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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CNN Fail

Brian Stelter has a good read in the NYT about CNN's ratings decline, saying they've conceded first place to Fox and now seem to be letting second place in cable news belong to MSNBC. He also wrote that a source told him:

"Jim Walton, who oversees all of the CNN networks, and his boss, Phil Kent, who runs the Turner Broadcasting division of Time Warner, were under “intense pressure” to raise the ratings this spring. "

And Stelter quoted an industry analyst who agreed with what we have said here before:

About half of CNN Worldwide’s revenues come from subscription fees. Cable and satellite operators pay the equivalent of 57 cents per subscriber per month for CNN, according to Derek Baine of SNL Kagan. Mr. Baine said he doubted that low ratings would diminish CNN’s subscription fees, even years from now. “They have a powerful brand name and are part of a big media company with a lot of leverage,” he said.Inside CNN, that brand name is a persistent source of pride for employees who are puzzled by the low ratings and frustrated by what they say is a leadership vacuum.

Here's the link to Brian's article that was posted online today.

The Wall Street Journal also posted an article today about CNN's epic fail. They say:

It is shaping up to be a different story this year. CNN's two main rivals Fox News and MSNBC have gained viewers in the past year, compared with the same period in the 2008 presidential cycle, while CNN has lost them, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Mediaite just posted this audio clip of Rush Limbaugh talking about the problems at CNN. We're not Limbaugh fans in any way, shape or form but he does have some interesting observations.

We've done many, many a post trying to tell CNN what the viewers want, maybe someday they will finally listen?

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Bewkes does not play. He uses colorful words
and will clean house at CNN. Question : how long
has the clock been ticking ? Did it began in April
or did it start in May and ends in June. I wonder
who is on the short list to run CNN. Chris Licht,
Richard Wolff., any others. He will have to be a
strong leader and uplift the morale at CNN.

Anonymous said...

If Jeff Bewkes means business and takes the information being reported by a paper of standing such as the LA Times, he will clean house from top to bottom and that includes 360.
Cleaning house means you do away with body is saved.
You charge in like Fox would under Roger Ailes leadership, and ax everyone and start fresh.
You create stars, not just one star, and then use your talent wisely.
Not one talent and have everyone jump around that one person.
That is why CNN is failing.
MSNBC created MANY stars. Rachel Maddow is one amongst a few, so if she fails, and she wouldn't, then all is not lost.
When you put ALL your eggs in ONE basket, you deserve to fail big time.

Anonymous said...

If you don't post everyone's comments, than how in the world can they listen??

Anonymous said...

Time is not on CNN's side. CNN does need a
plan and leadership. No wonder CNN does not
have a lot of edited video like MSNBC shows. Why
lay off videographers & editors. TV is visual. That
explains the heavy reliance on talking heads.

Anonymous said...

My favorite show is Anderson, but he should not be on two time periods. He and Wolf really are the only ones who are safe. I do think maybe they should move Piers Morgan to the 10:00 P.M. EST time slot. I wish they would bring back Michael Ware.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that this is finally all coming out in the open! Hopefully this will mark the beginning of major changes at CNN. I miss how CNN was and I have faith they will return to what they once were hopefully.

CNN needs to be completely relaunched as a news network with a new look, new shows, and some different anchors. Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are good to stay in my opinion. I wish Anderson Cooper though would concentrate more on CNN rather than his talk show. I miss it when he travels around the world. CNN has a great new studio that launched two years ago in Atlanta and will have a great new studio in Washington DC this Fall. Wolf Blitzer could host a new program called The CNN Command Center and Anderson Cooper could host a differently titled show than AC360º.

Also (and I cannot stress this enough), please stop over using "Breaking News". It shocks me how much this term is abused. If relaunched, CNN should begin using a different term for major news stories and use it ONLY at appropriate times.

Apparently, Piers Morgan is doing very well, but I strongly believe his show should air on Saturdays with a Sunday repeat. It's a good celebrity interview show, but I just don't understand why a talk show is placed face down in primetime between major news shows. I understand that Piers Morgan does do major news but it's not always.

