averaging 1,097,000/297,000

Hannity is averaging 2,207,000/525,000

Rachel Madow is on fire. She could actually
end up with some of her best ratings for
her show in months. Rachel is giving a big
lift to ED & TLW. TRMS is gaining strength.
PMT is doing better than 360 right now. It
pays to have 360 for bookends. At 10 PM
360 has a higher demo. We will see if there
are signs that Rachel Maddow is getting out
of reach in both categories. A scenario like
this played out with Larry King.

In primetime CNN is averaging 623,000/204,000

MSNBC is averaging 1,011,000/258,000

FNC is averaging 2,374,000/526,000

MSNBC & FNC has 180 minutes of primetime
that is compatible and goes well together.
Content & continuity matter. ED & TLW have
actually added more news and picked up the
pace of their respective shows. It seems to be
delivering results for MSNBC.

We will end this post at this point . More data
will follow in an additional post. It is a lot to

Anonymous said...

The Sequel :

Early Start & Starting PT is averaging
201,000/80,000. This is on track to
be the worst performing show ever
when it comes to mornings on CNN.
This show is going nowhere.

CNN has some dayside issues as well.

CNN is averaging 426,000/127,000

MSNBC is averaging 555,000/142,000

FNC is averaging 1,369,000/327,000

At this point we doubt that FNC or MSNBC
have any concerns about CNN. Right now
CNN is not offering any serious competition.
Granted this is data based on 6 or 7 days and
2 weeks remain We don't see a dramatic CNN
turn around this month. After that it will be
on to March 2012 and this will mark Q1 for
2012 in cable news.

At 5 TSR is averaging 604,000/130,000

Hardball is averaging 798,000/155,000

The 5 is averaging 1,657,000/395,000

Wolf is hanging in there.

JK,USA is averaging 468,000/135,000

Sharpton is averaging 806,000/181,000

SPCL Rpt is averaging 1,871,000/403,000

It would be great if John King could grow
on Wolf's numbers. Viewers are entertaining
other options. The news is that Al Sharpton
is improving on Hardball's numbers. He also
tops every single show on CNN.

Out Front is averaging 413,000/129,000

Hardball is averaging 826,000/207,000

Fox Rpt is averaging 1,723,000/413,000

Will Erin finish lower than 400,000. The
nightmare scenario for CNN would be if
Al Sharpton & Chris Mattews get really
close to 1 million viewers. The situation
for CNN is dire. Viewers might just be
agreeing with Jon Stewart, CNN is terrible.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

4:14PM: Your figures are on fire and they tell a far different story than what CNN public relations would like everyone to believe.
CNN, including Anderson Cooper are last.
Anderson is NOT holding up CNN because he too, has lost his credibility with his crass daytime show and his inability to engage the viewer.
He is no longer "the journalist," but the TV personality.
Even on 60 Minutes, he aspires to interviewing a rock star.
Pleaze....not everyone is a tween and it has been a long time since he's done anything with depth and dimension.
Rachel Maddow has passion for what she is doing.
She's not a publicity hound nor does she rely on pundits.
If pundits are CNN's problem, eliminate them. Don't blame management. If an anchor has his name on the show, the buck stops there.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream lineup i would very much like to
see on CNN from 6 pm until 2 am. CNN has got
to hire some fresh talent that can possibly get
CNN to a level on par with MSNBC & FNC. CNN
has got to do better.

Firstly, look towards CBC. Hire Mark Kelley to
replace John King at 6. His news show is not
typical and reporters from CNN I have made
appearances on his show. Connect With Mark
Kelley is a solid news show.

Secondly, hire Aisha Tyler for a 7 pm show.
The knowledge she displays about the news
on The Talk is pure magic. She easily would
be CNN's Rachel Maddow.CNN needs a smart,
witty and creative female. If Anderson Cooper
can work for 60 minutes, certainly she can be
permitted to have a prime time gig on CNN.
HLN hired Joy Behar and she is on The View.

Thirdly, hire George Stroumboulopoulos and
give him the 9 PM hour. Last night at the end
of her show Rachel showed her staff. It was a
young staff. I doubt if they even get any news
from TV. In a brilliant move MSNBC went hip
and young for the hour. CNN needs someone
who can go head to head with Rachel Maddow.
A live news show with a studio audience. This
could be CNN's Daily Show.

