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Monday, April 9, 2012

Ratings For The Week of April 2 - 6

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Brooke Baldwin mentioned via twitter that she flew to New York from Atlanta and would be filling in for a few days for Erin Burnett on Outfront. Ashleigh Banfield filled in for Brooke Baldwin. I don't see why Asheligh wasn't chosen to host Outfront. She already is in New York and seems to be a better fit for primetime.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it's weird that CNN has a contributor named Robert Zimmerman? (Same name as the brother of George Zimmerman who gave an interview to Piers Morgan recently). I found it confusing when Fredricka Whitfield mentioned the contributors name this weekend in reference to something.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Piers Morgan Tonight is being renamed Piers Morgan Interview.

Anonymous said...

The name Outfront needs to disappear from CNN.
If they ever wise up, moving Asleigh Banfield to
7 PM, IMHO she is better suited than Brooke Baldwin.

However, the biggest problem for CNN is content.
They waste too much time on nothing. A made up
subject matter. They can't ignore the news or tons
of interesting stories and people. Who replaces the
equally bad Starting Point. CNN has to start creating
shows that draw viewers. Nobody turns to CNN
for opinions. I used to be able to get the news.
Social media makes the talking heads irrelevant.
Content & original reporting and interesting
topics need to be the focus of CNN. Not left vs
right or pro and con. What a lack of imagination.
Why is CNN so lazy ? Zero effort goes into that.

It will be interesting to see if in the future we will
hear names like Jeff Fager, Bill Wolff, Chris Licht
or David Rhodes with regards to CNN bosses.
There really isn't much worth watching on CNN
these days. It was a mistake to replace reporters
with pundits. Does anyone really connect with
most of the shows of CNN or do they simply
find them boring and annoying and a complete
waste of time. You need hosts who can connect
with viewers and CNN is very bad at this.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed that CNN now has a
really cool games section. It is really good stuff.
It's a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

That's why what CNN did to HLN is so puzzling.
You used to be able to get news,sports & weather
every 30 minutes. CNN has completely abandoned
sports. Even the biz networks give sports scores.
CNN needs to have sports scores. With so much
being mobile right now, you would think CNN's
website would have news updates every 15 mins.
Sort of what Yahoo does with Who Knew & What's
Trending. Games are a great idea. CNN should add
music in the mix too. Just have different styles of
music that you can click and listen to while reading
the news on CNN dot com. In fact, to look more
like a real 24 hour news channel CNN should
feature some of the items on their website on TV
during the overnights and weekends and offer
live news tweet. Just hire some of those kids
from Current to introduce the pieces like they
originally did on Current. There has to be so
much material from CNN I alone that we will
never get to see in the states. The ratings for
Starting Point prove there is no market for
pundits or opinion. CNN is badly hurting when
it comes to fresh ideas. It could be that why
MSNBC is growing because they are new to
former CNN viewers.

Anonymous said...

Rick Santorum has dropped out of the presidential race which gives Mitt Romney the clear path to become the Republican nominee considering Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are very much behind in delegates. Because of this reason, CNN should continue to incorporate their primary coverage into their regularly scheduled programming as they did on April 3rd. No reason for hours of non-stop coverage anymore. CNN's new studio in Washington DC will be unveiled and used in September, following the Republican and Democratic conventions, making it also the new home for the CNN Election Center. The Atlanta studio needs to revert back to normal. It's pointless seeing the words 'Election Center' lit up in the background of a Newsroom broadcast when talking about Trayvon Martin or Syria.

Anonymous said...

Yep Yep. Dump Outfront, the name, the host, the whole deal and forget it ever happened. Erin who? Try Ashleigh Banfield at 7pm. Let her loose - she is smart and is nobody's spokesmodel. Banfield is fair but isn't afraid to confront power and raise the heat. She and Cooper would be a good team. Besides, she might light a little fire under Anderson as well - he needs it. Banfield has the capacity to connect with people and not just the self-proclaimed elites. In an economic crisis the proletariat is in no mood for Wall Street talking heads and we are tired of the same pundits repeating the same old partisan talking points.

Memo to CNN suits - since so many of them seem to be men, I would suggest these execs talk to their wives, daughters, sisters, and female friends about why so many smart, educated women do not like Burnett. Seriously, CNN did you go out of your way to offend the very groups you wanted to attract? Then you get Brooke Baldwin to fill in - WOW, you don't get it. It's like we are living in the Mad Men era.

Tarek said...

Mark Kelly's show on the CBC has been cancelled (huge cutbacks at the CBC due to an austerity budget) - CNN should pounce. I'm sure Strombo probably sees the writing on the wall too and is looking to jump ship!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Jon Stewart's takedown of CNN for their stupid use of branded segments was hilarious! Yes Jon, we are all asking, what the hell happened to CNN?

Speaking of branded segments, did Piers Morgan just steal Rachel Maddow's segment, the Interview? How desperate.

Stewart is also right about the mean girl snark. You'd think CNN would have learned by now given the Erin Burnett and Alison Kosik OWS fiasco. But no, if at first you don't succeed, double down on your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

CNN should go for Mark Kelly and Strombo now.
A show like Connect with Mark Kelly could work
for CNN at 6. Strombo should have replace Larry
KIng in the first place. CNN should try the women's
show in show in the morning. Starting Point, JK
USA, Out Front & PMT have got to go before it is
too late. Mark Kelly & Strombo know TV, They both
have TV experience and require not training or
developing a show. They've been doing that in
Canada. Asleigh Banfield could be a much better
lead in for Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

The Mad Men analogy is perfect. CNN can't
understand that the world is changing. The
era of the pundits is over. It is not the 90's.
You are so right it is the same talking points
we have been hearing for years. That act has
gotten so old.. Morning Joe works because it
is smart not ridiculous like Starting Point. The
conversation has to mean something. Joe
learned his lesson from a failed prime time
show. He knew Morning Joe had to be really
different from what is already out there. MJ
is unique. You can't say that about Starting
Point. It is nothing but Crossfire. Why can't
CNN let go of Crossfire. ? Grow up CNN. I
don't know if you guys remember but not
long ago there was an article that said MJ
was such a smart show that many people
thought they were watching CNN. Viewers
want and deserve better from CNN.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart strikes again. Mocking CNN for
their ridiculous branding segments. He said
it best, what the hell happened to CNN ?

Also, Bubba Watson making fun of Piers Morgan
is making the rounds. CNN has become a national
joke. Bubba perfectly described Piers and said
how most people view Piers Morgan. He said it
best , how did Piers Morgan end up with a show
on CNN ?

CNN is not smart enough to hire George Strombo
or Mark Kelley. At some point Jon Stewart will
get the attention of the CNN brass and they will
understand just how badly they are destroying
CNN. The network looks absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

@7:59 a.m. No matter who leads in for AC360, it won't make a difference unless AC360 can hold the audience and bring it up a notch. I don't see AC360 holding anyones attention right now.

Anonymous said...

12:39PM: Couldn't agree more.
It is about time people realized 360 is as bad as the rest of the network and stop making rationalizations and excuses for AC's lack of performance.
It is about time foks realized that it too is a bad program because the anchor has lost his mojo.
If 360 needs a "lead in" it is because nobody wants to watch it.
Trust me. Jon Stewart's next aim:
Anderson Cooper.
Can't wait.