The number one issue that everyone complains about and hopes will change is to PLEASE GET RID OF THE PUNDITS!

Anonymous said...

360 will be on CNN at 8 & 10 it is the top demo
hours for CNN. Trust me 360 is off his list. The
demo is how they make money. No one will tell
you the problem is 360 not MSNBC not FNC. 360
can top MSNBC in the demo sometimes. Besides
I think that is in reference to management. He
did it at HBO & Time INC. Also, CNN should be
just like MSNBC don't let Rush Limbaugh control
your network.

That does not mean 360 needs changes. Last night
they went with no pundits. Good. At 8 & 10 have
different versions of 360. At 8 have the original
version at 10 it is the 360 News Mix, Re-edited.
A hipper version of the show. It has music for the
open pick the right song to set the tone. Have
it for bump music as well. Add some new stories
or interviews if you have them.

For example, Charges in the death of FAMU
drum major, we have an interview with the
mother of Robert Champion. News out of
San Diego on the death of former NFL star
Junior Seau, For days Chen was held up in
the US Embassy today he is in a hospital
what's going on, we will find out with Stan
Grant & Jill Dougherty all that and more.
360 starts now. This is possible with real
time edits ESPN does this all of the time.

Have pre-produced bumps with music that
teases what is coming up out of the breaks.

Update the live segments with Isha Sesay
at 10 and yes pick a song that can be used
for news.

TSR from 4-6 PM John King Joins the show,
add an internet reporter and drop the Cafferty
File, as well as the news reader.

Do go with an evening newscast with David
Muir. ABC has found a way to really connect
with viewers. Since he has been doing this for
ABC, naturally he can do the same for CNN.

7 PM the women's news show. NO POLITICS
or pundits. 4 female journalists. Hanging out
with the girls talking the news and interesting
topics. The soundtrack is essential. Songs that
relate to women from beginning to end. Each
day the playlist is different. Ashleigh Banfield,
Isha Sesay, Betty Nguyen & hire someone from
Univision for the 4th host. It can be CHiquinquira
Delgado or Ana Patricia Gonzalez. You can't
leave Erin Burnett on the show. CNN start this
in June. Women are the majority. Find a way
to get them to watch CNN. Have an good mix
of music to bring in women 18- 80. Heck,
even the guys can watch. You can have so much
fun with this show. You can show interaction
with the hosts and have mini movies throughout
the show. For example, you can have a group
of guys talking about getting together to watch
a ball game. 1 guy says I have to skip. He is
going home to watch the show with his girl.
When A Man Loves A Woman can be the song
in the background. This is the type of show
where creativity can thrive.

Let's face it .CNN will need someone who is
hip and cool to go up against Rachel Maddow.
Strombo would be a safe choice and he would
be live with a studio audience.

If CNN is looking for a brand new 11 PM show.
It's gotta be Aisha Tyler.

From 9 AM to Noon go with a Wire type drama
format. You see the news coming together.
You see anchors, reporters, etc putting it all
together. You get the conversation and see
how the news plays out. Even follow reporters
as they are working stories you will see on
CNN. Kyra Phillips, Suzanne Malveaux and
Brooke Baldwin. Stop having people just read
scripts fro the anchor desk.

Have news trailers for and interviews that
highlight what you will see on CNN. You
would see them on TV, web and social media

CNN has to look and feel different. You hire
the new breed of journos who write , shoot
& edit their own stories and mix it in with
the traditional reporting you see on CNN.
Hire producer/editors. CNN has got to make
the switch to a news content provider.

I't the old Apple slogan : Think Different.

Anonymous said...

Walton says OutFront has generated "internal energy and passion." He thinks current ratings don't yet indicate that Burnett's audience will continue to grow. BREAKING NEWS: NOBODY IS WATCHING HER SHOW BECAUSE IT SUCKS!