360 remains on CNN at 8 & 10 pm but I do
agree with the 10 point plan that was posted
earlier. You have Anderson Cooper & Isha
Sesay if there is breaking news. Between those
2 they could handle breaking news from 7-11
or beyond if necessary.

Anderson Cooper, Isha Sesay, Mark Kelly,
Aisha Tyler & George Stroumboulopoulos.
It is long overdue for cable news to have
diversity in prime time.CNN should offer
more original programming. Shows that
viewers will actually watch and DVR.

There are 3 others I would mention for CNN
to hire as well. They are Conor Knighton, Max
Lugavere and Jason Silva. These guys create
media. They all were once at Current TV.

Conor Knighton was the host of Infomania
and CBS might be grooming him to be the
next Andy Rooney. He has appeared on
Sunday Morning. Max & Jason hosted Still
Up With Max & Jason. These 3 are known
for creating TV & media. CNN needs fresh
blood /brains. Put them on at midnight at
1 AM. I doubt if they were live on Current
but the shows were good. Perhaps they
could even help CNN develop shows.

CNN has Kaj Larsen. While at Current , he
was a part of Vanguard. Hire the rest of
the time and have them bring the Vanguard
style to CNN. It would be a way for CNN to
some really original stories. They really do
have stories that you won't see on CNN. Add
Mariana Van Zeller, Christof Putzel & Adam
Yamaguchi. CNN should be hiring the best
and the brightest and up and commers. Not
the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

The GOP chairman in Maine just announced that Mitt Romney won the Maine Caucus. The graphics just flashed "Romney Wins Maine Caucus" followed by the yellow Breaking News banner on top. It should have read JUST IN rather then BREAKING NEWS. Seriously, the term is being over-used.

Anonymous said...

I am loving CNN's coverage of the Maine Caucus and here is why. The coverage isn't going on all night. It was perfectly planned to air from 6PM-8PM. The results came in at around 6:20PM.

There were only contributors and no pundits! Gloria, Donna, and David are awesome! They are smart and not cocky when talking, unlike the pointless pundits. CNN needs to get rid of the pundits!

The Atlanta studio shouldn't be used as an Election Center but rather just for the CNN Newsroom broadcasts. From now until all the primaries and caucuses are finished in June, they should just broadcast America's Choice 2012 coverage from Washington as they are tonight in that office studio. In September, after the national conventions are over, CNN will debut an ALL NEW bigger and better Washington studio which will serve home to CNN's Election Center coverage or Political Coverage Events after election night and a part of the studio will also serve home as the new Situation Room!

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon is always left out during big coverage events. He was replaced with Wolf Blitzer on air when Osama Bin Laden was killed. Not sure why he couldn't have just stayed on with him? Also, I don't see him at all during election coverage. He should be given the 10PM weekday hour instead of the 10PM weekend hour. He deserves more.

Anonymous said...

In September once CNN has their all new studios up and running in Washington, the entire United States broadcast of the channel needs to be completely revamped!

First of all, the logo needs to be changed. It looks too 80's-ish. The logo should look like the CNN logo in the Marketplace Middle East show. Just a red box with white CNN letters in it, kind of like how HLN is. The graphics need to be changed. Everything should be a bit bigger and capitalized. I hate the lowercased headlines. The graphics colors should resemble CNN Internationals graphics. Plain and simple. They should also get rid of the flipper. Too much writing on screen becomes too distracting. It should be simple.

Breaking News shouldn't be over-used. It sometimes is even being used when news isn't even breaking into pre-planned programming. Maybe if they ever do revamp CNN, Breaking News should be replaced with something like News Alert or at least be very smart using the Breaking News label. I remember long time ago when it was used, it was for something people talked about for days.

The new Washington studios will serve home to The Situation Room, and will be used for the CNN Election Center along with Political coverage of big events.

The new Atlanta studio which debuted last year should continue to serve home to broadcasting during the day, but the name CNN Newsroom should be replaced with simply CNN News because it doesn't look like a newsroom anymore, as it did previously with everyone at their computers in the background. I agree that Don Lemon should be given the weekday primetime 10PM hour.

