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Sunday, May 13, 2012

AC360 Live from Syria/Turkey Border on Monday

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Syria/Turkey Border on Monday, May 14th

In a display of the program’s continuing commitment to covering the ongoing crisis in Syria, Anderson Cooper 360° will air live from the Syria/Turkey border on Monday, May 14th on CNN/US and CNN International. Anchor Anderson Cooper will be joined by Ivan Watson, CNN’s Istanbul based correspondent. The show will focus on the plight of the nearly 70,000 Syrian refugees, 23,000 of whom are now living in camps just over the border in Turkey, as well as the continued threat of cross border violence by Syrian troops.

Cooper will interview Senator John McCain who has passionately taken up the cause of the refugees and recently visited the camps. Also joining the 360° team on location will be Fouad Ajami, a senior fellow with Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

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Anonymous said...

Finally after a year of not traveling anywhere for CNN, we get to see Anderson Cooper reporting somewhere outside the United States. I am beyond thrilled to see field Anderson report!!!

Anonymous said...

Same here. Hey it's May folks so the sweeps have to be sweeping.
Finally Management is pushing AC to get up and out or else.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but it is 5AM now as I'm typing this and I am watching Early Start. They debuted new graphics and music, all resembling American Morning. What made it feel more like deja vu was that Ali Velshi is filling in for Ashleigh, Zoraida looks like Kiran Chetry, and Christine Romans suddenly popped up. Besides all this, I must comment and say that I was so happy to see this blog post because I too miss field Anderson. Looking forward to tonight. I wonder though if he will be live from the Middle East just on Monday?

Anonymous said...

This has been in the works for quite some time.
CNN didn't just decide to send Anderson Cooper
to Syria. There is a ton of logistics to work out.
Time Warner is not opposed to Anderson's talk
show in daytime. Time Warner is the company
selling the show in syndication. Syndication &
distribution brings in millions for Time Warner.
If CNN is adding more commercials to 360, the
show is becoming more valuable. Keep in mind
that you are only seeing 2 categories : viewers
& demos for 25-54. They don't tell you the full
story like the average age of the viewers for all
of the shows or 18-49 year olds watching or
other important data.

Surprisingly, 360 could top ED in the demo for
the month of May. 38,000 is the difference so
far and that is without the Friday numbers. ED
is averaging 177,000 & Anderson has 139,000.
360 increases significantly in the demo, TSR is
averaging 89,000, JK USA is averaging 79,000
& Out Front is averaging 82,000 . it is possible
for Out Front to finish below 300,000 in viewers.
Right now it is averaging 308,000. 360 is at
437,000 in viewers. ED's demo have been going
down. It will be interesting to see how things
turn out a couple of weeks from now. Trust us
you don't want a 5 digit demo.

It is important to keep things into perspective.
In the end the data will determine the fate of
all of the CNN shows. If 360 tops ED in the
demo this month or is in close range, you have
to keep an eye out on the next couple of months
to see if there is some slow shifting. The best
performing shows usually don't get dropped.
CNN can't just unilaterally cancel all their shows.

CNN can take their time to develop shows and
get it right. CNN will make millions and CNN is
not losing money. None of this hurts CNN
financially. MSNBC won't even bring in 300
million this year.

This blog usually has a constructive dialog. It
is a shame to see some of the comments lately.
There are ways to make a point without attacks.
We are disappointed to see this. Hopefully, we
can respect each other and drop the personal
attacks on other posters or CNN talent. That's
how not to get anyone's attention and will
cause CNN management to ignore us.

Anonymous said...

8:25AM: Until you stop speaking in duplicate, as in WE this or WE that, please do not criticize others comments as attacks.
And just to point out the obvious, wasn't it YOU, who said that CNN and Time Warner were making, and I quote, "billions" on 360, just last month. So now it's down some to millions?
OK. Just quit making stuff up when you comment.
And for the record, when emergencies strike, yea, Management can sure send AC out to wherever ASAP, and I'd say, during the sweep month of May, this might have been in the making a while.
I'll agree with that.

Anonymous said...

87,000 viewers in AC's demographic, watched him on Friday.
And you don't think he was sent to Syria because of his ratings problem???
Just asking?
As a matter of fact, he has more viewers during the day.
Maybe CNN should put him on during the day and he can have his talkfest at nite.

Anonymous said...

I think he was sent to Syria because if I am not mistaken, his daytime talk show has wrapped up for the season, leaving him more free to work for CNN.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:50 AM, Anderson has one more talk show taping scheduled for Thursday this week.