What is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

PMT is not doing very well. He is getting creamed
by TRMS. Piers Morgan is down double digits. He
in not matching up well against Rachel. So far this
week he is actually dropping down from 360. The
problem points are Starting Point, Jk, USA & Out
Front and dayside. When somebody drops the
names of Soledad O'brien, Erin Burnett & Piers
Morgan, that is no accident Jeff Bewkes runs Time
Warner. He does not need the LA TImes to tell him
what is going on. he has data they will never see.

Anonymous said...

I think you make a good point about Piers being a weekend show. Pop culture stuff is fine but it doesn't seem to fit in primetime news. It just seems like a leftover habit from the Larry King days. CNN should stick to news in the evenings. Most importantly, CNN needs to rebuild their brand again. They need to be THE objective news channel that asks the tough questions on behalf of the general public. Be tough, brave, fair, FIERCE!!! They don't need to go the opinion route - there is a market for straight news. Hold politicians feet to the fire (both sides), expose corruption and tyranny abroad, question and probe America's revered institutions and corporations to make sure leaders are held accountable. Don't just repeat the talking points of paid spokesholes. Confront, investigate, push, question - CNN needs to revive a brand of smart, fair, tough journalism. Ingredients are there but CNN lacks clear leadership. Anderson is coasting, Burnett is antithetical to everything CNN SHOULD stand for, John King has been swallowed up by lame pundits, ditto that for Soledad, and Piers has his moments but he is highly inconsistent and too much time on has been celebs (really Piers, Ryan O'Neal, what a has-been). The decline of CNN leaves a real opportunity for any enterprising new media company to launch a serious news channel - CBS, are you interested?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06, I completely agree with all of your points.

And I'll add that the only way this is going to take place is when Jim Walton is removed.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to take their time and get it right.
The last thing they need are more Out Fronts
and Starting Points . I wonder if Starting Point
would work if the CNN reporters replace the
pundits. Rotate reporters from CNN, CNN I.
A celebration of journalism that highlights
stories in news, papers, internet , magazines,
documentaries, film, the arts. Smart talk and
conversation are gaining popularity. Breakfast
with pundits has got to go. CNN could start
that next week. Soledad & her colleagues. Try
it. Could they do any worst than pundits. A
show like this would be a better competitor
up against Morning Joe. No yelling or talking
over each other. End the show with stories you
will hear about later that day and some stories
reporters think are being ignored. Test it for
the rest of the month to see what happens. A
way of modernizing the rich CNN tradition.
Which is smart, informative news. Not partisan
bickering that viewers have clearly tired of on
CNN. Viewers don't like the lack of news. FOX
& MSNBC are down too. CNN alienated their
viewers who did not go to FOX or MSNBC.

CNN is such a strong brand that it does not
hurt them financially. CNN is immune for years.
This is going to take years to fix. The knifes
are certainly out for Jim Walton.

Anonymous said...

HA! Tweet from Jay Rosen of NYU: "A brain dead format with Erin Burnett hosting is still a brain dead format, but dumber. CNN's problems are intellectual"

That is hilarious and completely right. CNN catches flak for going left or going right. Truth is, they've gone stupid and that is the problem. They have become so timid, fearful of offending someone, they have managed to offend everyone. If Burnett is your primetime kickoff than she damn well better have primetime anchoring skills during breaking news or big events. She doesn't have those skills and we all know it. CNN gave her a plumb position of being one of THE faces of CNN primetime and she can't moderate a debate, she can't handle breaking news, she can't anchor big election coverage. In an election year where the economy is the biggest issue, she lacks the capacity to connect with viewers on basic economic stories! WTF, CNN?

Anonymous said...