The new New York studio which debuted three years ago should continue to serve home to a new show in the morning, rather than the failing Early Start and Starting Point. It should simply be titled CNN Mornings. The studio should also serve to CNN360ยบ in primetime and to a new primetime international show(s) hosted by Hala Gorani or Isha Sesay.

Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan need to go. John King is great at CNN but is too boring to have his own show, sorry. Bring Larry King back to do a once a week Saturday show with a Sunday repeat from the Los Angeles studio.

CNN should also develop LIVE overnight shows or just simulcast CNN International.

Anonymous said...

CNN did an amazing job at the Maine Caucus coverage! It was not over done, and they chose last minute to have a Newsroom hour with Don Lemon at 7PM with Wolf Blitzer incorporated in it, rather than another hour of Election coverage. Thumbs up CNN. There is other news out there.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about Whitney Houston's death. Don Lemon is doing a great job at the coverage. I see this will go on through the night. Even though the Maine Caucus coverage ended early, I wonder what would have happened if this was a big primary/caucus night. How would they have handled the coverage and all.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan seriously gets underneath my skin. Why is he still on CNN and why is he co-anchoring breaking news with Don Lemon? I'm not a Madonna fan but it's no secret that Piers Morgan HATES Madonna for no apparent reason. She never did anything to him. He's so full of himself. He has "banned" her from his show, as if his show is America's #1 talk show. I bring all this up because he is calling Whitney Houston the Queen of Pop. Okay, first of all, she isn't even known to be a pop singer. With all do respect to Whitney Houston, Madonna has that title. Just because he hates her doesn't mean he has to use that title on Whitney. That would be like him hating Michael Jackson, and calling Paul McCartney the King of Pop whenever he dies, God forbid. He's so STUPID! It's extremely annoying. Can't wait to see him unemployed.

David said...

CNN is wasting Don Lemon on the weekends. He really is fantastic, and I am really concerned they will lose him like TJ (which I still have not gotten over.)

I love that you brought up Aisha Tyler, I think she would be fantastic on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Deal with it. Anderson Cooper is the least of
CNN's worries. 360 is CNN''s most profitable
show. So what if he is on 360, has a talk show
and is on 60 minutes. That means he has a
successful career. Brian Williams, Charlie Rose,
Diane Sawyer and others talk with celebrities.
It was his assignment to interview Adele. The
management at CNN decides which shows
are on the lineup, makes hiring decisions.
You just don't like Anderson Cooper.CNN's
management has editorial control at the
network. If a network boss decides to put
pundits on any show, no one can defy it.

Anonymous said...

CNN if you want someone with credibility on
music hire Toure. The man knows music and
can talk about Whitney Houston. Piers Morgan
had no clue. He knows nothing about music.
Don Lemon was doing a fine job. Larry King
has knowledge and was at the Davis event.
There was no need for Piers Morgan.

It's sad news about Whitney Houston. What
a voice I can't believe she was about to sit
down for an interview for VH1's Behind The
Music. They have been featuring her videos.
What an archive.

Anonymous said...

If Aisha Tyler is on CNN at 7 PM , I will
watch. I have been a fan since the Talk
Soup days. CNN could use a strong female
host on a show. Can you imagine the ratings
for CNN not to mention what a lead-in for
360. IMHO she needs to be solo on The Talk.
Aisha,Anderson, Isha & Strombo will give CNN
energy and a fresh new look that says we are
not doing the same thing over and over again.

Anonymous said...

