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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SNL Does Piers Morgan Tonight

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Anonymous said...

NBC has found out a way to completely destroy
CNN. NBC Universal owns Breaking News. Com.
It is a great source of real-time breaking news
from anywhere around the world. All you need
to do is to download the access the App by a
Samsung Smart TV or Blu Ray. No mater the
channel you are watching. You will be alerted
and can follow the news. No need to watch the
crap on CNN. Say goodbye to CNN.

This can't come soon enough. CNN just wasted
time on some guy who flew a plane into an IRS
building 2 years ago. And.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock. Just saw some clips of Isha Sesay's
News Center. The show is awesome. Can she do
an hour of the show on CNN Domestic at 7 PM.
Out Front is in the 300 thousands. Try Isha and
see what happens. If you guys can't see full shows,
You Tube has a 6 minute clip. Act quickly before
CNN makes them take it down. This show is too
good not to be seen on CNN Domestic.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder why NBC is not launching a brand
new 24/7 real time live news channel. I think
there was a post talking about CNN doing this
sort of thing over a year ago on this blog. CNN
missed another opportunity by trying to out fox
Fox. They should have thinking of ways to truly
connect with viewers.

Breaking News is better than CNN on Face Book
& Twitter. Breaking News is top notch. They use
real journalists to find the real news worldwide.
The consumers are in the the drivers seat. Too
bad CNN is not this forward thinking. You are
only as good as your content. Breaking News is
my source 1st thing in the morning. This is the
type of morning show that needs to be on CNN.
Unscripted but bringing us the news in real time.
Breaking News is a big reason why the content
on MSNBC is now better than CNN.

Anonymous said...

Has CNN just given up and thrown in the towel ?
Listen to Jon Stewart. You are terrible. Out Front
could be called Always Behind and Starting Point
could be called Failure To Launch. I heard that
from a longtime suffering CNN fan . CNN just
continues to disappoint. CNN kicked viewers
to the curb. It is hard to feel any sympathy for
CNN anymore. They decided they have no need
for viewers. How does that help CNN ?

Anonymous said...

Jon also said CNN is Mean Girls. I wonder how many
of those GMA viewers used to watch CNN, Starting
Point is a downer. Nobody wants that first thing in
the morning. Yes there is serious news but you also
have to look like you are having fun and enjoying
yourself. GMA, Morning Joe and CBS strike all of the
right cords. GMA is very good at finding stories
no one else has on in the morning. So many times
CNN is stuck on stale old news. You can look a the
lousy content on CNN and it is obvious where they
find content. It comes from politically ideological
blogs. Does not work for news. Rachel Maddow
is a master at finding content that others ignore
in favor of the usual, How come TSR missed
the VA license plate story ? CNN follows the
noise and it is a big turn off. Somewhere along
the line CNN forget about making things
interesting and connecting with viewers. You
don't get a good vibe from CNN. Viewers don't
like CNN. What is generating buzz on the blogs
is not necessarily what millions are following.
To get to what is really becoming interesting in
social media you have to do digging and work.
ABC,TRMS is very good at connecting with
their viewers who will send them great content.
CNN does not do that at all. It is more about
anger on CNN. Mean, miserable angry people
are to be avoided just like CNN. Could Isha
do any worst than Erin Burnett . CNN has
such a negative vibe. Viewers pick up on that.
How many times do you hear CNN make
bogus claims that this is what everyone is
talking about or this is sparking outrage.
You can't say that and be taken seriously.
You can't tell me what I am thinking or
feeling. You are not the boss of me.

Anonymous said...

HA, (snort)! That's funny. So true. While CNN is driving over Hilary Rosen with the CNN Express bus or hyping outrage over the crazy Ted Nugent, Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry on MSNBC used the manufactured story lines to pivot to great discussions about the value of women in the workplace, how they are portrayed in the media, the coarsening of public discourse, and public policy that affects the children of struggling working single moms. CNN just comes across as smug and irrelevant - just like Always Behind and Failure to Launch. CNN's obession with false equivelancies compels they to compare Hilary Rosen's inarticulate comments to Ted Nugent's threat of the President?!?! Seriously?