CNN is a part of a huge media global media
company. There are so many components of
TW. Phil Kent is Jim Walton's boss. Walton is
Ken Jautz's boss. It sounds like Phil Kent has
been told to find a new management team .
At the same time they are giving Walton and
Jautz perhaps 6 weeks to fix this. TW earning
and revenues are up. Including revenue from
CNN. The report cam out on this week along
with CBS , Viacom & Comcast. Time Warner is
a monster and CNN has been ignored too long.
Jeff Bewkes does not have time to be involved
in the day to day operations at CNN. The folks
in charge have to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

CNN just repeats the Romney or GOP talking points
of the day. Even their slogans. Mitt Romney has not
been involved in business more than a decade. It's
a completely different world. CNN will let the GOP
get away with the Jimmy Carter line knowing it is
historically inaccurate. CNN told us that same crap
that Bush was a business man so he knew how to
run the economy. It turned out not to be true.You
can not say Romney would do a better job on the
economy. CNN is giving him a free pass .

Anonymous said...

Wow. Jay Rosen speaks for so many CNN
viewers. When CNN hooked up with the
tea party, Beck/Breitbart employees, you
knew they network got dumber. MSNBC
went smart CNN went dumb & dumber.
CNN loses IQ points every day. Ratings
would likely go up without the pundits.
John King, Erin Burnett and Soledad are
controlled by pundits. CNN there is no
market for pundits. I don't care what
pundits think about anything. Pundit
games CNN, really ? The gimmicks make
CNN look stupid, very stupid.

Anonymous said...

This is probably the last thing management is worried about, but I hate the weekends. I hate how they only have three anchors for the whole day. Three hours of Randi, Fredericka and Don Lemon is way too much.

Anonymous said...

Can Ted Turner come back and run CNN. He
says hard news is the avenue CNN should take.
That CNN's reporting should match the NTY.
You present hard news in various ways and
make it interesting.

Anonymous said...

The bottom is falling out at CNN. The ratings
for Wednesday are bad. What is gong on with
the shows ? Too many shows are crumbling all
at once. CNN can't afford to drop 360. It is the
only thing it has going for it right now. CNN
could do that women's show Monday. Just
start it with Ashleigh, Isha. Alina & Thelma..
Somebody needs to be on a plane to Canada
right now to get George. Piers is sinking. It
will take some time to get Betty and one of
the ladies from Univision. Maybe if viewers
don't see Erin Burnett or hear the words Out
Front, they won't skip CNN.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with CNN. 360 leads with a
made up story designed to as an excuse
to lead with pundits. Obviously CNN thinks
the viewers are wrong. or their goal is to
continue to run viewers away.. On top of
that Anderson took Romney's statement
on China as though it had zero to to with
politics. We were so upset by Tiananmen
Square we moved our manufacturing base
to China. This is not going to affect the
U.S. election. Hello CNN it is 2012. Besides
I'm not sure I would believe everything
coming out of Chen's mouth, Chinese
authorities are letting him talk to outsiders,
I have a feeling that there are some secret
talks going on that nobody knows about
and CNN will look stupid. Hello, they can't
talk about ongoing talks with the Chinese

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why an emergency meeting hasn't taken place to save the network yet. Since Ken Jautz took over CNN US in September of 2010, it has completely fallen apart. He needs to step down.

CNN was #1 during the 2008 Election, and I hope they will be #1 for the 2012 Election.

Anonymous said...

CNN is a news channel. It should report the news, not just let the pundits talk about it. There's FNC and there's MSNBC for talk. CNN should be smart and use its journalists to do their job - report the news. Not just from around the US, but from around the world too. That's the only solution, no personality can fix the ratings if the content is dumbed down. And let Oprah do shows for women, CNN should report the news for everyone, all the time. Isha Sesay and the likes are just a byproduct of this fundamentally wrong approach and she'll be gone as soon as the winds of change start to blow. Wolf and AC are spine of CNN's credibility, there are some who could adapt to an inevitable new reality, but Erin, Piers, Isha, Brooke and vast majority of other star wannabes have no place on a serious news channel. Experience and field work is what makes a star in journalism. Most of these people have never really got out of their offices. Things are about to change. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Isha Sesay has anchored the news on CNN
International for years. I am talking about
a women's news show not Oprah. Are you
telling me that Christiane Amanpour, Isha
Sesay and Jill Dougherty can't have a smart
conversation on the the diplomatic dance
with China that Anderson completely
messed up last night. GMA breaks news on
a possible solution, Morning Joe is talking
how Mitt Romney's statement was bad . I
wonder if having CNN talent spend time
with pundits has affected their journalist
instincts. When you have dumbed down
questions you get dumbed down talk and
useless information. You also are less likely
to do research and be factual.