10:16AM: Last Commenter:
Although you have a right to your opinion, it is obvious to anyone reading your comment that you are a fangirl.
Fangirls of AC cannot be objective.
Everyone has a boss, but the boss will listen if the person has enough "creds" and is an important personality.
You are rationalizing and this is not helpful.
Anderson Cooper was successful because of his field work and now he does nothing but phone in his show.
How do you know Adele was his assignment?
Did he call you to tell you?
He does no in depth interviews with people of stature anymore because he does not want to over burden himself.
And HE too, has become a problem on CNN.
If you have clout, which in fact he does, Use It....and just save your show and say NO TO PUNDITS!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I read this blog a lot and I am an ordinary CNN viewer, but to all of you who are suggesting that CNN should hire George Strombo or Aisha Tyler for CNN PRIMETIME are seriously over thinking it. Seriously? First of all, I'm not sure why CNN wanted to hire Piers Morgan after Larry King to do celebrity interviews. This is a MAJOR news network. I want to see news NOT famous interviews. The fact that Piers Morgan had not ever done LIVE breaking news and was put on air to cover the revolution in Egypt months ago, and him confessing he had not done, shocks me that CNN would hire him without knowing this. If I want to see interviews, I will watch some other show on another network. I can't see Aisha being hired, but George would be good IF he got a weekend show. In primetime, I turn to CNN to watch NEWS, not hour long interviews. Yes, I agree CNN should have a variety of diverse shows and hosts, but if there was a national tragedy, can you honestly see Aisha covering it, followed by George? I would rather have Isha Sesay and someone else. CNN primetime should consist of real journalist and great anchors. They should bring in Don Lemon, continue with Anderson Cooper, and have Isha Sesay. All this talk reminds me of the rumor going around the Ryan Seacrest could replace Matt Lauer on the Today Show. It's sad to see that Entertainment could replace news journalism.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper rocks.

Anonymous said...

Strombo does focus heavily on news, does the
Debrief . He also has done docs on Pakistan &
Haiti. His show strikes the right balance on the
way he covers some very serious topics. News
has to evolve and change. Stroumboulopoulos
Tonight is a news driven show. He has sat down
for interviews with Hillary Clinton, authors and
people from all walks of life. If you ever watch
the Talk, take a close look at how well informed
Aisha Tyler is on news events. 360 & GST are
very much news oriented. Aisha Tyler is multi
faceted and is a Dartmouth grad. She very well
could be CNN's answer to Rachel Maddow. She
really is no different than Rachel. George 's show
is not like PMT. He would never do that with his
show. Take an hour to watch an episode. It is
about transforming the news. Aisha Tyler
would be on 2 hours before Rachel, Strombo
has a critically acclaimed show and he is in
the news division at CBC. News should be at
the heart of CNN and I strongly support that.
CNN needs talent who can draw viewers daily
when there is no big news. You have Anderson
& Isha around for serious news.CNN should
seriously make a play for 18-49 yr olds. with
a prime time lineup that is smart,cool & hip
but you will walk away with something . News
is at the heart of it all. CNN has to have much
better matchup with FNC & MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

No one is saying CNN has to abandon the news.
There are different styles of news and different
approaches to news as well.

Let me be very clear, Anderson Cooper and Isha
Sesay would handle breaking news/news events.
Aisha Tyler and Strombo can cover these events
but if there is big news from 7-11 PM go with
Anderson Cooper & Isha Sesay.

Strategically, this makes sense. Here's why. CNN
needs a lineup that is newsy, informative , smart,
intelligent, unpredictable, authentic and funny
at times. Original programming you can't get
on MSNBC or FNC. The clear alternative to
ideologically charged news that is getting old.

Think of the bump Aisha Tyler could give to
John King. She is getting rave reviews for her
knowledge of current events. She is an Ivy
Leaguer and a political science major. Aisha
Tyler is creative and she can create segments
that top Rachel Maddow. Aisha Tyler is a pro.
She is being credited with improving ratings
for the Talk. CNN is struggling. You can't
leave things the same and it has to be some
very strong moves that signal CNN is really
making an effort to fix it's problems rather
that just letting them fester.

360 highlights CNN's commitment to news.
You have Anderson Cooper & Isha Sesay. Do
something about the content and guests. If
Anderson wants to have a political discussion
he could go with Aisha Tyler and Strombo.

Both have brilliantly talked about politics and
various topics that are wide ranging. Get away
from viewing everything through an ideological
prism. That is boring and played out. For once
the conversation would be unpredictable, You
won't know what is going to happen. Intelligent
and funny but you will learn something. No more
pundits on 360. Anderson can speak with the
people directly tied to the events for KTH or
CNN's own political reporters.

