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Friday, March 16, 2012

This Weekend's Programming 3/17/12


SANJAY GUPTA, MD – Saturday and Sunday 7:30AM – 8:00AM
Dr. Gupta looks at medical mistakes that kill more than a quarter of a million Americans every year which are all totally preventable. Will discuss his new book “Monday Mornings,” about how doctors talk about these errors and will share advice on how patients can protect themselves and their families. This and more, including Dr. Gupta’s weekly tip on “Chasing Life to 100.”

Topic: Politics
Guest: Ron Brownstein, CNN Senior Political Analyst; editorial director, National Journal
Guest Anchor: Candy Crowley

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012

SANJAY GUPTA, MD – Saturday and Sunday 7:30AM – 8:00AM
Dr. Gupta looks at medical mistakes that kill more than a quarter of a million Americans every year which are all totally preventable. Will discuss his new book “Monday Mornings,” about how doctors talk about these errors and will share advice on how patients can protect themselves and their families. This and more, including Dr. Gupta’s weekly tip on “Chasing Life to 100.”

Topic: Santorum’s Path to the Nomination; 2012
Guest: Rick Santorum, GOP presidential candidate
Topic: U.S.-Afghan Relations
Guest: Eklil Hakimi, Afghanistan Ambassador to U.S
Topic: Politics; 2012 Race
Guest: Anita Dunn, former White House Communications Director
Guest: Ed Gillespie, former White House Counselor; former RNC chairman
Anchor: Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Topics: Have Britain’s austerity initiatives worked? Does the U.S. need more austerity? What worries him most about the global economy?
Guest: George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom
Topics: How can the U.S. make up the budget deficit without raising taxes?
Guest: Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform
Topics: Are war crimes being committed in South Sudan? Why won’t China pressure Sudan to stop? Does the #KONY2012 video shine the right kind of spotlight on Africa?
Guest: George Clooney, actor and humanitarian
Guest: John Prendergast, author and human rights activist, co-founder ENOUGH PROJECT
Topic: Universal health care around the world
Guest: T.R. Reid, journalist, The Washington Post
Anchor: Fareed Zakaria

Topics: Coverage of the GOP Presidential Race
Guest: Catherine Crier, author, “Patriot Acts”
Guest: Matt Lewis, The Daily Caller
Guest: David Shuster, “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”
Topics: Ali Wentworth’s Daily Online Show; New Book
Guest: Ali Wentworth, host “The Daily Shot”
Host: Howard Kurtz

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Anonymous said...

No 8 hour Puerto Rico primary coverage?

Anonymous said...

Hi, we are back this week with more ratings data.
2 weeks are now in the books. This covers March
1-15. It is halftime for the month of March. TVN
& TV BY THE NUMBERS are data sources.

360 is averaging 518,000/168,000 at 8 PM

ED is averaging 1,094,000/251,000

BOR is averaging 2,867,000/601,000

360 is averaging 587,000/213,000 at 10 PM

TLW is averaging 1,1006,000/280,000

OTR is averaging 1,650,000/373,000

PMT is averaging 560,000/167,000

TRMS is averaging 1,161,000/317,000

Hannity is averaging 2,173,000/486,000

In prime time, CNN is at 615,000/199,000

MSNBC is averaging 941,000/276,000

FNC is averaging 1,972,000/390,000

We will be watching closely. Things are getting
interesting. FNC might actually take the biggest
hit this month. CNN hit historical lows last
year so most of the time it will look like CNN
is improving. We are wondering if MSNBC is
growing or are they on par with last year.

This is GOP primary season and FNC is not
getting any bump in the ratings. FNC just
might be slipping. FNC has big numbers so
it can take 3-6 months to manifest as to what
is really going on. FNC could be down in prime
time. It's possible that FNC is down at 5 & 6,
not to sure about 7 PM. Could viewers be
tiring as FNC becomes predictable ?

CNN is staring to lose to MSNBC in total prime
time viewers by a 2:1 ratio. Does this mean that
MSNBC is increasing every hour of the day while
CNN's numbers are heading down all day long ?
This is for individual shows Monday-Friday. With
the 7 day average the deficit is not 2 :1 . CNN
could end up being a distant 3rd.

Something is going on with viewers. Could
cable news be getting old ? Is cable news too
slow for the way we now consume information ?
Can any of the networks adapt ? What is the
21st century model ? We all know that content
is king but is it really possible to find out what
is going on while watching cable news ? Has
cable news finally gone too far on the partisan
side ? We will end this post here. More to come.