I could easily use The Beatles Work it Out
or the Stevie Wonder version of the song or
Arvil Lavinge Complicated to put together
a piece on the situation. Video content is
important is will be vital to CNN. A monthly
jobs report comes out later today. I can use
a song American Worker by the Bus Boys. it
would be a news show. You use story-telling
and music to convey the story. CNN has to
embrace different styles of news and stop
using the outdated pundit model. News
would be at the core of rebuilding CNN.
All networks have to deal with the changing
demographics in America. You don't ignore
women who are the majority. NO politics.
You can have fun doing the news. You are
hanging out with your girls talking news.

Ashleigh Banfiled, Isha Sesay & Alina Cho
are journalists.

Strombo is a news show. He has even sat
down for an interview with Hillary Clinton
and many other heavyweights. He even
does docs for the CBC

I agree Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan were

You are right about Soledad going with the
journalists on Starting Point. Right now she
is talking the situation in China with 3 pundits
who are not qualified on the topic. That is why
CNN is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about ? Isha Sesay has a very
bright future at CNN. She is on CNN International
and has anchored the Sit Room with Wolf Blitzer
during the Japan quake. Also, she has handled
breaking news at 10 on AC 360. She is a news
anchor. I DVR her show each day.

It don't get the news executives at CNN. Why
would you go with pundit talk on a visual medium ?
Shouldn't we be visually experiencing the news.
CNN it is all about the video. Think about it. We
can watch a movie, video ,play games or listen
to music on phones. Yet CNN expects us to
watch boring pointless opinion.

Anonymous said...

Isha Sesay can't be grouped with Piers Morgan
and Erin Burnett. She is an international anchor
and journalist. They are not in her league.

I worry that CNN is losing it's international status.
360 is seen all around the world. Anderson lost
some credibility with the report on China.. Nick
Kristoff kept saying if and said his sources told
him that Chen told Amb Locke that he wanted to
leave. CNN looks like American Idiots abroad. Do
facts matter anymore to CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to reveal my gender in this comment, but why is it I am always reading comments that suggest a woman's show on CNN primetime? Honestly, on a major news network, I don't want to see a group of people sitting at a table talking about the news. You are copying The View and The Talk, even if it's not the same format. This is CNN. CNN's primetime ratings are just as bad as their daytime ratings. Also, there are female anchors all day long from 5AM until 4PM, and then again at 7PM as well as Isha Sesay incorporated into AC360º at 8 and 10PM. I'm tired of all the 'women should be in primetime' comments. I don't feel it would make a difference. Also, CNN will never hire George S. Yes, he is good with news, but he isn't the sit in a suit and do hard news type. I don't want to see famous-figure interviews, that's why I don't want to see Piers Morgan. If they must keep him though, move him to weekends. I love the format of Al Jazeera, and wish CNN would return to that format. The best thing for primetime would be to not incorporate a persons name into the show title. It works for "The Situation Room".

Anonymous said...

There is an article on the internet that talks about how CNN's problem is with their anchors. Anderson is the only one that has any sort of a following. Fox and MSNBC have many on their channels that people relate to. I think there is a lot of truth to this.

Anonymous said...

Ted Turner sums it up best CNN should be news
centered and not politically centered. You never
give up your strength . CNN could provide a ton
of content if they invest in resources. You get it
all in the NYT all you have to do is to look at the
paper. You get news, global news, sports, art,
music and entertainment. That and NPR would be
a great model for CNN He hits the nail right on the
head. CNN is more partisan bickering than actual
reporting. You can see basic journalism skills are
going down at CNN. It's simple you can't replace
reporters with pundits. You are suppose to be
freaking CNN not FNC or MSNC. Viewers are
demanding better journalism from CNN or else
they are not watching.

