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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ratings for the Week of April 23 - 27

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Anonymous said...

CNN is in the midst of an epic downfall. Those
ratings have got to be at historic lows. At some
point CNN will get it that nobody cares what the
pundits think nor do they care for CNN's political
coverage or dumb questions.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been on the decline for years. The ratings are just the culmination of the nearly decade of incompetent decisions from the daily programming to the anchors.

The one man that has checked the final approval on all of these disastrous decisions is Jim Walton, the head of CNN World Wide.
Every aspect of CNN has problems and none will be rectified until this man is gone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, epic free fall. AC360 numbers at 8pm are abysmal and dropping fast. Campbell Brown did much better than that! Are they gonna dump AC for low ratings? Doubt it. CNN needs to make changes quickly before the election really ramps up. They can't afford to lose audience at a time when more people are tuning in to see political coverage. The economy is a HUGE issue and the defining topic of this election. Where is CNN on this topic? They totally checked out - I can't believe it. So out of touch, I wonder what happened to CNN!

Anonymous said...

It is a race to the bottom for CNN &HLN. CNN
has made itself irrelevant. It will be somebody's
job to rebuild CNN. Will it be Rome Hartman,
Jeff Fager, Chris Licht, Richard Wolff or someone
else. CNN can't afford to wait. CNN keeps making
moves that are destroying the network.

360 will have low ratings again. Why they keep
kicking off the show with KTH and pundits is
a mystery to me. This is not 2008. This is 2012.
Yet again Anderson gave the GOP a pass. There
is no way in the world he does not know about
the video of Bush on a carrier with a banner with
the words Mission Accomplished or Cheney saying
if John Kerry is elected we will get hit again. He
does understand Barack Obama got elected
POTUS. So why is Anderson Cooper focusing on
the last presidential race. On top of that he had
Ari Fleishcer involved in an KTH segment about
the politics of war and Anderson gave the Bush
administration a free pass.

CNN can't believe that viewers are that stupid
to not realize that CNN is going with this never
happened and trying to brainwash viewers but
the viewers are hip . We know it is all BS.

Anonymous said...

CNN & Mitt Romney have a kinship. They both live
in Romney World along with Republicans for their
neighbors. There has been so much written on
Romney being a chronic liar. Now he is a cheap
shot artist. Was the Jimmy Cater attack necessary.
So in Romney World Camp David never happened.
Besides the Bin Laden raid was successful. We all
know what happened in Iran in the embassy
compound in 1979. It is so easy for Romney to
fool CNN. The network has no idea what news
is or what is going on in the world around them.
That can only mean that CNN is less informed
than viewers. It is frightening to think the talent
at CNN really don't know the facts. How can we
trust them to deliver the news. There is a joke
making the rounds. It basically goes it was on
CNN so you know it was true, wink, wink. It
means you can't trust what you see on CNN.
That is the image of CNN right now and that
is bad news for the network.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why CNN is taking a big ratings
hit from 5 to midnight, so I did some research. I
narrowed things down to some basic factors.

Content & story selection, presentation & delivery
on a visual medium,aesthetics mater in television,
writing & conversation, the overall flow and feel
of a show. It does not matter the hour. It starts
with Morning Joe and Starting Point. Next is Martin
Bashir and Dylan Ratigan. Dylan is killing Wolf on
content and originality. Hard Ball thrives on the
personality of Chris Matthews. The same goes
for Politics Nation up against John King. CNN
has less quality product. You pas on it because
you know there is something better than what
is being offered by CNN. You are shopping for
something better. Since you are trying to watch
CNN, MSNBC is your likely choice. You look at
the prime time content on MSNBC up against
CNN and you realize MSNBC puts on a show,
they give you that sales pitch and they deliver.
Meanwhile on CNN no continuity and a very
bad product. It is like MSNBC is the IPAD and
CNN is the less inferior tablet.. CNN is the
product that is tough to sale. More likely to
be on the clearance rack.

I don't know who is in charge of story selection
or content at CNN but it needs to be fixed. Rule
# 1 in broadcast journalism is conversational
writing. 360 stacks up weakly in all of the formerly
mentioned factors. ED and TLW are the better
shows. We all know Rachel Maddow and Piers
Morgan are not in the same league but for 360
is is a different matter. Anderson Cooper & Team
360 take themselves out of competition. The
opening, the lead story,the writing, conversation,
presentation & delivery falls flat. You are a viewer
and left out of the conversation. It is all about the
pundits and trying to give them legitimacy. 360
is not focusing on the real news. but rhetoric.
The content and flow just don't work. There is
no waxing poetic to to make the show flow
smoothly. If there is something better, 360 will
lose each night badly. MSNBC is offering the
better sales pitch in prime time.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about what John Edwards did? That's all in the past and instead of going on and on about HIS lies, AC360 and the other programs on CNN should be examining Mitt Romney's EPIC/non-stop lies, since he could potentially become president (heaven forbid) and that is a much bigger concern than Edwards, CNN does not see the big picture in their effort to give cover to Romney and Republicans in general.