Anonymous said...

Here's the remainder of the stats :

Starting Point is averaging 225,000/94,000

Morning Joe is averaging 421,000/154,000

F & F is averaging 986,000/290,000

Starting Point is in bad shape but MJ and F & F
weren't all that great this week. Will SP end up
below 200,000 ? Could the show scratch ?

TSR is averaging 572,000/131,000

Hardball is averaging 837,000/165,000

The 5 is averaging 1,579,000/335,000

The demo might be what is keeping Wolf
from prime time.

JK,USA is averaging 451,000/118,000

Sharpton is averaging 825,000/188,000

Spcl Rpt is averaging 1,637,000/335,000

OFront is averaging 429,000/132,000

Hardball is averaging 869,000/208,000

Fox Rpt is averaging 1,704,000/365,000

Boom. There is that 2 : 1 margin leading
into prime time. So before prime time
starts on CNN, they are down 2 :1. 6 & 7
PM are killing CNN .

CNN is averaging 409,000/125,000 for daytime

MSNBC is averaging 534,000/168,000

FNC is averaging 986,000/290,000

Will CNN dip below 400,000 day totals and
under 100,000 in the demo ?

The deficit between CNN prime and MSNBC
day is getting smaller. Too close for comfort.
Could FNC end up under 1 million and below
300,000 in the demo for daytime ?

In 2 weeks , we will learn who fared the worst .
That will be the big question for March 2012.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo. TLW should read 1,106,000.
We also left off something about Greta. It looks
like Lawrence O' Donnell and Rachel Maddow are
battling it out to see who can possibly catch Greta.

Lawrence O' Donnell is just 544,000 behind Greta
in total viewers. It is a little closer with Rachel. She
is only trailing by 489,000. If either of them catches
Greta, that would be significant. Is it possible for
2 MSNBC shows to break into the TOP 10 before
2012 is done ? Will the momentum continue for
MSNBC ? What will FNC do ? FNC has already
started leaking preemptive PR strikes. Where are
those MSNBC viewers coming from ?

What does all of this have to do with CNN ?
The answer : plenty. CNN is becoming a non
factor because of bad decisions. It makes us
wonder where would CNN be if they actually
made the right decisions rather than getting
everything terribly wrong.

Wait until we all see the MSNBC press release.
MSNBC is leaving CNN in the dust and setting
their sights on FNC. MSNBC outsmarted CNN.

Did anyone see this coming ? Keep in mind 2
weeks remain but you can't ignore the fact
that CNN is quickly approaching critical mass.
A lot can happen in 2 weeks. Maybe CNN will
narrow the gap. Who knows ? Either way CNN
is a hot mess. We said we would keep it real
and since we are CNN fans we have to be
realistic about the network. We are pulling for
CNN but you can't ignore the bad situation
that exists for CNN.

Please, don't use this information for personal
attacks. Let's keep it constructive.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

MSNBC has a game plan. CNN just keeps throwing
stuff at the wall hoping something will stick. CNN
dissed viewers and handed over the network to
pundits. Why CNN thinks viewers are into pundits
puzzles me. You can see it is not working. CNN
made it way too easy for MSNBC. CNN. The latest
gaffe. CNN is struggling at 6 & 7 PM and they make
dayside changes. CNN is poorly managed.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with CNN being a source of political news that doesn't have an ideological brand. It is entirely possible to present all sides of a political issue without being inherently partisan. This is why it is so important to have a smart, well-informed, TRUSTED anchor with a strong journalistic ethic who can explain both sides with nuance and not just outsource political talking points to whatever hack they have on their show that day. CNN has great people for this... John King, Candy Crowley, Wolf Blitzer, and Gloria Borger are the best in the business. Instead of having his own show (or maybe he is in a bad timeslot), John King should showcase his political knowledge and reporting throughout primetime shows. CNN has always had a brand of being a trusted source of breaking news with quality analysis and field reports that are second to none. HLN has become the trashy little sister channel and my fear is that the same shallow sensationalism is coming to CNN. It is painful to watch this great news source slowly erode its credibility. For better or worse, both Fox and MSNBC have a brand identity that is working for them. At least when I watch those channels, I know what I am in for and I know what I am getting. With CNN, what am I getting?