I have no problem with Betty Nguyen, Isha Sesay,
Ashleigh Banfield & Chiquinquira Delgado doing
a women's news show on CNN at 7. It is about
time and is long overdue. CNN has to change
and adapt. I still would want Isha Sesay to be
on 360. She is good and got much positive press
when she was on TSR.

Summer is fast approaching. Graduation, movies,
travel,etc. CNN is out of touch to be so heavy on
politics during the summer. There should be
more fun news.

GMA gets what people are doing in the morning.
They now have DJ Friday. There is a reason they
are catching up to Today. They are not trying to
be like them. They are doing their own thing
with Robin, George, Sam, Josh & Laura.

Anonymous said...

BS. Have you noticed any changes at CNN. The
pundits are still playing games and CHH has the
anchors actually say time to play. Brooke Baldwin
is failing because the show is all about crime. How
ridiculous can CNN. Reporter Roulette . That show
is horrible. It is s dumb display of branding. Do you
see Rachel Maddow using slogans like Keeping them
honest or Digging Deeper. Drop the dumb slogans
and pundits. CNN is using pundits for keeping them
honest. If that is not defeating the purpose I don't
know what is. 360 World View & Bulletin are fine
but CNN is a hot mess.

Anonymous said...

Recently I started watching Dylan Ratigan and I
wonder if he is beating TSR. He can get a little
hyper at times and act like he knows how to fix
all of our problems but wht I like about him is he
tries to look at things in a human perspective
and less political. Wow. that blew me away that
there was someone on cable news doing this. He
says in a nation of 350 million you don't tell
people what they think and feel.. Dylan has on
economists as guests. Wolf's got pundits with
political spin on a jobs report that won't matter
more than the ones to come out closer to the
election. It's the arrogance of CNN in thinking
how we talk and react to news or how we talk
about the news with each other. Can you say
disconnect ? They just don't get it. CNN has
been lost in Pundit Land so long that they've
lost all sense of reality.

Anonymous said...

The situation is getting bleaker for CNN.
Nothing is changing because CNN is not
making changes. CNN could stop using
pundits today if they wanted along with
the stupid questions. See what happens
when 360 leads with pundits. Nobody
watches or care.

What is going on with Wolf ? TSR ratings
are usually not that low. Boy, JK, USA &
Out Front are in the 200,000's. Get Ted
Turner back there now. May could be
much worst than April.

Anonymous said...

Last night TRMS lead with a big story that CNN
completely ignored. J.T. Ready who was always
on Lou Dobbs railing against immigration. Killed
4 people and himself. One of the victims was a
16 month old baby. FBI & Terrorism Joint Force
and the US Military were called in for items found
in the house. Barrels of military grade chemicals
were found. They are trying to determine what
is this stuff. She had an interview with a local
reporter . In other words someone who knew
the story and could offer insights.

The lead story on 360 was Anderson Cooper
picking a fight with Move On. It was clearly
a dumb stunt that went nowhere. Looking at
the ratings it is past time for Anderson Cooper
to knock it off. I think Cenk on Current might
have beaten Out Front in the demo Thursday.
Definitely had to beat John King. Cenk's set
reminds me of the old 360 set. The 360 set he
is using now makes the show look stiff. You
don't get the feeling that Anderson Cooper
is talking to you he is too busy staging a
fake fight. That is making 360 a turnoff.
He was beaten badly by Rock Center. Watch
MSNBC is going to start running Rock Center
up against CNN on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ken Jautz still in the building at CNN.
CNN has a full blown crisis. Starting Point,
John King & Erin Burnett have got to go.TSR
is heading South too. It is no helping CNN in
prime time or daytime.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:52 PM, I am a female and agree with everything you have said.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is a women's news show . I can't watch the
VIew. The Talk has civil conversation and what
I like best NO POLITICS. I use them as examples
of a demographic that any media company will
need for it's future survival. With CNN it is the
way they portray women. They don't give them
the opportunity to be smart. a good interviewer,
well informed multi-faceted individual. They
have to pal around with pundits, work with bad
content. At MSNBC it's the total opposite Rachel
Maddow, Alex Wagner & Melissa Harris Perry
are all providing MSNBC with a ratings lift. By
the way women are huge news consumers. It is
about growing your audience with an ethnically
diverse group of female journalists that you
can hang out with each night . You are invited
and welcomed at 7 PM on CNN. Betty Nguyen,
Isha Sesay, Ashleigh Banfield and Chiquinquira
Del Gado are journalists. I am a huge news fan.