CNN has to break the mold at 9. Strombo is
a great opportunity for CNN. It is a news show
with a live audience. Think of it a a news version
of the Daily Show. It is newsy, inormative, smart,
funny and unpredictable. This would be a great
linchpin show for the 8 & 10 hours of 360. Dude
is on a why different level than Piers Morgan.
Their shows have nothing in common, Have you
actually seen George Stroumbolopoulos ? it is
more than a celebrity interviiews. Dude gets
the biggest names,the movers and shakers.
There is nothing like it on television period.

Anderson Cooper,Isha Sesay, Aisha Tyler &
George Stroumboulopoulos would be a strong
lineup for CNN. They all have great personalities
and can connect with viewers. Gifted writers and
communication skills. CNN needs a line up that
can generate excitement.

They all offer their unique styles. CNN could
really use some positive press right now, Also,
you make Aisha Tyler & Strombo a part of
CNN's political coverage for the 2012 election.
That would be a 100 % improvement.

Anonymous said...

CNN hire Aisha Tyler now. She is amazing and
so talented. Aisha performed Rolling In The
Deep on The Talk today.CNN hire her now and
get her on the air ASAP. Same thing goes for
George Stroumboulopoulos. Strombo can talk
about Whitney Houston.

Anonymous said...

CNN was #1 when news broke about the death of Whitney Houston. It was #1 during the death of Michael Jackson, along with his memorial service, it was #1 when Osama Bin Laden was captured, it was #1 on Election Night, and during other major news events. There are people who watch the news everyday, it just so happens that those people prefer FOX News. Everyone watches news and when those non frequent watchers happen to tune in, they choose CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been on self destruct mode for quite sometime now.
The problem with CNN... they are out of touch with the viewers.
CNN management, news directors, and news gatherers have a tendency to put on what they "think" viewers want instead of listening to what the viewers are saying.

Brng back an hour of international news. CNN has some of the most talented journalist at CNN International, it's high time to start showcasing that talent.

Anonymous said...

@8:57PM: Anderson Cooper did rock.
Past tense.

Anonymous said...

With a 380 and a 483, in totals, does anyone still believe Anderson Cooper "rocks?"
Doesn't look like it from his ratings and we're talking cable now in the prime.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN that 483,000/144,000 was
the highest rated show that entire day on CNN.
Even on a bad day 360 is the # 1 show on CNN.
360 at 10 is CNN's highest rated show.CNN will
be forced to make changes before the year is out.
360 is the safest show on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Don Lemon for how he conducted
himself for handling the breaking news on the
death of Whitney Houston. Apparently viewers
appreciated how he conducted himself. CNN
was the choice as folks found out about the
news. The Maine Caucus didn't fare so well. I
am wondering if viewers have decided they
have had it with the GOP circus. FNC got just
over a million. Something is happening here
with regards to the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

CNN gets it all wrong with it's political coverage.
Someone at the network decided to hire extremists
and Tea Party folks. Not exactly the type of people
that viewers warm up to. There is no substance or
real analysis when it comes to politics. There
has been much criticism for cable news' coverage
of the 2012 campaign. It is hideous. Every political
conversation on CNN is noise and way off base. The
ratings will be low during the remainder of the GOP
race. There just is not much interest. Some of the
words coming out of the candidates mouths is 1
big reason , the other half is the media who is
just hideous. Television is a visual medium, it is
not meant just to have talking heads all of the
time. Of course, Punditvision is a failure on CNN
It is no different than the GOP circus. I agree
go with the solo interview and get focused.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace and Dr Drew should be taken to
the woodshed for HLN't Whitney Houston's
death coverage. HLN is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

The media is just catching up with Jon
Stewart. Jimmy Kimmel busted Romney
about the hand over heart stupidity. It
is time for CNN to go with the solo intvw.
David Frum would have been fine alone.

Anonymous said...

Do not compare 360 and say it is the highest rated program on CNN.
That's like saying yes, it is bad but it sure is better than the other bad shows.
MSNBC's ED Show and TLW whips AC's a-- every nite, except when there's "breaking news," and I don't mean celebrity breaking news.
I agree, 360 is the best they have, in a rotten bunch of apples.
And that's not saying very much.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:50,
So perfectly said! It's real sad when a network puts all their eggs on a show that can't even consistently come in second in it's time slot.
And I truly believe if Anderson's daytime show was a hit, he would try CNN like a rock. His daytime show is a bore and 360 is not much better.