Side note: After 30 minutes of watching the end of John King USA and the first few minutes of OutFront, I was already sick of the Dick Clark coverage. As usual, I tune in to Hardball around 6 and I got a welcome relief from the incessant inane celeb coverage. MSNBC provided highlights and reported the news of Clark's death but it wasn't all consuming. At 7, I turned to AC360 and they were leading with Dick Clark, AGAIN! No, I am not listening to anymore of this. I pulled up my DVR episode of sunday's MHP and watched that while working out. :)

Anonymous said...

You make a good point about CNN following the noise. They are priding themselves on keeping the pulse of social media buzz but it seems more like a lame attempt to be cool. Social media can be a good way to interact with your audience but it is not a replacement for news gathering. Personally, I think twitter is a bit overrated as a public medium because media types are obessed with it but it does not have broad public use. I use twitter as a news feed but most of it is news media people trying to be funny. Sometimes they really are funny but it is not news. I don't feel any better that I can get something on twitter 5 minutes faster than seeing it on TV or hearing the news on the radio. Really, who cares.

CNN needs to get back to delivering content that matters to people. CNN domestic is like the Mitt Romney of news - no matter how hard they try you can't help but think they are out of touch. They act like they care (look, we know twitter) but they still come across as smug, know-it-all, rich kids who think they can tell us what's important because they are the only ones capable of understanding the complex world. I think NPR is a good model because they bring you content that matters. They do not presume we are stupid - when something big happens, they explain the complexity, deliver thoughtful context, and answer the big questions that the listeners are wondering to themselves. Yeah, radio is old school but it is still around and it has a lot more listeners than CNN has viewers. NPR anchors and reporters live where we live, care about issues we care about, and have a real passion for news and politics. They also hold themselves account and correct themselves when they make mistakes. Heck, Chris Hayes will fact check himself and his guests by the end of the show if at all possible. Never CNN. They are always perfect, unless you are a paid pundit that they can railroad for ratings.

Anonymous said...

That is so true. CNN is always way behind. You
have to remember that the news organizations
at CBS & ABC are not run as poorly as CNN. Long
ago CNN operated at that level but no more.

Keep in mind that ABC, Breaking News and others
hire digital journalists who know how to track the
big news of the day on the web. GMA is gaining
on Today for a reason. It's an alternative . I flip
between GMA & CBS. Recently, I discovered CBS
Sunday Morning. I find myself turning to cable
news less. It is so silly and juvenile. I am gonna
follow the news and where it is available,

I saw a promo on CNN touting their awards in
journalism. The promo had a great line that
can be the motto for CNN. Proud to bring you
the best journalism from around the world.
CNN could be the ultimate news experience.

Too bad CNN International is not on Direc TV.
I think it is on Fios. I think CNN will be okay
if it gets back to being CNN. CNN should not
be trying to copy FNC & MSNBC. It usually
does not work. CNN has to look fresh and
current. When you think about how we now
consume news, it is fast paced. I have no
interest in who made the craziest comments
of the day. Life is too shore for that stuff.

Anonymous said...

If you know how to use social media properly, it
can be a great news source. It all depends on what
you chose to follow. CNN tries to make old media
fit new media. Social media should be use correctly
to enhance the news. Face Book & Twitter works
when you reach out and have the conversation with
ordinary people. Your viewers can be a great source
of what is happening in the real world. Diane
Sawyer talks about her viewers all of the time. You
are so right you still have to hit the streets to find
the news. Real people matter. Unless you are a
pundit you can't get on CNN. CNN could be so
much better. There are writers, musicians, etc.

The news is hip. Being well informed is the
coolest thing. The pundits are not hip. They
played out long time ago.

Anonymous said...

CNN could use music, video, editing and the art
of story-telling for presentation. CNN can sound
like the old Sesame St song. 1 of these things is
not like the other. Plenty of material is quite a
stretch and have nothing in common. CBS NEWS
has a 35 year old president. News will always be
relevant. However, CNN is making itself irrelevant.
CNN has to talk to viewers not lie to them or make
stuff up. The BS meter goes up a lot with CNN.
Everything has to be politicized. Most of the time
the news does not have any connection to politics.
But if you are a fraud you will try to make news
what is not news. CNN can't trust it.

Anonymous said...

The media is slow to a generational shift that
is taking place. Millions have no connection to
American Bandstand. The show was before
their time. They know ITurnes, MTV & BET.
That explains the ratings.