For Example, try this open. You hear the words
when I was just a little girl, followed by sound
from HRC on Chinese dissent Chen. 1 of the
hosts says. 2 international players have reached
a possible resolution when it comes to the man
who is currently the world's most dissident..
Next, another host says homeles, abandoned
Harvard bound. In this graduation season we
have the story of this future Crimson freshman.
Next, If you are under 16 and too skinny you are
not EN VOGUE.. Then you cut to video of the 4
ladies talking about other news items, there's
blank and blank. It's definitely time to get your
news on because ________________. The last words
are the title of the show. Que Sera Sera plays
until they get to talking with you about the news.
CNN has to to get into a we mindset. CNN talent
and the viewers.

In this day and time you also have to have a
social media presence. Going to all commercials
engage your viewers. For example CInco De Mayo..
Have an edited feature of a bartender giving you
the top 3 margarita recipes. Have one of the
host say go to the website, FB, Twitter or
Pinterest to send us your recipes.

Same thing goes for the Kentucky Deby. Do
a segment horse racing and fashsion. Invite
viewers to go to the website and put together
a Derby. Outfit. You can only imagine how
much those hat cost. Have it so that you can
put together an outfit and find out how much
it would cost.

For 1 other bump. You can Highlight that
May 4th is Star Wars Day. But with a different
twist . Who would be you Star Wars date ?
Han Solo, Datth Vader, Luke, Yoda. At the
end of the show have the results.

All of the bumps have music too as well as the
end of the show. It is called ___________. ALL
of the hosts bring a new story to the table that
was not on the show. Each get 30 seconds.

Strombo is the best choice to go up against
Rachel. it is live with a studio audience . Sort
of like the Daily and he is very creative and a
strong interviewer. TRMS has interviews. He
has been described as a cross between the
late Peter Jennings and James Dean. He comes
on after the 8 PM edition of 360.. The 360
Remix airs at 10.

Toss to 360. CNN has to create shows & content
that viewers want.CNN has to have tangible proof
that they are making changes, evolving . The
1st network to make the news 24/7 is about to
create another revolution in cable news.

Anonymous said...

Morning Express with Robin Meade is doing great in the mornings on HLN. Since CNN owns HLN, it would be a very smart move to have Morning Express replace Early Start and Starting Point.

Piers Morgan is great at pop culture but isn't too great when it comes to politics. Move his show to a later time slot, replacing the 9PM hour with news, or move him to weekends.

Anonymous said...

We are talking about one hour. Who says women
can't do a hard news show. what happens on slow
news days. You have to have shows that people
want to watch daily. Nothing is working for CNN.
Try something different. Do you ever see any ads
for beauty products, hair products, shoes or clothes
on cable news. A show like this could mean millions
for CNN. Advertisers would jump on this right
away. Isha, Betty & Ashleigh are capable of doing
breaking news. Music can enhance hard news. Take
a look at the lineup. Suppose this turns out to be
a show that actually gets a million viewers. CNN is
in serious trouble. This is something CNN could
start on Monday, CNN needs a show that can
create buzz. This would easily do this. Let's see
there is Morning Joe, Now, Chris Hayes & MHP.
Sure they are not based on the View & Talk
format. You just give it your own take. Is there
a show like this on cable news for women, the
majority population. Cable news has to stop
ignoring women.

David Muir is on at 6 PM

The ladies are on at 7 PM

360 is on at 8 & 10 PM

George Stroumbouloopoulos on at 9 PM

The pundits have to go but CNN does need
to find new and innovative ways to bring us
the news.

