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Monday, May 14, 2012

Jeff Bewkes Talks With Charlie Rose

Jeff Bewkes, President and CEO of Time Warner sat down for an interview with Charlie Rose, on PBS, last week. Lots of interesting discussion, including CNN's ratings struggles.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Anonymous said...

This guy is good. I think Charlie Rose said it for him.
The ratings are not a concern for CNN because that
is not how they make money. I still think Mr Bewkes
is going to shake up the management at CNN. He
would never say that on a national show like Charlie
Rose. He went down a list about what he expects.
I wonder who is on his shortlist. More importantly
who is his choice for the next CNN President. it
would have to be at list 2 changes. We will likely
hear that Jim Walton and Ken Jautz are retiring. He
didn't defend the management. He gave his list
of what the should be doing.

Anonymous said...

CNN has got to do a women's news show and I
mean news. There is a lot of talk about the highest
ranking female executive at JP Morgan being out
of a job in wake of the 2 billion dollar loss. Some
think that she is being made a scapegoat while a
couple weeks ago Jamie Dimon dismissed the
Bloomberg report. You could use the song The
Sky Is Breaking Up Jim by Mark Boone for the
setup. Now there is word it could be 3 billion.
Edited with some video and sound. Am I suppose
to belief that 3 or 4 of the female journalists
at CNN can't cover this topic. The Talk was
mentioned for the diversity and the civil tone.
1 hour for women without pundits and politics
is not a lot to ask from CNN. It makes good
business sense to have a nightly news for
you to hang out with your girls and get some
news. It would be a fast paced news/interview
news show along with interesting conversation.
Women are majority of the population. Media
companies can no longer ignore this.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I chose CNN because it is
more of a news channel than the others. IMHO
the opinion on FNC & MSNBC have destroyed
news. CNN has a huge amount of stories that
can easily be used daily for a smart news show.
The music is used to enhance the segment or
story being featured, One of the best ways to
do this is music. That is why I said songs that
women can relate to but most important is the
content and IQ of the show. I would never let
a show this important to me be dumbed down.
That is why I said I don't even want a job at
CNN all I ask for is a chance to do the show
and to have access to CNN vast resources.

Anonymous said...

Did people really listen carefully to Jeff Bewkes, because if they had, as I just did, he never answers Charlie Rose's question about CNN and their ratings problem.
He says, and I quote, "Let's talk about the good things about CNN, and then we'll go to the things we want to change."
He flies over the ratings problem and embraces what Time Warner owns and a good portion of what time Warner owns is in trouble, like HBO subscriptions and HBO content and ratings.....
I'm tired of hearing one commenter in particular saying "Time Warner makes billions. They don't need ratings."
Are they related to Jeff Bewkes because if they aren't, than instead of writing fluff here, they can get paid for it, writing PR over there.
People Magazine is in trouble as well because it has become so slick and competitive, they've continually tried to be US and IN TOUCH. Photos and nothing to read plus fluff and gloss with no content, just like CNN.
If this is the BIG Empire that is being thrown around, than Jeff Bewkes is also part of the problem.
He too, was overly defensive and protective of the CNN brand and image and is in DENIAL, about how really and truly bad things are.
And by the way, if HBO wasn't offered as a PACKAGE, NO ONE WOULD WATCH.
They just shut down 'Luck' because of PETA complaining about how they abused horses on the set and Jeff Bewkes said, "It had low ratings anyway." duh??
In essence, Time Warner owns stuff that's doing POORLY, all around the globe.