You can add the total number of viewers for all
3 of the cable networks and it is not even 5
million viewers. So many businesses are no longer
having their TV's on cable news. CNN,MSNBC &
FNC are out of touch. Sure Americans are these
fire-breathing ideologues. News should never
be designed for left vs right. The airwaves are
suppose to belong to the people. Why do you
think legit news is big on the internet. It keeps
you away from CNN,MSNBC & FNC. New media
exists because old media forgot about us.

Anonymous said...

On Face Book the page for AC 360 says it is a
fast paced provocative alternative but when you
actually look at 360 that is not exactly true.

I don't physically sit in front of the television. I
DVR everything. For news it is 360 & THRMS. I
don't care for much of cable news. The great
thing about the DVR is that I can skip the
pundits and panels. Do you really need a panel
for every story. NO, I like the power of not having
to be forced to watch pundits. They make 360
run very slow.

CNN has to produce shows and content for
viewers. Not pundits. Have the daily conversation
with your customers/viewers. CNN is operating
with an outdated model for news. Just think
about the world we live in now. Cable news looks

I would like to see CNN come of with a series of
news oriented shows that revolutionize cable
news for the 21st century.

I also watch tons of video on the web. I watch
Strombo episodes. Do real time news. We are
now in a Netflix world. Love the Breaking
News concept. CNN could easily make their
crawl real time. Don't have it up all of the time.
You can update it every 15 minutes.. All of the
CNN shows should have music. The soundtrack
that sets the tone of the show.

Agree 100 % about booking a great mix of
guests who are more interesting than pundits.
Dude that act that act was getting old 5 years
ago. Give me an interview with an author or
filmmaker, musician, innovator, etc. CNN be
unpredictable. Drop the excessive branding
for segments. Big turnoff.

I really hope that CNN gives Isha Sesay a summer
series just to see how the show will do. I could
be wrong but I think Erin Burnett might be doing
worst than Eliot Spitzer.

CNN should hire Strombo, Aisha Tyler, Betty
Nguyen, Mark Kelley, Jason Silva, Max Lugavere,
Conor Knighton. People who can move CNN into
the 21st century

Maybe CNN can find a way to merge TSR & JK
from 4-6 PM

With the massive cuts at CBC. Bring Connect
with Mark Kelley to CNN at 6 PM. A lot of the
material for his show was from the states.

Isha Sesay at 7 PM. Followed by AC 360 at
8 & the replay at 10 PM.

If CNN is really looking into a late night show.
Hie Aisha Tyler. Her take on the news would
be great. She is smart and funny. Put here on
at 11 PM.

In many ways CNN & MSNBC have switched
places. CNN looks like MSNC did 10 years
ago the constant bickering and disastrous
shows. The got ratings like CNN is getting
now and going nowhere. Eventually they
realized they were getting it all wrong and
changed. Becoming more focused.

A so-called news network has to have look
and act like a news channel.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, on Wednesday Starting Point & Out Front
did poorly as most of CNN for the day. CNN has
2 urgent problems. Perhaps the women's show
will do something to help in the morning. The
breakfast with pundits show has got to go now.

If you go with Isha Sesay at 7. She can hit the
ground running but drop the title Out Front
from the show. The 2 newest shows on CNN
have been a disaster. I hope CNN won't repeat
the same mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, a shakeup is coming to CNN.
Let's see if we will hear the names of Rome Hartman,
Richard Wolff, Chris Licht or others. The bottom is
falling out at CNN. Not sure which is coming first
but there will be a shakeup in management and
programming. Bad decisions have consequences.
The ratings have been brutal for CNN this week.
Pundits and opinion turned off CNN viewers. Out
Front is likely to be the first show canceled. It
affects CNN in prime time.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to fire all of those insane pundits on
their payroll. It is throwing away money. Who is
the idiot who put Will Cain & Dana Loesch on
CNN. She made inexcusable comments about
Martin Bashir. You don't hire bigots. No more
pundits on CNN. They make your network look
bad and cause a backlash against CNN. TEA NN
has destroyed the CNN brand.

Anonymous said...

Someone must inform Anderson that his ratings have hit a super low, a 97 in his demos, OH MY!
In fact, he was even lower than Ms.
Burnett at 8PM and ED had over one million.
I know. ED works for MSNBC and they don't make a billion dollars a year like Time Warner but the reality of the situation, is, The ED Show is on the rise and Mr.Cooper better stop being ridiculous.

Scott Taylor said...

Send Piers Morgan home! He's a one-dimensional moron with a unqualified opinions! Pompous ass!