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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Most Desperate Name in News?

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Anonymous said...

I'm just wonderin', does CNN care at all that they are a frequent object of ridicule and derision by Stewart and Colbert? Is this intentional in the hopes of improving ratings? Cuz that's a really bad strategy. It plays into the narrative that CNN is increasingly out of touch.

Anonymous said...

If Tuesday night wasn't enough proof that Erin Burnett can't handle anchoring big news events, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

I'll give CNN some credit, AC had the funniest moment of the night. When talking to Jessica Yellin about White House response to primary results, Yellin said the WH reax was "Oh, Pa-shah..." and AC interrupted, laughingly, saying "Did they really say Oh Pa-shah cuz that woulda been great." Yellin admited she was "paraphrasing" but the moment was really funny and genuine. AC is really good at those moments - bringing smart witty quips that are not condescending and plays well off whoever he is talking to. It was MUCH better than MSNBC's awkward riff about a Santorum three-way. AC knows when to bring levity and humor in a subtle, smart way. Even though he is not the politcal guy that John King is, this is why AC is the BEST at handling these type of elevents. Blitzer is good too, but he gets a little over-excited in that blitzer kind of way ;)

Anonymous said...

Is there any chatter about CNN retooling their morning shows? At least CNN and Piers were public about PMT ratings and they were going to kickoff a new year with an updated format. Not to mention they run commercials for PMT all the time. The ratings for Early Start and Starting Point have become a joke. Now TV Newser is taking a swipe at Burnett's poor ratings - being compared to F&F First. Yet, I don't hear any chatter or rumors suggesting any changes in the works. Jautz says everything is "great." Anyone hear anything???

Anonymous said...

Exactly!!! In a previous comment on another Jon Stewart post, I wrote:

"I'm watching the America's Choice 2012 coverage. Honestly, there is soooooo much pointlessness to it. There are much more important things to talk about in the world then being extremely specific on a state and its counties and doing a behind the scenes of where the votes are being counted. I don't know how to make more sense of what I am talking about, but it's too much.
Too much numbers, too much statistics, too much exit polls, too much speculation, too much of the magic wall."

Anonymous said...

No, MSNBC was sited by Jon Stewart as the best in political correctness: In their "Three way,"
as Rachel Maddow chatted, "If you want to call it that to Larry O'Donnel.
If its quoted by Stewart, you know it was a smart comment.
AC....not so much.
In fact, not at all according to the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this is not funny to the management
at CNN. It is embarrassing. Thursday's ratings are
not good news either. The # 1 thing you will hear
people say they like the least about CNN is the
right wing pundits. I don't know how much thought
went into 360 last night but Darrell Issa on the
show. Everyone knows his motives are political.
He is also the man who would not let Sandra Fluke
testify and had an all male panel. The problem with
Starting Point is the talking heads. The show can't
even get 200,000 and that is why. Opinion news
is just not CNN. People turn to CNN for news not
for blah, blah, blah. Starting Point has no point.
The show is a complete waste of time. Out Front
is equally bad. Jon Stewart is right . CNN is the
most desperate name in news. You can see that
if you ever try and watch the network, which is
not very pleasant experience. Remote time. CNN
is desperate and annoying. Maybe at some point
Stewart and Colbert will talk some sense into
CNN. The management is the worst enemy at
CNN They are destroying CNN and we thought
Jon Klein was bad but CNN might have found
someone who is worse at running a network.
Ken Jautz hired Glenn Beck that is why Will
Cain has a morning show on CNN. It is being
run by someone who buys into the talk radio
craziness . It is not the same audience for CNN.
So why would anyone in their right mind go
there and think it would not turn off viewers.
If you can't find a way for the news to work
for CNN, why are you running the network ?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Jautz hired Glenn Beck. That says it all. Jautz is ruining CNN.