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Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting Point Off to a Slow Start

TV By The Numbers has the breakdown on CNN's Starting Point. They write:
CNN's new morning show Starting Point, which launched on January 2, 2012, notched the lowest monthly average total viewership (P2+) in February* for any CNN morning show in the past decade. Well below the time period numbers for February, 2011. More coffee!

A small consolation? It only had the third worst viewership in the advertiser targeted adults 25-54 demo.

To view all the historical numbers from Nielsen for CNN's 7-9am morning shows just follow the above link.

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Anonymous said...

Breakfast with pundits. The latest CNN failure.
CNN and the we've got pundits game plan is
not working. It is hurting CNN. Opinions can't
or won't do anything for CNN. If you say you
have the best political team on TV, does that
mean pundits or do you have the worst team
of political talkers. Way to slap down your own
reporters CNN. The bosses at CNN chose the
pundits over their own reporters. That is why
the political coverage on CNN is horrible.

Anonymous said...

I remember when American Morning ran a commercial that I loved back when Kiran Chetry and John Roberts hosted. You hear Kiran say "None of this!" and see an arrow point to a pair of chattering dentures. You then hear John say "The most of this!" and see an arrow point at the word NEWS.

What happened to that? What's up with CNN? It's completely backwards now. I have to say I am disappointed in Soledad O'Brien. Not a fan of Starting Point. CNN should just bring back something original like what CBS did. Cancel Early Start and Starting Point and bring back CNN Daybreak, but please with no pundits! It's so annoying!

Soledad should seriously replace Erin Burnett.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that is so true! I really wanted starting point to succeed but it just isn't good- I can't stand will cain and anytime he is on I turn the channel. Way too many pundits. Would love to see more of christine romans. God love Erin Burnett, but she's just awful. She doesn't know politics at ALL! I wonder if Ashleigh Banfield might do well in the evening.

Anonymous said...

In some defense of Early Start / Starting Point, there was no build up promotion at all. Its like they threw it together at the last minute and said, hey, did you hear we got a new morning show? When they launched Piers Morgan and Erin Burnett they promoted it big time with tons of commercials and launch parties and web ads. I guess they ran out of marketing money.

Anonymous said...

You know, those Hawaiians have it great more ways than one. Just think.......they can awake for morning TV and coffee at an hour that misses BOTH Soledad and Carol Costello morning programs. How wonderful that must be to be able to avoid these two petulant news wannabees overdosed with their sense of importance to the news of the day. Gosh, in the words of a previous post.........they're just awful.

Anonymous said...

Soledad O'Brien is a real talent that is terribly under used.
She was hired as an early morning anchor 10 years ago and she did fairly well with Miles O'Brien.
Then Miles was fired, for no reason, and Soledad went on to do some outstanding documentaries.
Her show was never promoted and is
not produced and directed correctly so it is bound to fail.
If she were on any other cabler, they'd have tapped into her skills as a journalist and reporter.
She do well to leave CNN and move on.

Anonymous said...

Ms. O'Brien has been a rating's loser for CNN Morning for years but they will keep her on the air until Nov 2012 to run interference for the Obama administration.