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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ratings For The Week of April 9 - 13

1 - Special programming was aired one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray. 360 was pundit free last night. Great idea
to bring in Ambassador Susan Rice. 360 should
have a big guest every night. Anderson Cooper
can get any guest he wants to appear on 360.

Nothing was wrong with the content. Can't say the
same for the story order. # 1 hands down was the
Secret Service. There were new developments. Next
up : the Ambassador Rice interview. It was smart
and genuine. She was honest with Anderson
about Syria & North Korea.

Followed by Pippa Middleton. She is in some
hot water for the gun incident in Paris. It
would have been nice to the picture full
screen. Viewers never saw the gun. Zimmerman
should have been last.

Good to see more of Isha & Anderson last
night. CNN get these 2 in the same studio.

Looking at the ratings, it appears that 360
narrowed the demo gap with MSNBC at 8.
Imagine what the ratings would look like
if 360 would actually put on a show for the
viewers each night without pundits. 360 has
a golden opportunity to carve a unique niche
at 8 that can draw viewers. Stand out in the
crowd. If 360 drops the pundits, the show is
not moving at a snail's pace and is not so
boring. Make it worthwhile for me to give
360 an hour of my time each night.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs at least 2 shows that work back to
back. Hire Betty Nguyen , put her on with Isha
Sesay and rotate other female reporters from CNN
and CNN i and the females from HLN. Bring back
the cool theme song and cool bump music to get
the 360 demo u0. A show like this just might work
for CNN at 7 right before 360. Betty and Isha are
well liked by CNN viewers. After May the viewers
will drop off and CNN has to do something about
the 7 PM hour. Maybe if John King had a better
after show the ratings for his show would go up
too. CNN is long overdue for 120 minutes that
works well together. With the women's show
you could change the music each day and it
would never get old.

Anonymous said...

Maybe once the CNN management sees those
weekend ratings the Don Lemon stunt s will
end. CNN ,news networks don't use the N word
or just make up dull topics to spark outrage.
Try doing a better job at delivering the news.
The pundits and therapists on CNN need to
take a hike. The ratings for Saturday and Sunday
are on TV by the Numbers. On Saturday, viewers
were so turned off by Don Lemon that he was
fifth in the demo behind CNBC. How much
longer can management deny the damage that
is being done to CNN. Somebody has to end
the circus and straighten things out at CNN.
It is pretty clear that viewers are not fans of
the pundits or talking heads. Yet for some
idiotic reason CNN keeps repeating the same
mistakes. Why ?

Anonymous said...

I must say I watched the premiere of both Amanpour and NewsCenter with Isha. Both show each 30 minutes, all in one solid hour. I would LOVE for CNN US to broadcast these shows.

Anonymous said...

360 can be good sometimes but the show is
still on my probation list. I want to see signs
that 360 is consistently making an effort to
be better. 1 night does not count. Overall CNN
is going from bad to worst. Your guess is as
good as mine as to when CNN throws in the
towel on Out Front.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch Amanpour and Isha on CNNI or did you get them online. I don't get CNNi in my satellite package and I would to know if there is a place online to see those episodes. I wish they would broadcast them on CNN.

Anonymous said...

The international side of CNN is so much better.
The new line up includes female anchors Christiane Amanpour, Isha Sesay, Hala Gorani and Becky Anderson.
Ladies with intelligence.

I think New York and Atlanta are the only states that get the international CNN through cable. I think they should make both available to viewers.

Anonymous said...

"Anderson can get any guest he wants to to appear on 360."
If I were a guest and wanted an audience and I wanted the LARGEST audience possible, I would not appear on 360.
Most of the good "gets" don't appear on 360 because of Anderson's ratings and his nonsense, and that includes the Ridiculist.
Even 60 Minutes goes with Steve Kroft and Scott Paley when they do serious minded intellectual matter.
Anderson has ruined his own reputation and most people no longer taker him seriously.
If it were a toss up between Brian Williams and even Rachel Maddow, guess who most people would choose.
Certainly not Cooper.
Our own President wouldn't choose him, so don't say he can get anyone he wants.
Those days are OVER and it's his own fault.
Jon Stewart can get any guest he wants, but NOT Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a point Anonymous 6:56 PM; Anderson has definitely damaged his own image.
I think he also overestimated his own popularity, seriously mistaking what was more face and name recognition than popularity.