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown never had Jk, USA and Out Front.
No one would wish that on their worst enemy. It
is a safe bet that jim Walton and Ken Jautz will
be out at CNN. What scares me is what might
follow. CNN needs management that has strong
journalism credentials, a plan to relaunch and
improve CNN. No easy task after years or neglect.
You have to do something about Starting Point,
JK, USA & Out Front. CNN has nothing to fill the
void for 5 hours of programming. David Rhodes
is the news prez at CBS so Jeanmarie Condon
from ABC Nightline. That would send a strong
message but why would she come to CNN. The
new apparatus has been completely dismantled.
There is nothing to work with. She would be the
# 1 but who would be # 2., the person who will
replace Ken Jautz. I hope it is Chris Licht but
would CBS let him go.

Anonymous said...

CNN can't spin this or sell their shows. Like the
product analogy. Sadly, it is trure.

Starting Point, a dumbed down MJ with pundits.

Pundit games and questions that insult intelligence.

Opinion instead of news.

Bigotry, anger,fake outrage and ignorance

Keeping Them Honest. Where's 360 ?

Erin Burnett


CNN programming

Dissing viewers with arrogance

CNN listen to the viewers/consumers. I feel
badly for all of the wonderful journalists who
are victims of CNN's bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why CNN picked Ken Jautz
from HLN to run the network. He hates the news.
Look at HLN. He is the reason why HLN is a crime
channel. He hired pundits at CNN because he
thought CNN needed yelling to get ratings. He
cheapened the CNN brand. The new leaders will
have to have a passion for the news.

Joe Scarborough is more politically balanced than
Anderson Cooper. Joe is a conservative and a one
time GOP congressman but he is honest on politics.
Mitt & Rudy are in NYC today. No politics there,
huh Anderson ?

Anonymous said...

Walton and Jautz have to go. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that smugface from CNNI will jump in. At first sight it sounds wonderful, cause CNNI is not that dumbed down as Domestic, but trust me, Tony Maddox is destroying that channel. Just three years ago it was rolling news almost 24/7, today there are 5 hour gaps of no news at all. Last year, along with CNNI, Maddox took over the US newsgathering division. I hope this won't happen, but the smugface looks to be the likeliest new CNN Worldwide boss once Walton gets the boot. He already installed his man to run most of CNNI biz for him (Mike McCarthy) and he installed Katherine Green (his former CNNI whip) to silently take over things from Safon over at HLN.

Anonymous said...

All Anderson Cooper had to do was to pick up a
history book or have an historian on 360 last
night. War & Politics go back to the Revolutionary
War, The Civil War, World WaR I, World War II, The
Korean conflict, there is some debate about this
being a war, Vietnam, The Cold War. War & Politics
have always mixed in the American political fabric.
Afghanistan & Iraq are no different. Go back and
check out the Bush administration talking about
the capture of Hussein in Iraq, Didn't Bush fly
in on a jet. No political statement thee, sure and
Big Foot is in my backyard.

Now we learn that President Obama traveled to
Afghanistan overnight.. He will address the nation
tonight at 7:30 PM. Anderson Cooper will find
something wrong with this too. Afghanistan is
is America's longest war in history. Also, some
recent incidents in Afghanistan. This is not a
topic for pundit fodder. What is going on with
360 ? That is why I am becoming fore of a fan
of Rachel Maddow and disappointed with
Anderson Cooper. Try being smart for once
Anderson. KTH is a stunt.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. CNN needs to be completely re-launched. It would be best for the network.

Anonymous said...

We now have the ratings for April 2012. All 3
networks were flat or down in prime time. The
big problem for CNN is that it fared the worst.
Only 360 at 8 PM was down by single digits and
not double digits. 360 is keeping things from
being much worst for CNN in prime time. It makes
you wonder what if they just put more effort into
360 what would be possible.

Morning & day are nightmares for CNN. Lowest
in more than a decade. TV BY TNE NUMBERS has
some startling stats. Those drops are scary.

For Monday, 360 did a little better. Jimmy
Kimmel likely helped. CNN has to fix their
political shows. Having TSR and John King
under 100,000 in the demo in the year of
a presidential election is a big problem.

All 3s has to be concerned about the drop
but CNN has to be the most worried with
double digit drops.

Anonymous said...

Shocking news, David Gergen actually said something POSITIVE about President Obama. Will CNN have to fire him now?

Anonymous said...