Anonymous said...

Move Morning Express to CNN and have it on from 5AM to 9AM (replacing Early Start and Starting Point) but rename it slightly to Morning News Express, hosted by Robin Meade of course. It gives her 4 solid hours rather than her 6 on HLN. Rename the CNN Newsroom to 'The News' considering the new Atlanta studio which debuted two years ago doesn't look like the classic newsroom used anymore. Have Kyra Phillips host The News from 9AM to 11AM. Have Alina Cho host The News from 11AM to 1PM. Have Fredricka Whitfield host The News from 1PM to 3PM, and have Ashleigh Banfield host The News from 3PM to 5PM as the lead in for Wolf Blitzer. All these anchors are very professional and great at what they do in my opinion. Zoraida Sambolin and Erin Burnett have to go. Brooke Baldwin is better as a technology/pop culture corespondent, Suzanne Malveaux is better as a political correspondent, and John King is better as a political correspondent and to appear with the Magic Wall throughout the day. I love the idea someone in a previous comment came up with to have Wolf Blitzer host The CNN Comand Center replacing The Situation Room (considering a new studio is being built for him). Having him host it from 5PM to 8PM as someone previously commented as a lead in for Anderson Cooper seems like a fantastic idea. I read in a comment weeks ago that AC360º should be renamed to CNN360º. Love the idea of having Anderson Cooper host from 8PM to 10PM along with Isha Sesay who should be given a bigger role in his program. And finally from 10PM to 12AM, have Soledad O'Brien and Tom Foreman host the return of CNN Tonight! (A show that was on for a while after the departure of Lou Dobbs). It would be nice to have CNN International broadcast from 12AM to 5AM.

As for weekends, I enjoy Randi Kaye in the mornings. Have her host 'Weekend Early News' along with The News. Carol Costello in the afternoons hosting The News would be great, and Don Lemon hosting The News in the evenings is great. Keep Fareed Zakaria, Sanjay Gupta, Howard Kurtz, and Ali Velshi with their weekend shows as well as Candy Crowley but rename State of the Union to something else becuase it can get confusing with the real thing. Piers Morgan should host Piers Morgan Interviews on weekends focusing primarily on pop culture and not politics or breaking news.

Anonymous said...

Greatly written! Very great schedule and I LOVE the idea of CNN Tonight with Tom and Soledad.

Anonymous said...


I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the meaning of news channel. It's supposed to inform the public, it's supposed to have real journalism, journalists REPORTING, not talking about the news. That's what CNN is lacking cause the pundits have taken over everything and everything is reported from a political perspective, as if politics is the only area where anything is happening.
You can argue that CNN is ignoring women's issues, but having four women talking about the news won't solve it. Heck, most of CNN's regular anchors are women already, aren't they?
And playing Que Serra Serra while talking about a major international crisis would be completely nuts. "Que Serra Serra, Whatever will be, will be"? And then you talk about a guy (Chinese dissident) whose LIFE is in danger? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05
I agree - great ideas! I still wish they had a more serious morning show - Robin Meade is a little light for my tastes but her ratings are better.

Anonymous said...

CNN and Anderson Cooper have one thing in common.
They have both lost credibility, and once you've lost credibility and become a laughing stock, it is hard to "retool" and get it all back.
Just look at 60 Minutes. Cooper did Phelps again. Fluff.
Did he do foreign affairs, economics, the POTUS, anything that would bring credibility back to his reporting??
He has become the elephant in the room and everyone talks around the issue, but fails to say he is as bad as the cable channel he works for.
It does not matter what schedule you devise or who you bring in, Canadian or women, if you don't clean house, top to bottom, CNN will fail.

Anonymous said...

96,000 viewers were watching Anderson Cooper at 10PM Friday.
And you really think that HE is not part of the problem????
Oh right. It's his lead in that is making viewers not watch him.
Or else they would.
Folks get real.
It is time clean house.
top to bottom.