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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ted Turner

For all the old school CNN/Ted Turner fans there is a great new profile of Turner in The Hollywood Reporter. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

The mere fact that Roger Ailes read Rachel Maddow's book, Drfit, about US military power, shows that his intelligence level is far superior than anyone at CNN.
Ted Turner might read it, but anyone else, NO.
That's why Fox News is a success and CNN continues to fail.
Ailes likes to see who the competition really is about.
All CNN can do is shift people and shows in an attempt to keep up with those that are better than they ever will be.

Anonymous said...

CNN decided to abandon intelligent conversation
in favor of a ridiculous ideological circus. Ted does
need to come back to CNN. Present management
is destroying CNN and HLN. Roger Ailes and Phil
Griffin know how to actually run their networks.
Rule # 1 don't alienate your viewers. CNN got an
F in that course for sure.

Reshuffling anchors is useless. It is the overall
product on CNN. Right now CNN looks like the
90's. MSNBC is the 1 network that is the most
21st century oriented. It won't get any easier for
CNN in the morning. Come spring Current is
getting in on the morning show game. Given
the weakness of Early Start/Starting Point it
could mean that even Current could top CNN.

Anonymous said...

Until Rachel Maddow came on the scene , women
of cable news were anchoring crime shows. Women
were not seen as serious news personalities. MSNBC
has managed to find 2 with Rachel Maddow & Prof
Harri-Perry. That is a strong message to college
educated females like myself. Rachel Maddow &
Melissa Harris Perry have brought class back to
cable news You don't have to yell,scream or argue
or behave like spoiled brats to make points. Viewers
can handle an intelligent conversation. Look at all
of the stunts the male hosts on cable pull. Look
at how 2 very strong women handle themselves
by using their brains as the ultimate weapon.

Anonymous said...

Amen! MSNBC has figured out how to appeal to women! CNN - hiring Barbies to read talking points is the biggest turn off of all! It is easy to tell when an anchor is in over his or her head. The anchor needs to be able to talk intelligently about the topics, guide the conversation, add to the subject in a meaningful way. I would also add Alex Wagner to that list of smart capable women on MSNBC.