It is really sad about the low ratings because CNN has so many more talented correspondents than Fox and MSNBC put together. These anchors in my opinion are bringing CNN down: Soledad O'Brien, Suzanne Malveaux, John King, Erin Burnett and Don Lemon. Soledad should go back to her specials and John King is an excellent reporter. The other three should go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

CNN deserves to have the worst ratings since 2001 and I don't believe for one second that 360 was only down -2%.
Oh please give me a break! Who wrote that garbage BUT atleast someone there IS admitting that the mighty is going down.
And good for Megyn Kelly who I've watched only a few times in the one PM hour and yes, this lady has "fire in her belly."
I could watch her all day on Fox and never tire.
No one on CNN has that much fire or desire and until they do, they will, FAIL.
CNN stop lying to yourselves, stop lying to us, stop lying to TVN.
Until you face the fact that you are in denial, you will not do any better than what is happening now.
You need to revamp, top to bottom, and that includes 360, you're top rated show that is going d-o-w-n, in this election year.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at TV by the
Numbers.CNN is down in every single
hour. The daytime slide if due to
the lousy 2 hr format. Besides
Carol Costello, Kyra Phillips &
Brooke Baldwin are down double
digits. So it can't be all about
Suzanne Maleaux. It's Carol's
annoying voice and tone. They
silliness of playing today, a
talkback question that no one
is really talking aobut. Kyra
and the pundit fair game and
15 minutes are up & Brooke's
edition of the News Room is jsut
as bad. The having pundits on
every hour is stupid.

TSR &JK are dying fast as well.
The way CNN covers politics is
whack and outdated.

Out Front should have been done
months ago what took CNN so long.

Develop 1 hr shows for the day.
Combine TSR & JK, USA. Hire David
Muir fron ABC to do an evening
newscast on CNN that takes on
ABC,NBC & CBS. Dude is too good
for weekends. Go with Isha Sesay
& Betty Nguyen and a couple of
other females for an ethnically
diverse group of female jurnalists.
Look at Univsion for a Latino
female. Asleigh Banfeild could be
the 4 hosts. A women's show just
before 360 is likely to be a much
better lead in. Fast paced news
and interesting topics. Music
that relates to women. Hundreds
of songs will work. Set up a
Pinterest type blog for the show
where viewers can share their
life lessons an let viewers
contribute to the playlist. Don't
name the songs during the show
so that viewers will have to go
to the website to track down a
song they like. No politics but
sports is good. Women watch sports
that is why the NFL is making a
push towards women too.

Anonymous said...

TVN has a good point. April was a very slow month in cable news.CNN
just can't make anchor and show changes they have to change completely. Seriously, can you watch CNN longer than 5 minutes before turning the channel. The pundits are not helping.

Anonymous said...

We can only wish that David Muir or Jake Tapper would come to CNN. I like the idea of combining TSR and JK. What about Ashleigh and Isha joinng Erin Burnett on her show.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Obama's politicla
foes are accusing him of politicizing Afghanistan
on BIn Laden. Aren't the critics being political.
After all they are all politically connected. Why
is it a news story that his political opponents
are whining. How is the complaining more
important than the news. CNN gets punked all
of the time. How can you not see the critics are
all politically connected. That's why CNN is
losing in political coverage. They are not being
honest with viewers.

Anonymous said...

CNN's apporach to politics is so
last century. MSNBC starts with
smart political talk on Morning
Joe. CNN has pundits.

Alex Wagner has music,smart talk
and good guests. CNN has pundits.

CNN blatantly backs Mitt Rommey.
The viewers are not interested.
Romney and his surrogates are so
juvenile and CNN has placed itself
in the middle of the silliness.
CNN hires former Bushees to come
on and just bash Obama. CNN keeps
going back to John McCain he lost
and is so bitter.

I hope CNN does something about
the ugly graphcis and banners.

Anonymous said...

The Huffington Post said it best. Atrocious April,
Too much he/she said and no news. Would love
to see David Muir with his on newscast on CNN.
He is too good to be Diane Sawyer's back up and
the WNT weekend anchor.

CNN's political shows are toast. The pundits are
the face of CNN be it news or politics. It is also
the tone of CNN. You don't get a good vibe. CNN
becomes less professional each day. Who looks
forward to seeing pundits on CNN each day.

Anonymous said...

CNN please hire George Stroumboulopoulos.
Man you guys need some help.

Anonymous said...

You guys have got to check out an article in
the NYT on CNN. Mr Time Warner , Jeff Bewkes
is not happy with CNN and changes are coming.
The article mentions Erin Burnett, Piers Morgan
and Soledad O'brien. Jim Walton is also mentioned.
but not Ken Jautz. I find that amazing.

Anonymous said...

If MSNBC tops CNN on night with President Obama
speaking to Americans from Afghanistan, CNN can
forget about it. Now it looks like the problems are
showing up at 5 PM. CNN is using an outdated left
vs right model. Hiring Beck,Beitbart & tea partiers
has destroyed CNN's political coverage.

Anonymous said...

How can CNN not understand why its losing huge numbers of viewers? Their ad revenue is heading down so bad many local news casts can charge more per spot. They are so biased, they think they will counter what Fox does, but at least Fox isnt pretending to be news as a masked editorial like CNN does!