He also doesn't posess the talent and abilities to effectively host an unscripted talk show in an interesting manner. Anderson without a teleprompter is a meandering mess.

Between his two shows, 60 minutes and election coverage, something has to suffer and we see that with 360.
And his phony laughing fit backfired on him.

Anonymous said...

You can watch Amanpour. at and I saw the Isha Sesay's NewsCenter first show at another blogsite.

Anonymous said...

CNN has the worst cable news lineup on TV.
The shows don't go together. What's worst
is how CNN is becoming talk radio. For so
many hours CNN doesn't hold viewers or
bring in newer ones to maintain a balance.
CNN's goal seems to be to alienate viewers
with a heavy dose of crazy talk and no news.
That is so not CNN and viewers are protesting.
Why is CNN management in love with pundits ?
They get their own morning show and are
elevated to the status of reporters. Journalists
are pushed to the side.What does it take for
these guys to wise up and realize this is
only dragging down CNN. To viewers that
signals a lowering of standards. CNN has
the most pointless mindless chatter ever.
CNN asks ridiculous loaded questions that
are designed to inflame.

It would be a welcome to see Betty Nguyen
back on CNN. Betty & Isha have similar
personalities. Both are smart, beautiful and
have energy. CNN has some likability issues.
That would not be a problem for these 2.

No more Starting Point, Jk USA, Out Front,
PMT or putting pundits on CNN as reporters
or experts. CNN has lost it's journalism and
can't find it.

CNN could hire Betty Nguyen, Mark Kelley,
George Stroumboulopoulos and Aisha Tyler
but they are too dumb. So you will never
see any o these people on CNN.

CNN has lost women, minorities ,college
grads, news junkies and people with brains.
Nobody likes CNN anymore and CNN caused
this damage upon itself. CNN is being run
into the ground and no one is stopping it.
CNN is in a full blown crisis an no one is
handling the situation or solving all of the
problems at CNN. The problems won't
work themselves out or fix themselves or
go away unless actions are taken to resolve
the critical situation that CNN is in . Go
ahead CNN keep making me turn the channel.

Anonymous said...

360 is not the problem for CNN. It starts 1st
thing in the morning with Starting Point.IMHO
CNN should go with a real time news format.
Drop the 2 hour anchor shows. Too repetitive.
CNN became HLN that is why they are tanking.
What is up with those panels. So no news is
happening. All day long CNN needs to book
guests who are worthy of being on CNN. The
pundits are now the face of CNN and that is
the plan. CNN has zero commitment to news.
CNN is Pundit TV. Viewers don't matter. You
will only hear from talking heads who are so
full of themselves just those in charge of CNN.
Right wing media controls and manipulates
CNN. That is obvious from the contributors
CNN has hired. They work for Beitbart, Beck,
tied to the tea party. They own CNN and
control the content. At least MSNBC has
some backbone and is not afraid like CNN.
Most Americans have no idea who these
clowns are nor do we care. CNN is suppose
to be professional.

Anonymous said...

"360 is not the problem for CNN."
No, it may not be "the problem" but it sure ain't the answer either.

Anonymous said...

@10:59 a.m. You are correct that AC360 is not the problem for CNN. It is one of many problems. AC360 is third or fourth in the ratings a good deal of the time, just like many of the other shows on CNN. Leaving 360 in place as it is now while over-hauling the other shows will mean that you still have a third or 4th place show named 360 no matter what the shows before and after are or aren't doing in their time slots. People don't watch it anymore and won't until the quality comes up. Those who believe that Anderson can't be touched because his show 'saves' CNN are deluding themselves.

Anonymous said...

@11:05AM: Absolutely correct in your analysis and the one person who is dellusional is quite possibly the anchor himself.
He over estimated his popularity and underestimated the intellect of his loyal viewers.
He thought he could actually get away with doing anything he slapped together and people would watch, because after all, it was HIM.
Which just shows us all how egotistical he can be.

Anonymous said...

CNN is sinking like Titanic. It always pretend that it's impartial when in fact, CNN is in bed with the administration. Your morning bimbos have never found anything wrong with government policies. Only reports the good news of the government, skip the bad news. You are supposed to be a watch dog, not a lap dog